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Weaning off DHEA

_467_4Look Ma, No Hands!  I have known for some time that it was time to wean off the supplemental DHEA I was taking.

I took it to support my adrenals while I was detoxing the poisons from my system and rebuilding my mineral stores.

I had tried to get off of the supplement before, unsuccessfully.

I would experience pain in my joints that was so intense I could barely get out of bed, stand upright, or walk. I took the DHEA and the pain went away.

I looked about on the web for anything that might help me in my efforts to wean off but all I found initially were message boards where people shared the  nasty side effects, (i.e. joint pain and fatigue)  they experienced when attempting to wean off of DHEA.

Not good.

Utilizing what I knew from my own road to recovery from Rheumatic Arthritis AND EMF Sensitivity, I decided to “try something.”

I came to understand through my own experience that Rheumatic Arthritis is caused by low testosterone/DHEA. If you replenish the levels the symptoms will go away. Only addressing the underlying cause will cure you. I chose the latter.

Knowing that our bodies make essential hormones and enzymes from minerals I decided to flood my body with minerals so that as I weaned off of the synthetic stuff my body would have what it needed to make its own.

I would say that magnesium is the key mineral but potassium is a very very close second.

PREPARE!!! I began taking 10 – 15 drops of ConcenTrace Liquid Trace Minerals in a glass of filtered water every 2 hours  beginning several days before lowering the dose of DHEA.

I also decided to follow my husband’s suggestion of lowering the dose slowly in increments of 5mg.

GENERAL GUIDANCE: I was fortunate to find an article that provided general guidelines. I was thrilled to see that DHEA should be fairly easy to wean off of. Article Here.

Provided your body was primed ahead of time.

WAHOO! My strategy worked. As I began to lower the dose I experienced almost no side effects whatsoever.

Slight fatigue. No joint pain.


SPEED:  I was able to wean off of DHEA much quicker than I anticipated.

I thought I’d be on at least 10 mg for three months.

I believe I was able to achieve this because of flooding my body with minerals ahead of time.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE? I went from 30mg/day to zero within five days.

DAY ONE:     I took 30mg in the am.

DAY TWO:    I took 15mg in the am, 15mg in the pm.

DAY THREE: I took 10mg in the am, 15 in the pm.

DAY FOUR:   I took 10 mg in the am, 5 in the pm.

DAY FIVE:     I took 10 mg in the am, 0 in the pm.

What led me to reduce so quickly was the fact I felt worse after taking the DHEA.  I felt better not taking it.

NOTHING BEATS THE REAL THING: A very pleasant surprise was how powerful my own hormones are compared to the synthetic.


Like Porsche, there is no substitute

Thanks to providing my body with the fuel it needed to produce the hormones and enzymes – minerals – my own system took over seamlessly.

WHAT’S NEXT?  Well, I’m still detoxing.

As I’ve said, the EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis were symptoms of a bigger issue.

Based on today’s unexpected and most unpleasant memory, I am now dealing with 1980.

A very unpleasant year.

The twelve months after my brain surgery were, as you might imagine, a miserable experience for a sixth grader.

I was constantly having brain scans and EEGs, blood work and examinations ad nauseum (literally and figuratively).

I can only imagine the toxins coming out. They pumped a drugstore into me after the surgery, including medications to keep me in a coma.

Even as these medications kept me alive they were destroying my electro-chemical balance.

I am not surprised that I went so quickly from the early 90s to 1980. I was so disgusted by what I’d gone through that I refused to take medications, including over-the-counter, unless there was no choice.

The exception – I needed narcotic relief for the debilitating migraines. Migraines I now realize resulted from potassium levels lowered by the medication I was given after the brain surgery.

The detox as related to difficult memories continues the pattern. The memory flashes before me letting me know what time frame I’m “working on.”

In other words, post surgery medications.

Once the stuff is out? The memory loses it’s teeth.

I can think of the event without feeling like my guts are being ripped out.

LIFE IS GOOD!  It’s been about ten days of zero DHEA and I feel great!

I continued to take the minerals every two hours throughout the day until two days ago.  

I am now weaning off of the liquid minerals.  My body is to the point I am able to absorb the minerals I need from the foods and juices I consume.

My diet primarily consists of bananas, potatoes, green apples, kale salad, a carrot/green apple/ginger/cilantro juice, and a healthy dinner that  includes beef a couple times a week.  

Not chicken with its arsenic or fish with mercury – grass fed organic beef.

Any water has to be  filtered.

I pretty much gave up red wine due to all the pesticides they spray on the grapes and I’ve had to switch from local beers to imported because of the local water.

Which is a bummer because the local ones are pretty good.  

I stick with IPAs for their magnesium content.

And I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how powerful my own hormones are.

Life Is Good!!!!!!

I would encourage people to do what they can to get off artificial hormones.

I recognize this may not always be possible. It would still be worth the effort of replenishing your body’s mineral stores so it can take over as much as possible and/or at least offset the artificial stuff.