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Wine and the Senses

Cranberry-Sangria-3-from-willcookforsmiles.com_I just had a sip of Erath pinot noir.  It was the first thing, other than water, that I’d had since eating homemade cranberry sauce earlier.

Not jellied.  Just water, sugar/honey mix, and cranberries.

I’ve had this wine before. It’s one of those that “works for me.” 

Which means it apparently has lower sulfites.

I was surprised to taste cherry very strongly.

It didn’t smell any different. 

It was also a far mellower experience than normal.

I just had some of this same bottle last night with dinner – put through an aerator – so it didn’t mellow due to decanting.

Though I had the cranberry sauce over two hours prior to the wine, the acidic/tart experience/taste of the sauce had a “follow on” effect with the wine.

The only other time I recall this type of dramatic change was eons ago when I was having dinner at a restaurant in Ann Arbor.  I had sake along with water.

You do not have sake like you do a glass of wine.  Far less.

It was warmed and I’d tasted it before having any food.  I then had some after food.


It packs a punch!

At least it did for me.

Psst.  Just thought I’d share this experience.  Perhaps others will try different food and alcohol combinations this holiday season, see what happens.

I suspect this wouldn’t work as well with beer due to its strong flavor though I know there is an entire science of food and beer pairing. The results will just be different than that of a more delicate alcohol such as sake or wine.

Art Imitates Life.  The high irony – for me at any rate – is that there are two scenes in two separate books (including the one I’m working on now – Promotion: Book 11) in the Metatron’s Army Series where I have the characters at a restaurant in Kintal (Soia’s capital city) where the fruits and cheeses are paired with wine to evoke not only different tastes but sensual responses.

Great for a date!

Cranberries are a great source of vitamin C and other health benefits.


Coffee, Banana, or Red Wine?

bananacoffee2cc_wide-f682009e4fcb4e6cdc8e51d18011dd58016d0183-s800-c85.jpgAt this point in the game of holistic health balance, it’s the subtle nuances that are the most challenging.

Imagine a boat in the water.  Just when things settle, a wave from a passing boat starts the rocking and in an attempt to stabilize things, you end up overcompensating which brings more water and turbulence into the boat – and into the situation.

I’ve just concluded a three-month study on the effects of various foods on my recovery from calcium toxicity.

These were foods I had had to cut out of my diet for unknown reasons.

I’ve narrowed the situation to a Sulphur/Calcium effect.

I’m still coming to understand the cause-effect but the more high Sulphur foods I ingest, the more Calcium is absorbed, the more dairy is a problem, the more symptoms I experience.

Just as spreading out electronic devices was a way to defeat the EMF “cumulative effect”, limiting the number of high Sulphur foods has helped me manage the overall healing situation while not worrying about have nothing to eat.

For awhile I was so limited in my food choices I was causing other issues.  I had barely anything at all I could eat.

At this stage, I cannot have coffee, banana, and red wine in the same day.  Since the banana is providing potassium, and coffee has a number of benefits, I decided red wine would be the food to go.

In the past six months I’ve studied the role alcohol plays in healing from autoimmune conditions.  It’s significant, though each alcohol type offers unique benefits.

As I continue to heal from the overload to my system, my chemistry changes.  I continue to adapt, learning as I go.

We really ARE What we Eat!  

It’s truly worth not just paying lip service to the effect of foods and beverages on our health.