Corporate Coin: Inside the Bewildering World of Corporate America


Take a peek inside Corporate America though 95+ stories.

Generations of American Blue Collar workers put their kids through college so they could join the ranks of White Collars in Corporate America.  But is the White Collar world the utopia it’s held up to be?  What is it really like to work in Corporate America?

The following oddball, funny, ridiculous yet true stories provide a peek inside this complex oligarchy that is at once rewarding and infuriating.

Author’s Notes

A great deal of thought goes into the title of a book.  This was definitely true of Corporate Coin: Inside the Bewildering World of Corporate America.

Coins have two sides.  Working in Corporate America can be a love-hate relationship for White Collars.

Two sides of one institution.

The coin I chose for the cover and the insets is the Nero Charity Coin.

Nero was Roman Emperor from 13 October 54 AD. – 9 June 68 AD. 

The image of Nero, cast in bronze, evokes emotions associated with rigid tyranny while the backside suggests he was a man of charity, a philanthropist.

Most historians consider Nero compulsive and corrupt.

He is rumored to have started the Great Fire of Rome in order to clear land for his planned palatial complex.

However, some historians associate him with diplomacy and trade, a man focused on enhancing cultural life.

He had theatres built and promoted athletic games.

It’s interesting to note that he was looked upon favorably by a subset of his subjects.

Employees working in the upper echelons of corporate hierarchy have a different perspective than the rank and file.

This coin illustrates that, depending upon your experience, there is more than one way to view history.

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