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Sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies.

Bracelets, EMFs, and Psi

images-3.jpegI’m working on Adjudication, the final book in the Metatron’s Army series.  With hands on a keyboard, I’m not big into jewelry, as it is distracting and often uncomfortable.  However, this morning I happen to be wearing a thin copper bracelet.

I bought it at a Native American festival.  It’s thin and has a nice twisty shape and has a small piece of turquoise set in it.

I’m not wearing the bracelet for any reasons associated with EMF Sensitivity.  I’m wearing it because I felt like putting it on this morning.

It’s pretty.  It’s lightweight.  I can wear it while typing and forget it’s there.

Since the interview with Lloyd Burrell, I’ve received several requests asking where to purchase the bracelet I talked about.

Does/Doesn’t.  I decided to write a follow-up post to clarify what the bracelet is and isn’t.

It is not a cure.  It is a remedy.  This means it addresses certain symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity.  It does not CURE EMF Sensitivity.

It is not a magic bullet. You may or may not have the same experience I did, putting it on and feeling instant and tremendous relief.

I explain all of it in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

For me.  My condition was complex because not only was I sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies from technology, I was sensitive to the ultra-low and very low frequencies emitted from geologic fault lines.

Living in the Bay Area near the Hayward and Calaveras faults, among others, you can imagine how much fun this was for me.

The metals in the bracelets are all good conductors of electricity.  They deflected the surrounding EMFs away from my body.  This reduced and/or eliminated many of the worst symptoms I was suffering.

The same would be accomplished by standing on top of rock made up of these minerals.  Anyone want to move to Silver City, NV?

Psi Anyone?  The bracelet also unblocked an impediment to my psi abilities.

I had been puzzled by the sudden and inexplicable loss of psychic abilities I’d had since I was a child.

Here’s the thing.  It isn’t the bracelets that make someone psychic. IF someone is psychic and their abilities are being hindered and/or blocked by EMFs then the bracelets could help restore those abilities, as they did for me.


There is an internal and external component involved with psychic abilities.

Not to mention whether or not you have the gift to begin with.

As I’ve written in other books, low magnesium will also affect psychic abilities.  So will low potassium.

High calcium basically kills them.

Do the bracelets help with high calcium?  Calcium is a metal and will draw EMFs to the body.  So, the short answer is yes.  Only chelating excess calcium will actually resolve the issue.

Copper bracelets are sold as remedies for arthritis pain. Arthritis is caused by excess calcium in the joints.  The copper will deflect the EMFs that are drawn to that metal.

If you have something else going on and put on a copper/silver/zinc bracelet you may have a less than positive response.

This is why you absolutely have to do your homework and figure out exactly what is going on.  No shortcuts. 

It’s Magnetic.  Many of the bracelets sold for arthritis are classified as magnetic bracelets.

They are still generally copper though you will find some with silver and zinc mixed in.

Magnets work on a different yet related issue.  To better understand, you have to consider that electro and magnetic are different energetic forces. Do the magnetic bracelets work?  Sure, but they may not address the symptom you’re trying to resolve.  It depends on the source of the problem.

I’ll close with a couple of anecdotes.

And an example of how EMFs negatively impacted my psi ability.

I was interviewing for a job.  I explained what I was looking for and how I worked.  The hiring manager talked about his style and explained what the job was.  He completely and totally lied 100%.

Normally, because of my abilities, I would have picked up on the fact he was lying.  I didn’t. 

I got the job and quickly came to see I’d been lied to.

I was not a happy camper.

My worst fears were realized when I spoke with a senior manager who confirmed that the job was not what I’d been promised.

She had quite the oh, &*$?# look on her face when I explained what the hiring manager told me about the job.

I left the company a short time later.  For years, it haunted me that I hadn’t been able to pick up on the lies while in the interview.

I had never missed picking up someone’s deceit before.  Not once.

While doing research into my mysterious health condition I came across the fact that the office I was sitting in during the interview sits directly on top of a major fault line. No wonder I hadn’t been able to pick up on the deceit!

Understanding brought incredible peace of mind.

And leaving the company set me on the path to fulfilling my dream of being a writer, so it worked out.

images-2Psi restored.  Yesterday, at the grocery store, I was leaning over to pick up two jars of spaghetti sauce.  A vision flashed in front of me – one of the jars slipping to the ground and smashing.  I saw the sauce on the ground and heard the call for an employee to come and clean it. I then saw the young male – dark hair, about nineteen – coming to see what happened.

Knowing I had the opportunity to stop something unpleasant from happening, I focused on the bundle of goods in my hands.

Two boxes of noodles, two jars of sauce.

Nah, It Won’t Happen!  The irony here is that in the past, such warnings have been so fleeting or so apparently unlikely that I’ve ignored them – and come to regret it.  Because of this, I had promised myself not long ago that if I got a small warning again – no matter how unlikely it seemed to be – I would pay attention.  As I saw this vision my first reaction – my immediate reaction – was “I’m not going to drop the jar! I’m not that much of a klutz!”

I quickly countered by reminding myself that I was going to make a habit of listening to the warnings, even when they were small or unlikely.

Sure enough, the jar started to slip from my hands but because I had reminded myself to pay attention, the vision never happened.

Psi signals are also frequencies.  Images, thoughts, sensations, all are detected, processed.  So when EMFs mess with our bodies they are messing with far more than many realize.

It pays to pay attention!


Interview with Lloyd Burrell

o-radio-microphone-facebook1.jpgTo my good fortune, Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense reached out to me for an interview regarding my work diagnosing, treating, and living with EMF Sensitivity. 

Known as EHS or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in Europe.

What an awesome opportunity to educate people on this often misunderstood condition!

Lloyd is every bit as passionate as I am about helping people live a fuller, healthier life!  It was a true delight to speak with him!

During the interview I mention one of the many remedies I discovered for reducing and/or alleviating the symptoms, a bracelet with copper, silver, and zinc.  I have since been contacted about where I bought the bracelets.  While the store I bought the bracelets at no longer carries, them, I can provide some suggestions on where you can find versions of this particular remedy.

This is a remedy for various symptoms.  It is not a cure. 

The bracelets were one of many remedies I used to alleviate symptoms while I went about curing the root cause of the condition.

To find out more, read Wipeout EMF: The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease and Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

The bracelets I purchased for $8 a piece are now on the web for $40 and more.  To me this is gouging.

The quality just isn’t there to justify this.

You can easily get a less expensive and equally suitable piece elsewhere.

A bracelet that is only copper can and should suffice for many.

The best places?

  • The tourist shops in old ghost towns and mining towns in the American Southwest. **
  • Native American events such as PowWows  **
  • Native American store websites **
  • Pharmacies **
  • Amazon
  • Etsy

** means BEST PRICES! You will NOT be ripped off at the tourist shops or going through Native American vendors.

I never have.

Caveat.  If you do not suffer from EMF Sensitivity and you wear metal, you may have a different experience.

Once I was cured of my EMF Sensitivity, I discovered I can become uncomfortable wearing metals under certain conditions.  My own electromagnetic field is different since curing myself of the issue.

Not all copper is copper.  I did not have luck at all – as I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity – buying copper from the hardware store.

For more information on the remedies, see Riding the Waves.

FYI.  Lloyd is putting together a seminar that promises to be packed with information for those wanting to learn more about this condition.  The information presented is suitable for those just scratching the surface as well as those looking for a more scientific/research take on it all.

See his site for details.

Be well!

EMF Research – A Day In the Life

ILRN.pngDisclaimer:  The WHO refers to EMFSensitivity (My term) as EHS.  I have an issue with the wording “hyper sensitivity.”   I have a problem with labeling someone as “sensitive” because it has a negative connotation and implies weakness, when it’s anything but.

Ever consider that it’s the sensitive who have a clue?  Just because you don’t see or feel something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  As people who pull the covers over their heads sometimes learn – ignore the scratching sound at your own peril.

I prefer to say that someone is “aware.”

They are clued in.

Aware, they are facing the truth head on.  No pulling the covers over their heads or laying their head on – not in – the sand.

To understand that last bit – read up on where the saying comes from.  Hint:  What flamingos do – not what it looks like or what people say – what they do.

That being said, though I cured my EHS in June 2016, I did not lose my awareness.

I’m glad.  To do so would be akin to taking the batteries out of a smoke detector. There’s a reason we have Fight or Flee. It’s how we got to this point in existence – by knowing when something’s wrong/off.

I was driving to a particular area this morning.  I’m not fond of this area because I don’t like how I feel when I’m in it.

In general, I feel as if someone is squeezing my chest and I can’t breathe.  Not literally can’t breathe – it feels as if I would have trouble – because my chest feels tight or as if someone is squeezing it.

I’d had my double shot this morning.  That feeds my adrenals – to a degree.  I was curious to see what, if any, effect that may have had on the feeling.

None as far as I could tell.

I did my errand and left. Even though I didn’t feel it, I knew instinctively my adrenals had taken a hit.

Perhaps that’s what the doppio did for me – masked a symptom.

Knowing this, I went by a local place to grab a bit of coffee.

I only ended up having about 3 ounces so it wasn’t much of a hit.

I went about my day which mostly involved working on an intense scene for Adjudication: Book 10 in the Metatron’s Army series.  I knew I was going to have to return to the area later in the afternoon, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and turn it into research.

All Things Equal.  I needed to do what I could to make sure no outside factors would play a role in how I felt.  To accomplish this, I elected to have lunch at a place I’d been to before and order something I’d had before without having any reactions to it.

Turkey and provolone on baguette with mustard aioli and chardonnay.

The wine was the most important because I wanted to see fi the “anti-inflammatory”** nature of it had a positive effect.

When I returned to the area, I paid particular attention to how I felt, noted any differences.

  • Whereas  earlier my chest felt squeezed – once I got past a certain point in the road – after lunch it felt pressed down (as if someone was pressing their thumb on my ribs), but not squeezed ala Bugs Bunny’s Paul Puma “…hug ‘em and squeeze ‘em…”
  • My stomach didn’t burn at the same location
  • I didn’t get a message from my adrenals – aka Fight or Flee – to panic

As I got closer to the location, the symptoms intensified, but with a big difference

  • Though my chest felt squeezed, I didn’t feel as if I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to breathe
  • I didn’t panic – I was in full control – knew and understood what was happening – that it was location based (see below).  I was calm and at peace

I consider the research a success.  It validated a lot of previous observations.  I completed my errand and went on my merry way.

So, what was the cause of all the hoopla?  An electrical substation located behind a strip mall.

scary-clipart-bed-15Here’s the thing.  Just because the other folks who work and visit the strip mall aren’t aware that the substation is having an effect on them doesn’t mean it isn’t.  Ticking time bomb?  Well, that depends on their nutritional and chemical balance.

Who knows, perhaps they were already diagnosed with something and think the symptoms are a result of that medical condition.  Not goooood…

Go the Distance.  I began to feel the effects of the substation within a very short distance of the strip mall.

About a mile.

There is a subdivision within that distance.

Filled with families.

I have always hated the way I felt in that subdivision.  It feels claustrophobic – as if I ‘m being choked. A hopeless feeling, as if there’s no escape, as if life is a dead end.

I’d always assumed it was just the nature of suburbia – identical houses, manicured lawns cut within an inch of their lives – same trendy cars/SUVs parked in the driveways.  Now, I know better.

I’m Free.  I’ll close this out by relating a bit of an EMF recovery milestone.

Shake Rattle & Roll.  At the height of my suffering from EMF Sensitivity, I was able to predict earthquakes with incredible precision.

I knew the exact location – what fault line in what city/area of city – what time of day within one minute – and the intensity on Richter scale readings within tenths of a percentage error – up to five days in advance based on how sick I felt. The source of the sickness was my “awareness” of the geologic EMFS coming from the fault lines in the days and/or hours prior to the s-wave release.  My “sensitivity” was to the p-waves.

As I continued to heal the underlying cause of the sensitivity, I was no longer sickened prior to an earthquake, though I could still detect an impending one.

My ear would ring and my head would automatically turn in the direction of the quake immediately prior to the s-wave.

The other evening I heard a number of animals

  • Dog barking
  • Owl screeching
  • Birds going crazy
  • Howling

Yes – howling.  I live near some cool (4-legged) critters.

Hey, ya never know.  Ever seen Wolfman Jack?

At first, I figured it was territorial but when it went on for several minutes I began to suspect something was wrong.  The animals were all very agitated.  Eventually, it calmed, and I was left wondering what had happened.

It didn’t sound like the usual territorial tiff.

Several hours later, while in bed, I heard one of the critters howling outside my window.

He/she sounded upset and a bit scared/sad.

Turns out there was an earthquake a short while after that.  While it explained the behavior of the animals, it underscored the measure of my recovery.  I never even heard it.

No ringing!

I have mixed feelings about this.  I’m over the moon about not being sick but I can’t help but wonder if I lost one of my smoke detectors.

Trust me, I have plenty more, as I am reminded on a daily basis. Such is the nature of EMFs. Hint:  The paranormal realm exists in the world of ultra-low and very low EMFs.

All in a day’s living in the world of EMFs.

** I will be writing about how, in addition to foods purported to strengthen and/or heal the immune system, foods purported to be anti-inflammatory – outside alcohol – are just as bad, if not worse.  These foods literally had the opposite effect and landed me in a dental emergency – not once but twice.  I finally figured out it was food caused and fixed the situation myself.

To close with a bit of fun – with an ode to how margaritas help with the whole excess calcium thing – this kitty looks like mine – who puts in an unplanned guest appearance on Lloyd’s upcoming interview.


Gut Feeling – Holistically Speaking

6358748036944186621892622963_musicListening to Footsteps (Go Higher) by Pop Evil as a break from working on Adjudication: Book 10 in the Metatron’s Army Series.

It’s the last book in the series itself though I have a single title, Metatron’s Legacy, that will follow the series conclusion.

Though I was doing my best to think of nothing, my thoughts kept circling back to the article I just published, and one line in particular – Dunno – just a message from my gut.

What, exactly, did that mean?

I will be publishing a link to a recent interview with Lloyd Burrell and while the interview is about my work with EMF Sensitivity (EHS), I did mention being psychic.  I felt it would be helpful if I put a bit of context around it.  I do touch on this in in both After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die and Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

Who Needs Sleep?  For the switch from champagne to red wine as part of the protocol I’m following to regain strength after that effort was derailed by eating “healthy” foods, it was a matter of a thought popping into my head one night as I stared up at the bedroom ceiling.

Literally, a thought “You’re done needing champagne and in fact it would probably cause more harm than good” popped into my mind.  The next day, around lunch, “Get red wine” popped in. When I reminded myself I hadn’t had good luck with that in the previous 1 ½ – 2 y ears, I heard, “Try it.” 

images-2But what does it mean to be psychic?  For me, it simply means tuning into  information that is coming from multiple directions.


  • A gut feeling
  • A stray thought
  • A sudden knowing

As someone who has been psychic pretty much all of my life, I can tell you that it isn’t how the information comes to you so much as what you do with it.  Too often, we ignore those niggling messages – often because they are so subtle or we’re so distracted that they don’t get to the surface.

To address this, I suggest carrying a notebook around and marking down each and every time you experience a “coincidence.”  That simple act will let your higher conscious know you are interested in listening.  The more you listen, the more info will flow your way.

Being psychic doesn’t mean winning the lotto, though many of us have won plenty of contests.

It doesn’t mean having a perfect life because you have some sort of crystal ball that tells you everything you need to do to keep out of trouble.

Though it can come in handy in avoiding trouble – if you pay attention to and do something about the information.

It’s important not to allow yourself to be talked out of your truth.

Trust me, people will try – typically because they’re uncomfortable with it.

Someone recently told me that someone in a position of authority warned her that people who are “sensitive” may be late in recognizing when their intuition may be wrong. Though this might be true, in my experience, the only time I’ve had terrible fallout in my life was when I didn’t listen to my gut.

I despise the word sensitive when applied to psychics.  It is not a good descriptor and implies we’re somehow weak.  I suspect there are plenty of us who tie negative connotations to the word – which could theoretically keep people from accepting their gifts.

Being psychic is incredibly misunderstood.  People have – I fear – been jaded by Hollywood and/or misinformation.  Perhaps the biggest misconception is that a psychic is like Samantha in Bewitched.  You wiggle your nose and voila!  Life is perfect and all the information is at your fingertips.

The truth is, even if you are born gifted, it takes incredible discipline, and lots of practice and focus – and good health– to be any good at it.

My journey dealing with EMF Sensitivity has taught me a great deal about this.

If you aren’t healthy – your signal will be distorted, if not lost altogether.

Heavy metal poisoning – and excess calcium in particular – have a dramatic effect on such abilities.

This condition also negatively impacts spirituality.  There’s a reason I refer to magnesium as the God mineral in my book.

It doesn’t matter what form the messenger takes (i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc); it’s important to do what you can to get it through so you actually receive it.  Staying healthy is critical.

The following are resources for those interested in learning more.

Is it holistic?  Look at it this way.  It’s part of the picture.

In other words, yes.

The Body’s Wisdom – Alcohol in Healing

Roger:  “You know the trouble I’ve had sleeping?  Well, I’ve solved it.  Just before you go to bed, you put three tranquilizers in a jigger of brandy and you drink it.  You still can’t sleep but you’re so relaxed, that you don’t worry about it.  It’s exhilarating!”   – That Touch of Mink

When in high school, I was reading an astrology article.  One paragraph read Virgos are the organizers of the zodiac.  Virgo’s parents never have to tell Virgos to clean their rooms.

After a quick look around my room, I tossed the article.  It obviously didn’t apply to me.  I’m finding that when it comes to what constitutes healthy eating, that goes for quite a few things these days.

Healthy Food – Not.  I recently discovered that many of the superfoods purported to help people get and stay healthy were making me very ill.

The healthier I ate, the sicker I got.

Now I know why.  The foods were high in Sulphur.  This had severe repercussions when it came to my health

  • Sulphur foods prevented me from being able to properly digest food
  • Sulphur foods interfered with my body’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • Sulphur foods caused me to absorb more calcium than I would or should

That last is of particular note because excess calcium in the body causes all sorts of health issues.

Interestingly, Sulphur is anecdotally associated with hell and evil. One of the “more fun” side effects of excess calcium is a sense of death and dying.  I also observed a sense of evil near geologic fault lines and sinkholes when excess calcium was present.

91833343-3d-render-of-orange-life-buoy-ring-with-alcohol-wine-bottle-and-wine-glass-signs-and-symbols-of-alco.jpgAlcohol to the Rescue!  From the beginning, alcohol has played a significant – and positive – role in my recovery.

I write about this in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, and Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

When it came to knowing what to do about that, however, I ran up against the fact that what health experts advise and what I needed were different.  Was it time to toss the article?

Short answer:  YES!!!!!!!!!

I’ll Drink To That.  From what I can determine, alcohol has helped me in unique ways

  • Improve digestion
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduce excess calcium

Note:  Not all alcohol has the same benefit!  Throughout the recovery, as my chemistry rebalanced, I had to switch the types of alcohol I drank.

Margarita-on-the-RocksSize matters.  I’ve come to see it’s played an even bigger role in helping me regain my strength.

And undoing all the damage caused by the healthy superfoods.


But how much does it take? That depends

  • What experts recommend
  • What your body tells you

Those aren’t the same, believe me.

Think of it like this. You have a headache and reach for a bottle of aspirin.  Do you take the recommended dose on the label or do you take what you know will do the trick?

Moderation Does Not Equal Therapeutic!  As with quite a few health recommendations, the amount one would take to maintain health and the amount needed to improve health are different.

Basically, you’ll probably need a lot more to achieve a therapeutic effect than a maintenance dose.

There are a number of considerations when deciding how much of anything to take, not the least of which are individual metabolism and state of health.

I decided to follow my body’s messages.

Sometimes I would crave margaritas.  Sometimes I would crave champagne.  Then, came red wine.

Red wine posed a particular challenge for me.  Beginning in mid – 2016, I developed an intolerance to it.

As well as to beer.

I now realize it was the sulfites in those alcohols.  Because I was eating a diet high in Sulphur, I was unable to tolerate the additional that was in the beverage.

In developing the intolerance, my body was trying to tell me – ENOUGH WITH THE SULPHUR ALREADY!

Champagne is a low-sulfite alcohol.

I have no idea about tequila.  I suspect it is also low in sulfites.

After I quit eating high Sulphur “health foods,” the food intolerances and allergies lessened and disappeared.  This applied to beer, and red wine.

I happily switched to red wine.

Champagne daily can be tedious.

I’ve observed that I have the best luck with imports, and malbec in particular.

I was able to tolerate both import and domestic champagne – and yes – I know I’m using the wrong vernacular applying the name to domestics – but with wine, I do better with imports.

Since switching to red wine, I’ve noticed the following health improvements

  • It’s easier to fall asleep at night
  • I sleep fewer hours and yet wake up feeling refreshed
  • I have a lot more energy

Though I have red wine most days, I don’t drink a lot in that day, and I drink it with food.  I don’t get drunk.

No point.

As I regain my strength, I want less of it.

This is consistent with my observation of the opposite effect.  Craving alcohol is a symptom of excess calcium in the body.

How much? There is no one answer for how much alcohol is appropriate during recovery.  My best suggestion is to listen to what your body is telling you.

This is exactly what I did.

I went through a tremendous amount of conflict regarding this issue.

The drinking of alcohol – just like coffee – is such a controversial issue in the West and in the US in particular.  It’s tedious and to a great degree, hypocritical.

I also considered that mankind has been drinking alcoholic beverages – and caffeinated ones – for centuries.

Mother Nature is on our side.  Post WW II “expert” recommendations, not so much.

When deciding how much to drink, I listened to my body, but I also paid attention to how I felt.  I know my metabolism and I know my health challenges.  This makes me the expert on what was – and is – best for me.

I urge people to pay attention to what their bodies are telling them.  It’s a good barometer.

waste-paper-basket-250x250When it comes to conventional wisdom, I tossed the article.

When Health Foods Aren’t

how-inflammation-affects-the-bodyThis is a follow-on to article.

After I posted Super Food: Nutritious or Poison, I considered the magnitude of what I’d come to realize.

The ramifications that foods touted as healthy can be harmful cannot be understated. 

There are so many interconnecting pieces to this revelation that it’s difficult to cover in an article or two.

But by no means am I up for writing a book about it.

I wanted to share a few additional points.  I sincerely hope they help people as well as the health-care professionals who treat them.

Before getting to the meat of it, I want to explain that I do believe most health-care professionals are sincere in wanting to help their patients.  At the same time, the profit to be made from people being sick is difficult to quantify.

The pharmaceutical industry alone is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and with some 60% of Americans taking pharmaceuticals regularly, you can imagine the implications.  This isn’t even addressing the supplement industry.

Throughout my recovery, I’ve had to decide whether various health-care professionals were lying or uneducated – and which of the two options was worse.

Health-care providers learn from books, classes, seminars.  If what they learn is incorrect, outdated, or biased, who’s at fault?

As I share my thoughts on this particular subject, I need to address specific guidance that, while well-meaning, can be incredibly harmful.  This is not a judgment on the health-care professionals providing the guidance – for the reasons I’ve stated above.

At the end of the day, people need to be responsible for themselves. 

I feel there is far too much reliance on the recommendations of “experts.” 

Yes, there is a lot of information out there, and much of it is confusing, if not conflicting, but people do themselves an injustice if they don’t make an effort to educate themselves about any medical conditions and treatments, both traditional or alternative, and consider that what applies to a majority may not apply to them, and therefore, is irrelevant.

Sometimes, guidelines need to be ignored.

What bothers me most about my own experience is that the very foods touted as anti-inflammatory caused terrible inflammation in my body.  Nothing was ever mentioned about this potential, outside the obvious that one may be allergic to a food.

I wasn’t before starting the auto-immune and anti-inflammatory eating plan.  I am now.

Additionally, herbs that are supposed to be anti-inflammatory fell into the same category – high Sulphur – and therefore are also harmful to people who are or may become sensitive to high-Sulphur foods.

 Again, this wasn’t an issue before eating this diet but is the case presently.

How did this happen? 

Simply put, the full story isn’t being told.

This is where you have to wonder if that is being done on purpose or not

In one situation, a doctor advised people with autoimmune conditions to stop eating bell peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes, saying that these foods often cause difficulty.

No explanation as to why this is is given.

The doctor goes on to recommend a number of “super foods;” foods that have a key commonality with the offending foods; high-Sulphur.  For someone like me, the ramifications of this is serious.

No wonder I got so sick!

I ate the anti-inflammatory foods and spices purported to help heal the immune system, and in the process, stressed it to the point I had constant inflammation and developed food intolerances not only to the offending foods, but to almost everything else out there!

I could barely eat anything.  It was bad.

I also began having severe allergic reactions – itching skin, hives – something I’d never had in my life.

Not from food, at any rate.

I carefully tracked my progress on the eating plan and quit eating foods that left me feeling ill.

Spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, yams were some of the worst offenders..

I stopped juicing because it was leaving me feeling ill.

High-Sulphur superfoods such as kale, spinach, and turnips were in the juice.

I began to reintroduce foods that had never been an issue for me but were supposed to be avoided for their potential to cause inflammation.

Instinct to the Rescue.

As I write in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, I began to crave champagne and margaritas.  As I introduced these beverages, I began to recover.

For reasons explained in the book.

I believe that Sulphur, which plays a role in calcium absorption, causes the body to retain more calcium than it would otherwise.  When combined with hard drinking water, as well as eating “super foods” high in calcium, the potential to have way too much calcium is high.

This has big time health consequences!


I also stumbled onto the baking soda therapy which helped tremendously in reducing overall inflammation in my body, allowing it to heal.


It took over two years before I was able to put all the pieces together and in that time I have had the roller coaster ride from hell in terms of trying to rebuild my strength.

I kept trying foods that were nutrition powerhouses –  all of which, ironically, are high in Sulphur.

I’m sure there is plenty more to be learned but I’m going to close this article by making a few points people may want to consider.

  • I am highly allergic to sulfa drugs – and have the exact same allergic reaction that the high-Sulphur foods caused.  In spite of this, “experts” say there is no connection.  What do I say?  Yeah, right.
  • I developed a sensitivity to Sulphur that – at this point – means I can barely tolerate low-Sulphur foods.

I hope that after a time, during which I eat no high-Sulphur foods, my system will calm enough that I can reintroduce these foods.

  • After eating the auto-immune/anti-inflammatory diet I developed an intolerance to wines and beer.

pouringchampagne0208aThere are sulfites in wine, though I do not believe this is true of beer.  I can tolerate champagne which is low in sulfites.  This is not a coincidence.


  • I developed an intolerance for coffee though I have no trouble with espresso.
  • It is almost impossible to find salads or soups that do not contain a number of high-Sulphur foods.  This is because they are supposed to be “super foods.”  Ahem.  Super bad for some of us.

In the days since clearing my system of the most recent offending food, I feel normal for the first time in years.

Before, I was always aware of a low-level hurn throughout my system, and a bit of a hyper feeling – very low-level – now completely absent.

I am acutely aware of this change – of the absence of the problem.  I believe that as my system becomes accustomed to feeling normal again, my attention won’t be so focused on “feeling normal.”

I went through this on and off in the years since being free of EMF Sensitivity.

The implications of anti-inflammatory foods causing inflammation in those with auto-immune conditions is significant.  I urge people to really pay attention to how they feel after eating, drinking, or taking medications and/or supplements.  What is supposed to be helping you may be causing you grave harm.

Super Food – Nutritious or Poison?

Note:  This article is lengthy.

“The End is Where We Begin” – Thousand Foot Krutch

In his book Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes, author William Bridges makes an excellent point:  Transitions don’t always start with beginnings; sometimes they start with endings, or even the time between.

This is an excellent book, incidentally!

My time dealing with EMF Sensitivity has taken me through more transitions than I can count, including a turbulent one that began, ironically, with being cured.

Ostensibly, the end, right?  It was just the beginning…

Aha!  In September 2014, I determined that environmental poisoning was responsible for my health woes.

Step One, Detox.  I designed and implemented an aggressive heavy metal detox program, customized for each member of my family.

Step Two, Move.  By the time we left California, I was free of EMF Sensitivity.

Step Three, Rebuild.  Cured, I turned my focus to nutrition.

I had been juicing and eating nutritious foods throughout the detox but wanted to rebuild any nutrient stores that may have become low due to the aggressive nature of the detox.

With an emphasis on minerals since they are responsible for hormone and enzyme production in the body, I chose meals that included a number of “superfoods” purported to be nutritional powerhouses.

I also continued to juice.


To my consternation, in spite of my efforts, I began to experience severe if sporadic health issues.  What was particularly frustrating was that they were issues I’d never experienced before.

They had nothing to do with EMF Sensitivity.

I also started to develop food sensitivities.

Step Four, Tackle the Stress.  Given everything I’d been through, including moving to a new part of the country, I decided to see if I could help my adrenals.

The adrenals produce scores of hormones and play a significant role in immune function.

To that end, I ate “superfoods” purported to do the trick.

Oh, it was a trick alright.  The healthier I ate, the sicker I got!!!!!


Frustrated beyond belief, I continued to try to treat the symptoms with nutrition.

After all, it’s what did the trick not only for the EMF Sensitivity, but for Rheumatic Arthritis.

Unfortunately, all it did was make me sicker.

Step Five, Anti-Inflammatory!  I decided to try an anti-inflammatory diet.

The book was filled with nutritious foods that were packed with nutrients.

I continued to get sicker, though none of the symptoms were EMF Sensitivity or RA symptoms.  Puzzled, I combed the anti-inflammatory book, looking for clues.

I threw out the book when I read a ridiculous mischaracterization of the effect of coffee on the digestive system.  Obviously, the author was regurgitating something they’d read which was incorrect to begin with, phrasing it in a way that left me shaking my head.  Like, seriously?

About Face!  About this time, family paid a visit.  They were alarmed by my appearance.

For someone who had just overcome a debilitating condition, I looked like I was in a downward spiral.

In spite of my assurances I was fine, they continued to hover.  They also took us out to eat.

Which probably saved my life.

Eating at a number of different restaurants during their stay had an odd effect.  I began to feel good again!

I ate at Mexican restaurants, breweries, and a steakhouse. I drank beer and wine and margaritas with the various meals which were probably on a dietician’s list of no’s when it came to healthy eating.

By the time they went home a few days later, I was transformed.

I ceased following the “healthy eating” diet, though I didn’t turn to junk food either.

On the Road Again…

We moved to a new home which enabled me to discover a missing piece in the EMF Sensitivity puzzle; Calcium!

Unfortunately, in spite of doing everything right, my recovery went like a pig on stilts.

Step Six, Keep On Keeping On!  I continued to eat healthy foods and even tried juicing again.

I had to quit juicing when I started to feel really ill.

Being stubborn can pay off.

Read:  I didn’t know what the hell was wrong, but I didn’t give up searching for a solution – and an explanation

Step Seven, Stumble.  After two years of off and on sickness, I was seriously wondering if it was – gulp – environmental.

This bothered me more than you can imagine but it was starting to look like another $%#?@! Move was in my future.

Damn it, I’m hungry!!!!

In spite of eating healthy foods – vegetables, fruits, and lean meats – I was losing ground.  I was also so sensitive to foods I could eat almost nothing without feeling sick.  Frustrated, I “talked”- ahem – it over with my husband.

Aha – Part Deux!

“Could you eat a cobb salad?”

Innocent enough question.

“I don’t know!”

Step Eight, Light Bulb!  I continued driving – and thinking.  The trouble started three months after we’d moved to the state, which suggested it was environmental, but that just didn’t feel right.

I trust my gut instincts, so I was pretty certain it wasn’t environmental – in spite of strong evidence that it was.

Could I eat a cobb salad? A simple question that turned my life around.

The significance of this conversation is equal to the one recounted at the beginning of Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity.

Yes, I’d moved two years ago, but what else changed?  The way I ate, perhaps?

Time for More Research. 

At this point, God knows, I’m damned good at it!

I checked Amazon to see when I’d ordered the book that focused on immune healing foods.

Two weeks before I started to get sick!

While I went this route, Aaron dug into the nutritional content of a particular food I’d been eating.

It seemed to be helping my gums but was also looking like the culprit for sudden and severe lower back pain.

“It’s high in Sulphur, which plays a role in calcium absorption.”


No, wait…Sulphur?  “I have trouble with Sulphur foods.”

As I spoke, Aaron browsed.

“You need to read this.”

Don’t Faint!  I stared at the food diagrams in horror.  Every food purported to be nutrition packed and anti-inflammatory was a high Sulphur food.

imagesTalk about Chasing Your Tail!!!!

No wonder I got so sick, I ‘d been poisoning myself with “healthy” food!!!!!

For several minutes I let it sink in. All that effort to restore nutritional balance and all I’d done was make myself horribly sick.

Thankfully, I’d given up most of the superfoods months earlier.

As I continued to stare at the diagrams, I noted an interesting fact.  Throughout my life I’d avoided those foods, in spite of being pressured from time to time to eat them because “they’re so good for you.”

I think I instinctively knew I shouldn’t have them.

Detox – Again.  Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot to do.  I’d already quit eating the latest offending food – roasted red peppers.  A quick implementation of baking soda therapy and I was as good as new.

Final Step, Begin.  Now I can leave EMF Sensitivity behind me!

Rheumatic Arthritis, too!

I don’t have to live my life looking over my shoulder. 

No $%#?@! Move!!!


Take a – I mean Tie a Bow.  Everything I went through has a logical scientific explanation.  This, more than anything, gives me peace of mind.


I urge anyone with an autoimmune condition, including and especially IBS and Crohn’s to look into this.  I suspect sulphur foods – with their effect on calcium absorption – could play a significant role in a number of autoimmune conditions.