Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity


As technology becomes more pervasive, the debate over its effects on our health has heated up.  At the center of this controversial issue is sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies.  While academics and officials argue over whether or not this condition is real, those who suffer desperately search for relief from its life-altering symptoms.

Elizabeth’s story cuts through the hype and provides real solutions.  This information will be of interest to those who suffer from EMF Sensitivity, their care providers, and anyone interested in the effects of technology in our lives.

You will discover

  • What EMF Sensitivity is and isn’t
  • What the triggers are (it’s not just technology)
  • What you can do about it


This is the last place I would have looked.  I feel wonderful. – GG, California

No one gives us hope like you do. – WC, New York

I‘m trying to figure out where I’m getting all this energy. – CK, Michigan

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You have just purchased a book that may very well be the most important health guide in your repertoire.  This incredible work provides invaluable insight into a complex and scarcely researched condition as well as beneficial techniques which will extend far beyond traditional methods for improving your physical, emotional, and interpersonal well being.

EMF Sensitivity (Electro Magnetic Frequency Sensitivity) is a commonly misunderstood condition, ironically primarily by the medical community and by those who suffer from it.  Most of us recognize that the proliferation of electronic devices in our daily lives has made them not only ubiquitous but also integral to our lifestyles.  This holds true regardless of the rate at which any one individual integrates technology in their life.  Nearly every electrical device from mobile phones, remote controls, microwave ovens, to household appliances has the potential to emit EMFs in varying degrees of magnitude and in various frequency bands.  The pervasiveness of these devices in our daily lives is increasing at an alarming rate and there is nothing that we as individuals can do to abate or avert this.  For the few out there who are educated about the detrimental effects of the EMFs, this is an alarming reality; for the vast majority, unaware of this causal relationship, the negative impact of the EMFs on their equilibrium is endured as something “unexplainable,” “confusing,” and “frustrating.”

The engineering community has, for many years, understood the EMF interactions between electrical devices in the context of science.  In this community, the terms EMI (electro magnetic interference) and EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) have been well understood and a vast amount of engineering effort has been applied to dealing with the complexities and challenges associated with both.  Great effort and time have been expended on engineering and testing in order to make electronic devices compatible with one another; and, extensive studies have been conducted to understand the general environment of the electromagnetic world.

I have explained my condition of EMF Sensitivity to fellow scientists as EMI or Electro Magnetic Intolerance; the concept resonated well with them largely due to our shared engineering background.

Although sophisticated methods of testing and international standards have been developed to guide the engineering community in device-to-device interactions from EMFs, few studies exist for these interactions with humans.  The few exceptions are standards that address the extreme case where extraordinarily strong EMFs can cause severe damage to the body such as the development of tumors.

This is precisely why Elizabeth’s research is immensely important.  It will guide you through the steps of degrading the negative effects and enhancing your “immunity” against the condition.

I truly believe that everyone suffers to some extent from EMF Sensitivity.  Some, like myself and Elizabeth, go through a daily struggle ranging from low levels of anxiety to debilitating symptoms.  In some of the extreme cases, the symptoms combined with the medical community’s lack of understanding, can severely impact one’s personal relationships and well-being.  When one explores even the most simplistic models of the human body as a system (much like the engineering community would approach a design), they are still faced with a vastly complex and, despite the existing research, a largely misunderstood science.  What we do know is that the human body is an intricate electro-chemical system; therefore, it should not be at all surprising that the overabundance of electrical devices in our lives actually do disrupt the system, hence the balance of human health.

For most of us, answering the question of whether or not we have EMF Sensitivity and to what extent is difficult.  Those who are too young to remember the days when computers, cell phones, computer controlled cars, and digital music systems didn’t exist, you have never lived in an environment with much lower EMF levels.  For those who aren’t, the transition both to higher levels and the associated symptoms has been gradual.

I belong to the latter group.  It wasn’t until I met Elizabeth when I realized that my “habit” of continually “breaking” electronic devices (I can never make a cell phone last more than 8 months) was not just bad fortune; that walking into a room full of computers and feeling anxious was not coincidental; that feeling depressed in an office lit by fluorescent lights was not circumstantial.  For those of you who may have a similar condition and are unaware as I was, it requires an open mind to come to terms with it.   It’s just the same as visiting a doctor’s office and being diagnosed with an ailment whose origin and remedy are both foreign.

On a much more positive note, Riding the Waves provides all of us with solutions, many of which are not costly or are entirely free of charge.  Elizabeth’s work is both poignant and pragmatic.  I predict sufferers will relate immediately while skeptics will perhaps have difficulty with certain aspects of the book, particularly in the first section where Elizabeth describes many of her extreme case conditions.  I encourage all of you to continue reading through to the ensuing sections as I believe that everyone can benefit from understanding EMF Sensitivity.  Elizabeth, a well educated, caring, and insightful practitioner, writes from the heart in a grounded manner, much like the way she interacts with patients, friends, and family.

With well wishes for harmony and health, enjoy!

Derek Gauger

CEO, Proxisafe Ltd.

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