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EMF Sensitivity – Determining Root Cause

exhausted_computer_user.pngWarning:  Long Article

I woke up at four this morning – many thoughts keeping me from sleep.  Though a number of factors contributed to this state, one that stands out is the ramifications of understanding the root cause of EMF Sensitivity.

Yes, it’s the inside outside factor and yes, it has to do with technological advancement, but not in the way most people would think.

Though technology plays a role, EMF Sensitivity has been around for decades.  Long before wifi or cellular was in play.

What I’ve come to see is how dangerous it can be to become so focused on one element that we miss what is really going on.  What we believe is the cause of our ills may not be what we think but we are so convinced, we don’t look for other possibilities.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves with scientific research. Too often, once someone fulfills the requirements of the hypothesis, they quit working.  In reality, there is often more than one answer to any question and to stop looking for other answers simply because you have one you like means you don’t have a complete picture or understanding.

What always baffled me about my own situation was that I’d spent years working in technology with no problems.  I worked for a tech company and I was constantly in data centers, laying cable, hooking up workstations and servers, storage devices, installing software, consulting, etc.  Never did I have the issues I developed after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000. And yet, I couldn’t deny that technology played a role in the symptoms.

Once I had a handle on the situation, using various remedies to alleviate and/or eliminate symptoms, I set out to understand what had changed.  Why had I become EMF Sensitive?

I discovered the link between environmental poisoning gained while living in the Bay Area and development of the sensitivity.  In detoxing the heavy metals and other toxins, I cured myself of the sensitivity. But it wasn’t enough.

It was AN answer but was it the complete answer?  No because there was more to understand and more to deal with.

Even as I moved on with my life I kept thinking back to my years working in Michigan in the tech industry. I saw a connection between what happened to me and some of the insanity I witnessed in the Metro Detroit area during the 90s.

At the dawn of the McMansion Era, I watched some awfully bizarre behavior.

I wondered what role – if any – exposure to technology had played.  Then I wondered about the role of hard water given I’d seen a number of people face health challenges after moving to homes with well water instead of Detroit city water.

I also considered the behavioral aspects of the situation.

When external changes happen, people will react to it. 

I watched people behave interestingly during the economic downturn of the early 90s.  I also saw how they behaved differently yet equally as interestingly during the economic boom of the mid-to-late 90s.

All of the chaos and confusion – working for a company going through economic trauma followed by boom times where people acted like there was no tomorrow – meant getting to the root of what was happening to people was difficult.

This doesn’t even take into consideration any personal issues people were facing.

That is truly the challenge when trying to understand what is going on when we become ill, and understanding is imperative if we want to avoid action that won’t help the situation and may even make it worse.

It’s why just going by symptoms alone is not enough.  The symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity are often too broad and are associated with a number of health conditions.

I have always encouraged people to keep a journal and note the variables involved with their symptoms. I also suggest that they determine when it all started.  This can help you answer “What Changed?”

I can now add that it isn’t enough to answer that.  You need to know WHY that change led to a problem.

For me that meant it wasn’t enough to say, “Oh, well, I moved to the SF Bay Area.  That’s what changed.”

Not enough.  Why did I move?  What other changes took place?  New job?  New home? New environment?  New food maybe?  New food sources?

It’s imperative to consider everything because if you don’t you may end up focused on the wrong issue. Even something such as the fact the geology West of the Rockies is significantly different than the East plays a role.

Both have fault lines but the fault lines in the eastern US are older and generally deeper.  This is relevant.

Any or all of these factors can influence the health of an individual.

There are also subtleties people may not be aware of.  I recently had to find an explanation for the fact that two different parts of the country felt exactly the same to me.  The trouble was – one was at a high elevation – the other not far above sea level.  One was in the mountains, the other near water.

How did I go about finding the answer?

First, I had to accept that I was correct.  As counterintuitive as it seemed, there was a valid reason my body felt the strong parallels in the two environments.  Next I had to consider why this might be the case given how different the two areas were geologically, not to mention geographically.

After eliminating the obvious, I zeroed in on why I felt the way I did.  WHAT did I feel was the same?

The air I was breathing.  Something about it.

On the surface that didn’t make sense either.  However, when I began researching air molecules I discovered that the same properties associated with air molecules at higher elevations exist in air molecules at northern latitudes.  Though it may not seem like much it is a big deal because it has a dramatic impact on my well-being.

It has an impact on how I feel which drives my behavior.

In continually sifting through such subtle variables, I have come to understand the effects of EMFs at a far deeper level than previously.

And I had a good handle on it before.

I’ve also been able to validate all my earlier work.

  • The role of audio processing in EMF Sensitivity
  • The role of nutritional balance in EMF Sensitivity
  • The ability of the remedies I discovered to alleviate and/or eliminate symptoms of EMF Sensitivity
  • The impact of geology on EMF Sensitivity
  • The fact EMF Sensitivity is curable under most circumstances

I continue to research for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I never again want to be that sick.  But I find that the more I understand about it the more I understand the interconnectedness of it all and that more than anything is where the focus needs to be.

More to come as I organize the information.