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Eliminating Food Allergy/ Intolerance

 Article is LONG!

Sitting here trying not to despair for the snail’s pace today’s novel writing is turning into.

I write a paragraph then turn around and delete it five minutes later because I don’t like the way things are going.

I’ve been here before, albeit two and a half years ago, so I know it’s temporary.  I also know a music break usually gets things going in the right direction so in a few minutes I’ll put on the headphones.  In the meantime, I thought I’d post an update on my efforts to eliminate food intolerances/allergies developed after eating healthy superfoods.

I was going to wait a little longer but the results have been outstanding so I feel confident providing a preliminary update now.

Twelve days ago I decided to try using homeopathy to eliminate the remaining food intolerances.

I’d already dealt with a large number of them.

The decision to try the homeopathy came after I hit a plateau in reversing the damage done by eating “healthy” foods.

Are you kidding me?!  It was beyond irritating to discover that a healthy diet had caused so many health problems for me.

In addition to reading books on healthy eating, I’d scoured the web for information on foods rich in vitamins and minerals.  What I found was that everyone seemed to be quoting the same sources as well as each other, and all saying the same things I was reading in books written by physicians and nutritionists.  And it all spelled big time bad news for my gut and my gum health.

My road to recovery was long, difficult, and convoluted.

What I likened to riding a teeter-totter uphill – as in standing on it.

I discovered that if I drank either champagne or margaritas with a meal, I was able to better tolerate the food.

Though a number of foods were just plain off-limits thanks to the numerous intolerances and allergies I developed after eating a healthy diet.

As my digestion improved I was able to eat a wider variety of foods which led to better digestion, which led to the ability to tolerate more foods.  Then I hit a plateau.

Not particularly pleased with the way things stood, since there were still too many foods I couldn’t eat, I decided to go after the root cause.

My body had become allergic to the foods, meaning it released histamines in response to eating them.

Homeopathy to the rescue.  I’ve successfully used homeopathy for decades.

I have only had to visit a doctor once in the last fourteen years because I couldn’t get something under control.  He told me I had a virus so I should go home, rest, and drink plenty of orange juice.  Pffffffft.

However, I’d only used the remedies to deal with minor aches and pains, stomach ailments or cold symptoms.

Arnica montana, nux vomica, hepar sulph, belladonna, aconite, ferrum phos.

If the stomach issue was suspect, I added activated charcoal.

Works every time – in this house.

The trick to homeopathy, I’ve found, is to begin treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear.

At the very least, I’ve cut the sick time in half.  At best, cut it off before it develops into anything.

As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, however, when I lived in the SF Bay Area and developed EMF Sensitivity, I found that homeopathy, as well as all medications – over-the-counter and pharmaceutical – and supplements, ceased working.

Once I moved away from the Bay Area, I was again able to use homeopathy successfully.  Supplements and medications as well.

With regards to the food allergies, I decided to go after the histamine response using histaminium hydrochloricum.

I also used nux vomic and arnica montana.

I chose nux because of its powerful ability to treat digestive issues and arnica montana because of a specific symptom – and a hunch.

My way.  I chose not to follow standard dosage protocol.

I was going with my gut feeling on this.

For two days I bombarded myself with the three remedies, taking five pellets of each every couple of hours throughout the day.

I felt a little weird for about two hours the first day but nothing too terrible so I kept going.

On the third day I took two doses of four pellets.  On the fourth day I took one dose of four pellets of each remedy.

That’s it.

Sulphur.  I did take one dose of five Sulphur homeopathy pellets on the first night.  I had uncontrollable itching on my shins for the first time in years.

Uncomfortable way to confirm sulphur intolerance.

Testing testing.  Beginning the second day of homeopathic therapy, I ate foods that normally caused an allergic response.

Normal only in the past couple of years – since eating those healthy foods.

Not only have I had no problems whatsoever, I am able to eat pretty much all the foods that I’d had to give up.

Including dairy and grains.

Where to?  I’m not simply going to start eating a ton of the stuff I’d had to give up.

There is still the question of whether or not the stuff is actually good for you.  There’s plenty of evidence that grains cause more problems than their worth and there are plenty of other ways to get the nutrients they purportedly provide.

I’m also not going to eat foods I never ate anyway.

I’m simply happy to be able to eat a wider variety of foods and suffer no symptoms as a result.

The way it used to be before I ate dark leafy greens, fermented foods, coconut oil, turmeric, and a number of fruits and vegetables that were supposed to be anti-inflammatory and healing in nature. 

Odds and ends.  Early on – as in two years ago while just starting to notice the intolerances – I took caprylic acid which I think helped though I developed an allergy to turmeric** and cinnamon.

I’m not sure my approach would work for others but the methodology would probably present plenty of opportunity for healing.

Eliminate the problem food then see where you stand.  Try homeopathy though you may want to work with a professional homeopath who no doubt would disagree with the way I did it. But it worked so there ya go.

During this time I also continued with the baking soda therapy off and on, took potassium supplements, and added a b-complex vitamin which seemed to increase my tolerance for grains.

Final Note:  Pay attention to how your system is responding to what you eat and drink and any supplements you take.  Adjust as appropriate and think creatively when considering how to approach healing.

Don’t assume commonly accepted wisdom – even among the “experts” – is the right approach for you.

Good luck and be well!

**  The food spice, not the supplement.


Food Intolerance is NOT EMF Sensitivity

Fast-Food-Junk-Food-ThinkstockPhotos-859791694.jpgNote:  This article is long.

In September of 2014 I came to understand I developed EMF Sensitivity as a result of heavy metal and environmental poisoning I got because of living in the SF Bay Area.  I set out on an aggressive nutrition-based protocol to detoxify from the heavy metals and restore nutritional balance.  By June, 2015, I was free of EMF Sensitivity.

In October of that year I moved to a different part of the country.  Within three months I was dealing with a slew of odd health issues that did not appear to be related to EMF Sensitivity.  I can now say with complete confidence I was right.  The issue was completely different.

How It All Unraveled.  Beginning in the summer of 2015, I decided to focus on rebuilding nutritional stores that were seriously depleted as a result of the chemical toxicity.  To that end, I looked into foods that purported to be packed with vitamins and minerals.


I also purchased a book on using foods to heal the immune system.

Within a short time of eating foods considered uber-healthy (superfoods) I began to develop food intolerances.

At no time did I experience a relapse of EMF Sensitivity.

I moved and continued with the healthy eating regimen.  I purchased another book about foods that heal the immune system and one on foods that are considered anti-inflammatory.  Within a short time of eating these healthy foods, my health began to seriously deteriorate.

Though I had no relapse of EMF Sensitivity!

A doctor gave me probiotics in an effort to improve my gut health.  Within days I had to quit taking them because of how sick I got from them.

Around this time we had out of town visitors which left us eating out more than normal.

Before then we’d been making homemade meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from fresh ingredients that were often organic.

I quickly realized that I felt much better after eating restaurant food.

Which was sometimes greasy and often contained processed and/or non-organic ingredients.

We moved to a new part of the geography which allowed me to learn a great deal – in hindsight – about the effects of calcium and hard water on health and EMF Sensitivity in particular.  But it didn’t stop there.

I now realize that all those superfoods were directly responsible for my developing horrible food intolerances.

It got so bad I could barely eat anything at all.  I had to eliminate fresh fruits and vegetables, all bread and pasta, cheese and dairy.  Over time I had to eliminate salads.  I lost a LOT of weight.  Too much.

I came to see that if I drank alcohol with a meal I was able to eat more.

Alcohol is anti-inflammatory and also anti-histamine in nature.  It also helped my digestion.

Thus began my slow battle back to normalcy.  Thanks to the alcohol with dinner, I was able to eat a wider variety of foods and digest them. This meant I was absorbing more nutrients.  As my digestion improved I regained the ability to tolerate more foods which led to better digestion which led to more tolerance.

I continued to learn and now understand how everything deteriorated out of control.

I ate healthy “super” foods.

The introduction of superfoods changed my gut flora in a way that resulted in severe food intolerances and food allergies.

But no return of EMF Sensitivity!!!!

The worst culprits were fermented foods and foods considered anti-inflammatory.  Specifically

  • natural pickles
  • kefir
  • fermented butter
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbage

The changes caused me to develop intolerance to yams, acorn squash, potatoes, bananas, green beans, all legumes, all dairy, all butter, sourdough bread, beer, chicken, and turkey.

I never in my life had any food allergies or intolerances prior to the healthy eating.

Are you Kidding Me?  As I continued to eat healthy I developed an intolerance for all tea, as well as coffee.  I could no longer tolerate either red or white wine.

I could drink espresso, champagne, margaritas, and water.

Enough Already!  To fix the problem I quit eating all healthy foods and focused on eating pizza and restaurant food.

I also focused on rebuilding my severely depleted potassium stores through supplementation since I could tolerate no foods high in potassium thanks to an intolerance to sulphur.

I inched my way back to health and an ability to eat more foods.

By focusing on foods that are supposedly nutritionally empty (i.e. white bread).

So far so good.  About a week ago I decided to tackle the remaining intolerances in an unconventional way and while I’m in the middle of the protocol, I am seeing positive results after just four days.

I got the idea based on my experience approaching illness holistically.  A bit of research revealed others in other countries had had success with the methodology and though I didn’t copy their system exactly, I did draw from their reports when considering my approach.

I will be updating this site with the final results in about two weeks.

I’ll warn you, it’s a complicated protocol.  Imagine riding a teeter totter uphill and you got it.  

Stay tuned…




EMF Sensitivity – Determining Root Cause

exhausted_computer_user.pngWarning:  Long Article

I woke up at four this morning – many thoughts keeping me from sleep.  Though a number of factors contributed to this state, one that stands out is the ramifications of understanding the root cause of EMF Sensitivity.

Yes, it’s the inside outside factor and yes, it has to do with technological advancement, but not in the way most people would think.

Though technology plays a role, EMF Sensitivity has been around for decades.  Long before wifi or cellular was in play.

What I’ve come to see is how dangerous it can be to become so focused on one element that we miss what is really going on.  What we believe is the cause of our ills may not be what we think but we are so convinced, we don’t look for other possibilities.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves with scientific research. Too often, once someone fulfills the requirements of the hypothesis, they quit working.  In reality, there is often more than one answer to any question and to stop looking for other answers simply because you have one you like means you don’t have a complete picture or understanding.

What always baffled me about my own situation was that I’d spent years working in technology with no problems.  I worked for a tech company and I was constantly in data centers, laying cable, hooking up workstations and servers, storage devices, installing software, consulting, etc.  Never did I have the issues I developed after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000. And yet, I couldn’t deny that technology played a role in the symptoms.

Once I had a handle on the situation, using various remedies to alleviate and/or eliminate symptoms, I set out to understand what had changed.  Why had I become EMF Sensitive?

I discovered the link between environmental poisoning gained while living in the Bay Area and development of the sensitivity.  In detoxing the heavy metals and other toxins, I cured myself of the sensitivity. But it wasn’t enough.

It was AN answer but was it the complete answer?  No because there was more to understand and more to deal with.

Even as I moved on with my life I kept thinking back to my years working in Michigan in the tech industry. I saw a connection between what happened to me and some of the insanity I witnessed in the Metro Detroit area during the 90s.

At the dawn of the McMansion Era, I watched some awfully bizarre behavior.

I wondered what role – if any – exposure to technology had played.  Then I wondered about the role of hard water given I’d seen a number of people face health challenges after moving to homes with well water instead of Detroit city water.

I also considered the behavioral aspects of the situation.

When external changes happen, people will react to it. 

I watched people behave interestingly during the economic downturn of the early 90s.  I also saw how they behaved differently yet equally as interestingly during the economic boom of the mid-to-late 90s.

All of the chaos and confusion – working for a company going through economic trauma followed by boom times where people acted like there was no tomorrow – meant getting to the root of what was happening to people was difficult.

This doesn’t even take into consideration any personal issues people were facing.

That is truly the challenge when trying to understand what is going on when we become ill, and understanding is imperative if we want to avoid action that won’t help the situation and may even make it worse.

It’s why just going by symptoms alone is not enough.  The symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity are often too broad and are associated with a number of health conditions.

I have always encouraged people to keep a journal and note the variables involved with their symptoms. I also suggest that they determine when it all started.  This can help you answer “What Changed?”

I can now add that it isn’t enough to answer that.  You need to know WHY that change led to a problem.

For me that meant it wasn’t enough to say, “Oh, well, I moved to the SF Bay Area.  That’s what changed.”

Not enough.  Why did I move?  What other changes took place?  New job?  New home? New environment?  New food maybe?  New food sources?

It’s imperative to consider everything because if you don’t you may end up focused on the wrong issue. Even something such as the fact the geology West of the Rockies is significantly different than the East plays a role.

Both have fault lines but the fault lines in the eastern US are older and generally deeper.  This is relevant.

Any or all of these factors can influence the health of an individual.

There are also subtleties people may not be aware of.  I recently had to find an explanation for the fact that two different parts of the country felt exactly the same to me.  The trouble was – one was at a high elevation – the other not far above sea level.  One was in the mountains, the other near water.

How did I go about finding the answer?

First, I had to accept that I was correct.  As counterintuitive as it seemed, there was a valid reason my body felt the strong parallels in the two environments.  Next I had to consider why this might be the case given how different the two areas were geologically, not to mention geographically.

After eliminating the obvious, I zeroed in on why I felt the way I did.  WHAT did I feel was the same?

The air I was breathing.  Something about it.

On the surface that didn’t make sense either.  However, when I began researching air molecules I discovered that the same properties associated with air molecules at higher elevations exist in air molecules at northern latitudes.  Though it may not seem like much it is a big deal because it has a dramatic impact on my well-being.

It has an impact on how I feel which drives my behavior.

In continually sifting through such subtle variables, I have come to understand the effects of EMFs at a far deeper level than previously.

And I had a good handle on it before.

I’ve also been able to validate all my earlier work.

  • The role of audio processing in EMF Sensitivity
  • The role of nutritional balance in EMF Sensitivity
  • The ability of the remedies I discovered to alleviate and/or eliminate symptoms of EMF Sensitivity
  • The impact of geology on EMF Sensitivity
  • The fact EMF Sensitivity is curable under most circumstances

I continue to research for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I never again want to be that sick.  But I find that the more I understand about it the more I understand the interconnectedness of it all and that more than anything is where the focus needs to be.

More to come as I organize the information.

Ripping the Lid Off EMF Sensitivity

images-2Over the past several weeks I’ve moved to a new – rather interesting – approach to the research.  Free of the EMF Sensitivity but aware of certain dangling influences – I’ve begun ripping the lids off of the boxes in front of me as it were – pulling out the box inside and continuing.

Peeling the onion if you will – or seeing what is inside the littlest nesting doll.

I’ve pretty much narrowed down EMF Sensitivity to its fundamental component – solved that issue.

The solution is two-part.  Inside and outside.

Inside.  If our bodies have the right nutritional balance – and an absence of heavy metal toxicity – the outside issues (frequencies) do not have a negative impact

Outside.  If we are not balanced then we can use remedies to alleviate and/or eliminate the symptoms associated with the sensitivity.

Nothing I haven’t said before.

What I discovered – the root of it all – explained why I was never able to conclude whether or not  wifi and/or cellular was part of the problem.

Though Bluetooth definitely got me.

What I learned explained why wifi is not only not part of the problem, it is part of the solution.

Because it blocks other problematic frequencies.

Research Methodology.  I utilized the exact same approach as when going after EMF Sensitivity – and nailed the last of it. I am not only free of EMF Sensitivity, I am now immune to the geologic frequencies.

I drive over the fault lines without being affected at all.

I am in the process of putting this information together for release.

No, not a book.  That is more than I could take on right now.

It has not been a good time though I could say the ends justified the means.  In the process of discovery I learned how to induce a horrendous sinus migraine.

Take too much potassium in the presence of  a low pressure weather system.

The way to resolve the situation is to increase your sodium intake.

This is a repeatable experiment by the way.

Along with the repeatable misery of enduring the horrendous throbbing pain, sinur pressure, etc.

I didn’t mean to give myself the headache.  I was trying to stave off one as a matter of fact since the low-pressure system that precedes thunderstorms was making its way into my area.

The net of it is that I learned about the effect of too much potassium (too little sodium) and more about the way my body responds to changing pressure.  This led me to understand the core of the problem which led me to find a solution.

As long as storm systems roll through, pressure will change. I need to learn to live with that and I’ll be damned if I’m going to endure migraines each time.  I actually had it almost fixed.  Now that I understand more of it I will wait to see if I have resolved it or if there is still more work to do.  That I am no longer affected by geologic frequencies is promising in my opinion.

I also came to see that the longer I follow the balancing protocol the less the pressure changes impact my health and well-being.

And the external solution I discovered helps in the meantime.

Stay tuned…

Small Victories = Big Meaning

800px_COLOURBOX1595221I was out shopping yesterday, looking at some jewelry.  Among the bracelets was one made of a material I’ve never had good luck with.

In fact, as I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, it has caused pain to even touch it.

To my happy surprise, not only did touching it not have any adverse reaction, it felt good.

Soothing which is interesting, given that’s what it’s known for.

Magnetic Materials.  The stone is hematite, a stone with magnetic properties.  At the height of the EMF Sensitivity, I was unable to touch any stones with magnetic properties, including red jasper and hematite, without feeling pain.

An electrical burning went up my arm, down my spine, down my leg. Fun for all.

I took a moment to appreciate the latest sign of progress in curing the EMF Sensitivity.  There are other small victories as well, and they all have significant repercussions for me.

  • I was able to help someone overcome an allergy to chocolate they’d had all their life – using the exact same protocol I used to cure my EMF Sensitivity and RA.
  • I figured out why alcohol has healing benefits in my condition(s)
  • I figured out what the X Factor is

It only took six years.

Allergies and intolerances.  By restoring the minerals and nutrients required for producing the numerous hormones and enzymes in the body, I have been able to help others as well as myself get rid of food allergies and intolerances.

Anti-inflammatory makes for better digestion.  The anti-inflammatory properties of alcohol keeps the immune system from interfering with digestion.  This allows for better digestion of food and better absorption of critical nutrients.

Interestingly, both champagne and tequila, two alcohols that have been instrumental in helping me recover from EMF Sensitivity AND RA, are known for their ability to help with digestion.  I now understand WHY and that’s a REALLY GOOD THING!

X Factor understood.  Just like EMF Sensitivity, it’s an internal/external situation.

Internal.  The body is a sophisticated antenna that can be tuned into various frequencies simply by altering the mineral balance.

Copper, mercury, calcium, and Sulphur have the most impact from what I can tell.

Having too much calcium and Sulphur will tune the body into frequencies that are difficult to shield from and are pretty harmful.

These frequencies have absolutely NOTHING to do with technology.

To ensure the mind doesn’t become tuned to the problematic frequencies, simply ensure you do not have an excess of the “wrong” foods.

Foods that tune you into the negativity associated with the frequency.

Avoiding hard water and foods high in sulfites will go far. 

External.  Just like with the frequencies associated with EMF Sensitivity, there are certain materials that will do a degree of shielding.  I’ll be honest, figuring out which materials were helpful was incredibly difficult.

They are not the same materials I used to shield from harmful EMFS.

An added challenge was that the protocol used to deal with the EMF Sensitivity did not work for these particular frequencies.

It was beyond tedious to have to go back to the basics when trying to troubleshoot.  I haven’t suffered from EMF Sensitivity or RA in YEARS!  I employed the same troubleshooting and testing and after 7 months figured out what’s going on, what works, and what doesn’t.  For me.

Someone suffering from other issues may not get the same results.  They may not even be aware of these harmful frequencies because they’ve got bigger problems.

The Highest Irony.  Wi-fi blocks harmful X Factor frequencies to a significant degree.

I now leave my wi-fi on almost all the time.  If I’m in a public place where I’m being inundated by these X Factor frequencies, I’ll connect to whatever free wi-fi I can with my phone and create a nice little shield around myself.

I did note that the materials that I use to successfully block these frequencies are easily available and inexpensive.

The key is to pay attention to your environment and see how things change when you enter a location, leave it, eat or drink something, etc.

In other words, all the same troubleshooting techniques I provided to help in figuring out whether or not you are EMF Sensitive and how various remedies may help apply here.

What bothers one person may not bother another.

For X Factor frequencies, it’s about awareness which is modulated by the tuning of the “antenna of awareness”.  In other words, your focus can be altered by what you eat and drink.   

maxresdefaultNot All Roses.  There’ve been almost as many setbacks as there have been small victories.

Though no return of EMF Sensitivity or RA. 

Just as with testing for the EMF Sensitivity, testing for X Factor took a lot out of me.

You feel beat down and drained which ought to go far to explain the nature of the X Factor frequencies.

My task now is to make sure I avoid problem foods and beverages and have a few shielding materials handy just in case.

To try to explain the X Factor would take another book and that’s more than I want do do.  To give an idea, first know that these frequencies are not technological in nature.  Next, consider the effects of toxic environments, toxic news, toxic “systems” and their impact on you when you are exposed to them.  Anything that knocks you off course and takes you away from who you are at your core.

Just an observation

excess01Quick observation with a larger – more important – context.

There are a couple of signs that indicate when you’re taking too much of something.

They indicate you may not need the supplement/medication.

This would be worthy of a discussion with a health care provider.  It is not meant to suggest you suddenly stop taking whatever it is you are taking.

If you take too much of a supplement, or take a supplement you do not need, your body will respond first by attempting to get rid of the excess.  If that doesn’t work, it will stow it.

In the case with excess calcium that will go into the joints and on the artery walls.  Not great.

The irony here is that you may end up with a deficiency of whatever it is you were trying to replenish – because you took too much.

Case in point:  Take thyroid medication when you don’t need it and your next blood reading will show that your TSH levels will have gone down.  Happened to me – my doc explained that it was evidence that low thyroid was not my problem (or the source of my debilitating fatigue).  

This was when I was trying to figure out why I was feeling so sick – what ended up being EMF Sensitivity.  Every damned blood and medical test told me I was healthy – I wasn’t.  But that’s a tale for another time…

So, with regards to potassium.  If your body has too much of it you may have some off-the-wall symptoms.  Namely, sneezing and coughing.

Which are symptoms of low potassium.

You may also get burning calves and hamstrings, along with burning muscles wherever scar tissue exists.

The association between calcium and sulphur which are on the opposite side of the potassium teeter totter – are complex- .  Excess calcium and excess sulphur can both result in symptoms associated with arthritis – though they are different.  Excess sulphur is burning in muscles.  Excess calcium is pain in joints and where scar tissue is.  And heart disease and dementia since excess calcium on artery walls reduces critical blood flow.  And excess calcium on intestinal walls?  …

There are a number of symptoms people may not realize are sending signals to back off medications or supplements.

Especially mowing calcium like it was M & Ms.

btw:  The symptoms of diabetes and the symptoms of low potassium are similar.  If you start taking insulin when in fact you have low potassium, your body will cut back on making insulin and you could end up with a condition you didn’t have to begin with.

Awareness V. Sensitivity

Airblown+Inflatables+Projection+Kaleidoscope+Happy+Halloween+PumpkinJust in time for Halloween…

I find myself facing a bit of conundrum at this point in my EMF Sensitivity research.  When is something an awareness as opposed to a sensitivity?

It’s been several years since I’ve had any issues with technology EMFs.

As I detoxed heavy metals, my sensitivity to – being sickened by – technology EMFs ceased.

I realized I was no longer sensitive to the technology EMFs after discovering that the WiFi had been left on – but I wasn’t aware of it.

There were no physical symptoms.

As I continued to detoxify the metals my sensitivity to various types of technology EMFs lessoned then ceased.

WiFi, followed by Bluetooth, then RADAR.

I continued to learn from my nutrition based healing protocol and while my health has rebounded, I find myself with two interesting yet very different “sensitivities.”

Or is it awareness?

  • Fault lines
  • Ghosts

Geology EMFs.  Up until fairly recently, I was sickened by the ultra-low and very low EMFs emitted by geologic fault lines.  After detoxing the heavy metals, I noted that I no longer felt sick around the fault lines but my awareness of them seemed to remain.

My ears would ring before a quake.  The higher the pitch, the louder it was, and the longer I heard it, the larger the quake and the lengthier the shaking.  I had sensitivity at very small quake levels (i.e. 1.5 – 2 on the Richter scale).

We moved to a different geologically active part of the country and the ringing in my ears continued – but switched ears.

I also discovered my head turns in the exact direction the quake waves are traveling from.

As I continued the nutritional therapy, my sensitivity to fault lines seemed to disappear.

There was one I would periodically ride over and I noticed that over time, the symptoms I felt when near the thing would lessen.  Eventually, they disappeared altogether.

I recently discovered there is a fault line in the very location where I felt a change that was unique. The area “felt” sad.

The feeling is fleeting but is consistent in that each time I drive over the area, I feel it.

After sensing the change enough times I said, “There must be a fault line here or something.”

I honestly couldn’t tell you what made me say that.  Not sure why I  had that association given the “symptom” was an emotional feeling as opposed to the physically unpleasant symptoms I felt previously.

Turns out there is a fault line in that exact location and while I am “aware” of the change when I drive over it, I am no longer “sensitive” in that I don’t feel any physical symptoms.  I don’t get sick.

I’ll be curious to see – since I continue to follow the nutritional philosophy of naturally lowering excess calcium and significantly reducing Sulphur foods, if my awareness to geologic EMFs will lessen as well.

Paranormal EMFs.  As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, one of the symptoms of the EMF Sensitivity was a loss of all my paranormal abilities.

It was very unsettling as I’d had them basically all of my life and the loss was relatively sudden. 

The very first remedy I discovered, the copper, zinc, and silver bracelet, appeared to restore the abilities by blocking the EMFs that were blocking the abilities.  After we moved away from the Bay Area, and I began to recover, my abilities returned fully – and strengthened.

I have realized that unlike with the geologic EMFs, as I become healthier, my sensitivity to the paranormal EMFs – my awareness of ghosts – strengthens.

Ghosts themselves are a form of EMF so it makes sense that I would be aware of them.  

The interesting thing about the spirits is that just as with other EMFs, they cause an adrenal response. However, unlike with the other EMFs, the ghosts do not cause my body to release histamines.

I’m not “allergic” to the ghosts the way I was to the other EMFs.

In the case of the ghosts, I feel a bit of a … change though even this has lessened.  It used to be I had to eat something after a ghostly encounter since my blood sugar seemed to lower.

Suggests adrenal response.

At this point, I don’t have that issue.  I’m still aware of them and different ghosts have a different feel but other than the awareness of their presence, I don’t seem to have any symptoms.

Ghosts and Geology.  It was while doing EMF research I came to see that areas with geologic fault lines seem to be havens for ghosts.

This applied to both sides of the Rockies.  Faults east of the Rockies are older and often deeper but there are several fault systems up and down the East and Midwest US.

Many of the battlefields where I’ve had encounters with ghosts are locations chosen because of a geologic feature that made them strategic.  It also means there are EMFs.  And now – ghosts.  At least, anecdotally, there seems to be a relationship.

It’s interesting to note that as my awareness of one type of EMF goes down, my awareness of a different EMF goes up.  But is this awareness a sensitivity?

For now I associate sensitivity with unpleasant physical symptoms. Awareness is simply that – being aware. What I do with that awareness is a different story altogether.

More research is needed.

For more on my interaction with ghosts, check out elizabethmaxim.com to see the Spooky Fun series I’ve got going (articles as well as videos).

Happy Halloween Season!