The Role of Alcohol


While counterintuitive, alcoholic beverages have played a critical role in my recovery from EMF Sensitivity.

An Ominous Sign.  As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I noted that I craved red wine and margaritas whenever I was in the SF Bay Area, and only when in that area.

I have never been a foo-foo drink person so the margaritas were a puzzle to me.

I came to realize that this is a warning sign that I have too much calcium.

There may be other metals that would set that in motion but I know the relationship between calcium and alcohol craving and drinking.

My body instinctively knew and was communicating to me through the craving.

My dad taught me when I was seven to listen to my body and that if the body is craving a food there is generally a nutrient related issue going on.  For instance, if you crave fish you may need iron. 

A Remedy.  I came to see early on that both red wine and margaritas resolved certain symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.

It was because of this I knew something was seriously wrong in AZ.  Long story short, land subsidence and fissures are sources of ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, just the same as geologic fault lines are.

Drinking margaritas and/or red wine resolved certain EMF symptoms.

Symptoms that were worsened by the hard water residents are treated to.  This water wreaks havoc with appliances, dishware, and the water utilities’ infrastructure as it erodes at an accelerated rate due to the removal of certain chemicals normally present.  Ironically, these chemicals were removed for environmental reasons and while they helped in that cause, the consequences created a whole different set of issues. 

A Recovery Tool.  I came to realize that I was better able to digest food when I included alcohol.  This enabled me to absorb more nutrients which led to my body being able to make more digestive enzymes which allowed me to absorb more nutrients as my digestive system became more efficient and returned to normal.

I believe this is because the alcohol turned down or off the immune response, lessening histamines which would have interfered with my body’s ability to absorb critical nutrients.

Type matters. Throughout the recovery process I have researched a variety of alcoholic beverages.  This is what I have experienced.

Wine.  Wine grapes take on characteristics and nutrients based on where they are grown and whatever toxins they are exposed to through the environment.  This matters.

I write about this in GMF Research Part 2: Willamette Valley, OR.

  • Red

I have had good luck overall with red wine.  However. For me, it allows sulfur to accumulate and that has negative consequences, so I need to be careful. 

My best luck is with pinot noirs from Oregon.  I also have good luck with reds from Chile’s Central Region.  Malbecs have been generally good but too much of a good thing isn’t. 

  • White 

White wines are at best neutral.  However, whites seem to contribute to a potassium sodium imbalance that results in “localized” symptoms associated with pseudo-gout.  In the end, not worth it.  However, the occasional pinot grigio – and I do mean occasional – has been okay.

  • Sparkling 

 For me, this wine has been nothing short of miraculous.  

I believe the second fermentation process involved with producing sparkling wine is key to the benefits I’ve gained from this alcohol.  Specifically, the removal of excess calcium.

If you have yellow crumbling toenails you are not suffering from a fungal infection.  Or rather, you “might” be but it is likely due to the chemical state of your body in that excess calcium allows for the conditions that enable such growth.  Drinking champagne reverses the damage and your nails will revert to normal. 

They do not need to grow out to normal – they will revert to normal.

You may not experience a reversal of symptoms if you are taking supplemental calcium and/or medications that cause calcium to accumulate and/or are eating a diet high in calcium.

A yellow eye tooth – particularly on your right side – is also an indication you likely have excess calcium in your system.  This, too, will be resolved if you deal with the excess – and drinking champagne can be a key contributor to this effort.

I sped up the reversal of the damage of yellowing caused by excess calcium by taking potassium supplements daily.

I got great results from 99mg capsules 2 – 3x/day.  My best results are from Twin Labs brand.  Don’t know what’s in the other stuff but it isn’t always what they say on the bottle.

If you are dealing with the yellow toenail thing you can supplement the champagne/potassium therapy by painting the nails with iodine and soaking them in baking soda and water.

Both deal with excess calcium/balance electrolytes, of which calcium is one.  The iodine should be 7% white for best results.  Plenty of information on the Internet about this as a tool for healing.

Beer.  Welllllll… there was a time when beer was very beneficial for health.  Unfortunately, people complained about the laxative effect so producers quit the magnesium which was a big part of WHY the beer was so good for health.

IPA producers still put mag in for taste but it isn’t like the good ol’ days.

If you have a yeast intolerance you will find beer a problem.  However, the anti-inflammatory effect of beer will still help some folks.

This is a try it and see how your system handles it sort of thing.

Spirits.  Tequila has been a God send in so many ways.  Just like champagne, this spirit helps the body metabolize calcium.  It also helps with digestion so again, you are absorbing more nutrients.

It’s also highly regulated which in this case is a good thing.

I did not experience any negative effects from the “sugary” foo foo drink it is added to.

I do not drink tequila straight.  Never have. Don’t plan on it either.

I have over the years enjoyed a nice single malt whiskey but in general do not drink whiskey or other spirits.

I’ve had some amazing blends of whiskey but again, I don’t make a habit of drinking hard liquor.

I don’t have experience with other hard liquors so I cannot comment except to suggest that at a minimum the anti-inflammatory nature will benefit some people.

If you look at the secrets of the world’s longest-lived people, you will see they all include alcohol in their cultures.  It is also worth considering humans have included adrenal stimulants and alcoholic/fermented beverages for centuries. 

Is it for everyone?  Obviously not.  People need to do what works for them.

How Much?  Guidelines are like the USRDA for nutrients.  They are for people who are already healthy.  If you’re ill?  You may need more or less to achieve a therapeutic effect.

If you take any medication, over-the-counter or prescription, talk to your health care provider before introducing alcohol into the mix.

I can’t stress this enough.  You do not need to make yourself sicker!!!!!!

Use Common Sense!!!!!

Binge Drinking Note: Your body is probably telling you you have too much calcium.  I kid you not.  Get a hair mineral analysis.  Test for heavy metal toxicity.

These have been my personal observations and/or results.  Others may have a totally different experience.


Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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