After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die


At our most basic source we are love…

At the age of ten, Elizabeth Maxim found herself floating above her own body as ER staff tried to decide what to do. She was pulled back only to descend into a coma. Hours later, while undergoing brain surgery for a ruptured aneurysm, she died again. Only this time, she found herself surrounded by loving energies and communicating with God.

She had to go back…

Blind and paralyzed, Elizabeth’s physical recovery was set against a backdrop of spiritual confusion and continuous celestial contact.

When we die…

In this powerful, life-affirming work, she shares the details of her Near Death Experience and what happens when we transition from this world to the next.

Author’s Notes

The events of my tenth summer set my life in a direction I could not possibly have imagined.  Dying, a Near Death Experience, and the paranormal events and connections that followed left an indelible mark on my entire being.  As I sat down to outline the flow of this book, I found myself challenged by the tone that was evolving.  It was so dramatic.  It was so serious.  I was so serious.  Was I too serious?

I began withdrawing in an attempt to manage the emotional tidal wave that came with reliving traumatic events.  I suddenly discovered a passion for domestic chores (a joke to anyone who knows me, although fellow writers are probably nodding in understanding).   When I returned from a vacation and was still unable to get back to work, I knew it was time to pause(but not too long) and seriously reflect.

I had started out with the idea of writing a book about my Near Death Experience; a spiritually inspiring book.  However, I soon realized it had to be much more than that.  There was an incredible metaphysical component that could not be ignored.

Although my young life had been peppered with supernatural events, suggesting I was a rather strong natural psychic, nothing could compare to the paranormal landscape that evolved after I died.  I was a child at the time and I did not possess the knowledge or experience to easily deal with what was happening.  My religious education had not prepared me for coming face to face with what I perceived as God, nor the continuous celestial contact that instantly became a permanent aspect of my life.

Without including details of my own spiritual struggle and evolution, which came as a direct result of discovering that death was not what my grade school Catholic education had painted (sorry, no man in white beard handing out merits and demerits and pointing toward a door with the word Purgatory written on it), I could not possibly do justice to the story or my readers. My tale would end up reading like a spaghetti sauce that had the potential to be incredible were it not missing a critical ingredient.

As a result, I’ve included the entire story as I experienced it, complete with the dark moments and scary uncertainties I lived with for weeks and even years after I’d physically recovered.  I would like to think that in doing so, I am able to provide a holistic glimpse into the arcane side of another world; one that exists alongside and intertwined with our own, that patiently awaits our return.

It is my desire to assure others that life and love do not cease when our breath does, but continue in a beautiful eternity that is ours to experience when we leave this world.

I sincerely hope that I was able to accomplish this and more.  Here, finally, is my story.

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