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EMF Effect: Celestial Not Seasonal


NOTE:  This article is lengthy.

As I continue to learn about the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on our environment and the people within it I am able to apply new knowledge to old mysteries.  As a result, I was able to solve one of the thornier ones that had been baffling me.

This one has had a significant impact on my health for decades. 

It all started the late spring of 1982.  That was the year the horrendous migraines that preceded thunderstorms by forty-eight hours began.

They were debilitating and for years I was forced into a cycle of excruciating pain – trips to the ER – medication I hated – sleep – wake up to storm system gone and with it, the pain.

No one knew why this cycle happened.

Not even the neurosurgeon.

On the Surface.  The conclusion was that there was something about the weather – thunderstorms – that triggered the migraines. 

This suggested a seasonal element to it all.

Not So Fast.  As the years went by it became harder to conclude it was thunderstorms causing the problem.

There were too many times when I did not get a headache though the thunderstorms appeared.

EMF Sensitivity Rears Its Head.  While living in the East Bay I figured out I was suffering from EMF Sensitivity.  As I continued to pay close attention to this phenomenon, I began to observe that the symptoms appeared to be worse in the heat.

Actually, it was my husband who mentioned it first.

In-depth research didn’t turn up any explanation for this though I did come across information about the effects of temperature on subatomic particles.

This is covered in the Intention Experiments.

I continued researching the phenomenon and observing a link between heat and an intensifying of symptoms but never found an explanation as to why – exactly – this was happening.

Root Cause.  In September 2014 I came to realize the role heavy metal poisoning played in my developing EMF Sensitivity.

God knows I wasn’t born with it.

I set out to detoxify the metals and rebalance the nutrients – and voila!  No more EMF Sensitivity. 

But I still suffered migraines before thunderstorms – sometimes.

The Role of Calcium. In the winter of 2017 I figured out the role calcium played in EMF Sensitivity, including the migraines that occurred forty-eight hours prior to an electromagnetic atmospheric event.

I set out to chelate the excess calcium from my system and a few amazing things happened.

  • Scars began to shrink and/or disappear entirely
  • Moles began to just fall off my body
  • The migraines began to shrink in size and reduce in frequency and intensity

While I was thrilled to see a reduction in migraines, I was left with a mystery only one that was now an inverse of the previous version.

Why did I get migraines only sometimes before thunderstorms?

The lack of a pattern to the migraine-thunderstorm occurrence meant it was no longer a given that it was seasonal.  And yet…

Is It or Is It Not Seasonal? That was the question!

I did notice that at the same point in time – late spring – I suffered more health issues – issues that fell under the EMF spectrum. – than at other times of the year 

Thunderstorms are atmospheric EMF events.

This happened for years  and beginning three years ago I took a weird action – unconsciously – in an attempt to deal with – something.

I increased my intake of Sulphur foods.

This caused a host of negative health issues that took months to reverse.

Each year the foods were different though they all caused major issues for me.  I didn’t  realize they were all high sulphur foods until now.

I was very determined to figure out what the hell was going on so I didn’t have to keep getting so damned sick every summer!

Though I now knew I would be very careful to avoid consuming high sulphur foods!

Was it heat related? After all, the temperature goes up (in the Northern Hemisphere)  in late spring as we head toward summer.

Only Sometimes.  Not only was this inconclusive it was inconsistent.

The temperatures soar in late August and yet I don’t feel as bad as I do in early June.

Talk It Out.  Irritated because I am still recovering from the increased Sulphur gained by drinking black tea several months ago, I was venting one night recently.

This can be an effective way for my unconscious mind to get information to the surface.

By the morning I had the answer.

It wasn’t seasonal, it was celestial!

Planets of Influence. Other than the temperature increasing (in the Northern Hemisphere), what happens in the summer?

  • The earth is further from the sun
  • The sun’s rays hit the earth at a steeper angle

For more information on this, check out this article.

Though I’m still researching what exactly about this causes problems for me beginning in late spring I can safely say it has nothing to do with the weather – or the season itself.

I don’t feel bad all spring or all summer.

It’s a celestial event that happens each and every year as our earth rotates around the sun.

It has nothing to do with warm temperatures or whether or not there is a thunderstorm approaching and everything to do with where the earth is relative to the sun at any one point in time.

That Explains It!  I now understand that approximately every three months there is a significant change in the earth-sun orbital dance that has the potential to affect my life negatively.

I had begun to experience the migraines in October way back in the 90s – long before I moved to the SF Bay Area and developed EMF Sensitivity.

Forewarned is Forearmed.  So, what to do?  Well, I’d already had the problem mostly solved.

Getting rid of the excess calcium in my body made me a much smaller target for any EMF activity.

My work with detoxing heavy metals demonstrated the importance of balanced electrolytes in keeping EMF Sensitivity a nonissue.  In particular?  Potassium.

It manages cell signaling among other important functions.

By maintaining healthy electrolyte balance, including keeping my potassium levels where they need to be, I am able to keep EMF Sensitivity symptoms at bay.

As in gone.

Understanding that where our planet is relative to the sun at any point in time affects my health helps me in that if I feel any pressure – a symptom that worsens when potassium levels are low – I will be careful to watch what I eat and drink.

I do not need or want to battle the negative effects of too much Sulphur!  It takes monthsto reverse the damage!

I will continue to observe [read study] the effects of planetary orbit on my health as I go forward though in my mind a significant mystery has been solved.

And I now understand why fall has been my favorite season!  With the planet moving closer to the sun even as it tilts away, conditions are becoming ideal for good health.

A Note About Potassium.  Sufficient potassium levels are key to mitigating the effects of the orbital change.  However, care must be taken not to push sodium levels too low in an effort to raise potassium levels.

Don’t fix one problem only to introduce another.

Hopefully this information will be of value to those who may suffer health issues at one specific part of the calendar year.

I’m not talking about SAD.  Or perhaps SAD has a different root cause and thus a different approach to treatment can be considered.

A woman from China explained to me that many Chinese suffer SAD in the summer and attributed it to the intense unending heat.  That it happens at a different part of the year suggests the current theories about SAD and Winter may not be complete.

Be well!

NOTE:  It doesn’t matter where in the Northern Hemisphere I’ve been – which states – even other countries – I have experienced a negative health impact at the same time of year – late spring and early summer.