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Sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies.

Sulphur and Itching Skin

NOTE:  This article is long.

So, listening to Nigel Stanford and getting ready to finish up Book 12 in the Metatron’s Army series.

Yes, there will be a Book 13 but I can happily say that will be the last.  Metatron’s Legacy, which is finished, takes place 20 years after and is a single title release. 

images-5To warm up the keyboard I thought I would post the latest discovery.  I have confirmed one cause of uncontrollable itching skin.

Specifically, the shins.

SF Bay Area Residents Take Note!  It is not a coincidence the individuals I have been in contact with who have inquired about the uncontrollable itching all live or lived in the SF Bay Area.

This is also the place where doctors cannot find a cause for the feeling of bugs crawling beneath the skin and have apparently told those suffering from it it’s all in their heads.  However, as I wrote in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, there’s a good chance it’s excess calcium and should be considered and investigated by having a hair mineral analysis.  I have reason to believe that women are more likely to suffer from this phenomenon if they have taken or are taking birth control pills.

Sulphur can be the cause of the horrendous itching.

Because the body has become allergic to it.

Testing was NOT Easy!!!!

In my situation, it was extremely difficult to determine what the heck was going on because the itching was short-lived and appeared to be caused by dairy.

I now understand why.  There is a “sick little relationship” between sulphur and calcium.

It was only after investigating other causal relationships with food that I was able to finally understand what the heck has been going on!  Thanks to all that healthy eating I was supposedly doing I developed an allergy to sulphur.

Fermented foods and those purported to be anti-inflammatory are – for someone who suffers from this particular intolerance – the absolute worst thing you could do for your health.

I have written about this previously.

Eating kefir, certain highly fermented cheeses, natural butter, probiotics, natural pickles, and other anti-inflammatory foods left me with an intolerance to Sulphur.

In other words an allergy that manifested as severe itching of lower legs and forearms and back of neck and some scalp.

This is exacerbated by drinking high-calc (hard) water.

The Sulphur intolerance will, if unchecked, get so bad you become intolerant to Sulphur foods, which make up a number of fruits and vegetables, as well as legumes.

In other words, healthy stuff.

The nightmare doesn’t stop there.  If you develop this intolerance, you will become sensitive to sulfites.  Sulfites are in almost all preservatives and dried foods.

Dried fruits, trail mixes.  You know, healthy stuff.

Red wine has varying degrees of sulfites so you will have trouble with some but not others.

The same of beer though champagne is not a problem, nor is tequila.

This intolerance is very easy to test for.  Simply go to the local health food store and pick up a tube of Boiron Sulphur.  It’s a homeopathic remedy.  Take 3 to 5 pellets and see if the horrendous itching starts.

If you are going to try this, have a tube of cortisol cream and/or Benadryl tablets at hand because you will suffer if you have this intolerance.

cd4c7e45a60b551c125ef5f61a3fafa8What to do if…  So let’s say your test was successful.  What do you do?  Well, you celebrate because now you know what is going on.  Does this mean you have to give up Sulphur foods forever?  Not necessarily but you do need to cut back on them in order to give your body a break.

Be aware that Sulphur causes the body to retain calcium so you should cut back on dairy as well if it appears there is a related intolerance.

You will likely have to switch from coffee to espresso.

Hey, at least you don’t have to give up caffeine!

You’ll need to play trial and error with foods and beverages while you get a handle on the situation.

I have found that the pinot noir varietal is the red I can best tolerate though champagne is hands down the best.  It helps the body digest food and get rid of excess calcium – and there are no problematic sulfites to worry about. 

How the intolerance happens is fairly straight forward.  Thanks to sulfites being in about everything (it’s a preservative) we are inundated with Sulphur from a number of sources, whether you shop on the outer edges of the grocery store or in the middle aisles.

Because Sulphur causes the body to retain more calcium, if you are taking calcium supplements, consuming a lot of calcium rich foods, and drinking hard water, you are adding insult to a very nasty food intolerance injury.

There is hope!  It would be worthwhile making a list of foods you have trouble with and see if you don’t find a pattern.

It was how I identified the problem with Sulphur.

After eliminating the offending foods for a length of time, you can try to reintroduce them as “once in awhile” foods.

For more on this I suggest reading up on elimination and immune healing diets but beware – almost all of them tell you to eat anti-inflammatory foods which are the major source of the problem.  It was following this type of “healthy” eating that led to trouble for me.

The trick is to allow your body to heal by giving it a rest from this nutrient.  The inflammation will reduce and eventually disappear once you stop ingesting the foods and beverages that are causing it!

In this case – foods and beverages high in Sulphur and/or sulfites. 

Not all dairy will be a problem.  I can have provolone cheese with no issue.  Soft cheeses and those high in vitamin K (again considered healthy) are the worst for me and may be for you.

Grains are a big time problem.  And those such as sourdough which are supposedly okay, are the worst offenders.

I suspect it’s because of the fermentation process involved in making it.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink and how your body reacts.  It takes some sleuthing but you can figure it out and once you know what you’re dealing with, you can put a strategy in place to fix the situation.

The most important step is to stop ingesting whatever is causing the problem.  It is the very first step and the most important.

Be well!

Now, back to book 12 – which doesn’t yet have a title though it’s almost finished.

Bind:  Book 9 in the series is available for pre-order and will be available February 1, 2019.


EMF Sensitivity – Determining Root Cause

exhausted_computer_user.pngWarning:  Long Article

I woke up at four this morning – many thoughts keeping me from sleep.  Though a number of factors contributed to this state, one that stands out is the ramifications of understanding the root cause of EMF Sensitivity.

Yes, it’s the inside outside factor and yes, it has to do with technological advancement, but not in the way most people would think.

Though technology plays a role, EMF Sensitivity has been around for decades.  Long before wifi or cellular was in play.

What I’ve come to see is how dangerous it can be to become so focused on one element that we miss what is really going on.  What we believe is the cause of our ills may not be what we think but we are so convinced, we don’t look for other possibilities.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves with scientific research. Too often, once someone fulfills the requirements of the hypothesis, they quit working.  In reality, there is often more than one answer to any question and to stop looking for other answers simply because you have one you like means you don’t have a complete picture or understanding.

What always baffled me about my own situation was that I’d spent years working in technology with no problems.  I worked for a tech company and I was constantly in data centers, laying cable, hooking up workstations and servers, storage devices, installing software, consulting, etc.  Never did I have the issues I developed after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000. And yet, I couldn’t deny that technology played a role in the symptoms.

Once I had a handle on the situation, using various remedies to alleviate and/or eliminate symptoms, I set out to understand what had changed.  Why had I become EMF Sensitive?

I discovered the link between environmental poisoning gained while living in the Bay Area and development of the sensitivity.  In detoxing the heavy metals and other toxins, I cured myself of the sensitivity. But it wasn’t enough.

It was AN answer but was it the complete answer?  No because there was more to understand and more to deal with.

Even as I moved on with my life I kept thinking back to my years working in Michigan in the tech industry. I saw a connection between what happened to me and some of the insanity I witnessed in the Metro Detroit area during the 90s.

At the dawn of the McMansion Era, I watched some awfully bizarre behavior.

I wondered what role – if any – exposure to technology had played.  Then I wondered about the role of hard water given I’d seen a number of people face health challenges after moving to homes with well water instead of Detroit city water.

I also considered the behavioral aspects of the situation.

When external changes happen, people will react to it. 

I watched people behave interestingly during the economic downturn of the early 90s.  I also saw how they behaved differently yet equally as interestingly during the economic boom of the mid-to-late 90s.

All of the chaos and confusion – working for a company going through economic trauma followed by boom times where people acted like there was no tomorrow – meant getting to the root of what was happening to people was difficult.

This doesn’t even take into consideration any personal issues people were facing.

That is truly the challenge when trying to understand what is going on when we become ill, and understanding is imperative if we want to avoid action that won’t help the situation and may even make it worse.

It’s why just going by symptoms alone is not enough.  The symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity are often too broad and are associated with a number of health conditions.

I have always encouraged people to keep a journal and note the variables involved with their symptoms. I also suggest that they determine when it all started.  This can help you answer “What Changed?”

I can now add that it isn’t enough to answer that.  You need to know WHY that change led to a problem.

For me that meant it wasn’t enough to say, “Oh, well, I moved to the SF Bay Area.  That’s what changed.”

Not enough.  Why did I move?  What other changes took place?  New job?  New home? New environment?  New food maybe?  New food sources?

It’s imperative to consider everything because if you don’t you may end up focused on the wrong issue. Even something such as the fact the geology West of the Rockies is significantly different than the East plays a role.

Both have fault lines but the fault lines in the eastern US are older and generally deeper.  This is relevant.

Any or all of these factors can influence the health of an individual.

There are also subtleties people may not be aware of.  I recently had to find an explanation for the fact that two different parts of the country felt exactly the same to me.  The trouble was – one was at a high elevation – the other not far above sea level.  One was in the mountains, the other near water.

How did I go about finding the answer?

First, I had to accept that I was correct.  As counterintuitive as it seemed, there was a valid reason my body felt the strong parallels in the two environments.  Next I had to consider why this might be the case given how different the two areas were geologically, not to mention geographically.

After eliminating the obvious, I zeroed in on why I felt the way I did.  WHAT did I feel was the same?

The air I was breathing.  Something about it.

On the surface that didn’t make sense either.  However, when I began researching air molecules I discovered that the same properties associated with air molecules at higher elevations exist in air molecules at northern latitudes.  Though it may not seem like much it is a big deal because it has a dramatic impact on my well-being.

It has an impact on how I feel which drives my behavior.

In continually sifting through such subtle variables, I have come to understand the effects of EMFs at a far deeper level than previously.

And I had a good handle on it before.

I’ve also been able to validate all my earlier work.

  • The role of audio processing in EMF Sensitivity
  • The role of nutritional balance in EMF Sensitivity
  • The ability of the remedies I discovered to alleviate and/or eliminate symptoms of EMF Sensitivity
  • The impact of geology on EMF Sensitivity
  • The fact EMF Sensitivity is curable under most circumstances

I continue to research for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I never again want to be that sick.  But I find that the more I understand about it the more I understand the interconnectedness of it all and that more than anything is where the focus needs to be.

More to come as I organize the information.

Ripping the Lid Off EMF Sensitivity

images-2Over the past several weeks I’ve moved to a new – rather interesting – approach to the research.  Free of the EMF Sensitivity but aware of certain dangling influences – I’ve begun ripping the lids off of the boxes in front of me as it were – pulling out the box inside and continuing.

Peeling the onion if you will – or seeing what is inside the littlest nesting doll.

I’ve pretty much narrowed down EMF Sensitivity to its fundamental component – solved that issue.

The solution is two-part.  Inside and outside.

Inside.  If our bodies have the right nutritional balance – and an absence of heavy metal toxicity – the outside issues (frequencies) do not have a negative impact

Outside.  If we are not balanced then we can use remedies to alleviate and/or eliminate the symptoms associated with the sensitivity.

Nothing I haven’t said before.

What I discovered – the root of it all – explained why I was never able to conclude whether or not  wifi and/or cellular was part of the problem.

Though Bluetooth definitely got me.

What I learned explained why wifi is not only not part of the problem, it is part of the solution.

Because it blocks other problematic frequencies.

Research Methodology.  I utilized the exact same approach as when going after EMF Sensitivity – and nailed the last of it. I am not only free of EMF Sensitivity, I am now immune to the geologic frequencies.

I drive over the fault lines without being affected at all.

I am in the process of putting this information together for release.

No, not a book.  That is more than I could take on right now.

It has not been a good time though I could say the ends justified the means.  In the process of discovery I learned how to induce a horrendous sinus migraine.

Take too much potassium in the presence of  a low pressure weather system.

The way to resolve the situation is to increase your sodium intake.

This is a repeatable experiment by the way.

Along with the repeatable misery of enduring the horrendous throbbing pain, sinur pressure, etc.

I didn’t mean to give myself the headache.  I was trying to stave off one as a matter of fact since the low-pressure system that precedes thunderstorms was making its way into my area.

The net of it is that I learned about the effect of too much potassium (too little sodium) and more about the way my body responds to changing pressure.  This led me to understand the core of the problem which led me to find a solution.

As long as storm systems roll through, pressure will change. I need to learn to live with that and I’ll be damned if I’m going to endure migraines each time.  I actually had it almost fixed.  Now that I understand more of it I will wait to see if I have resolved it or if there is still more work to do.  That I am no longer affected by geologic frequencies is promising in my opinion.

I also came to see that the longer I follow the balancing protocol the less the pressure changes impact my health and well-being.

And the external solution I discovered helps in the meantime.

Stay tuned…

To Heal- Remove the Impediments

roadblockstoleadership.jpgSitting here editing Diagonals:  Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series.  As I focused on the screen, I became aware of another positive change in my health.

It’s a leftover issue from the paralysis I suffered as a result of the brain hemorrhage. 

Earlier in the day, I’d become aware of it though hadn’t thought much of it at the time.

I needed to go off and do errands. 

Upon returning to the editing I again became aware of the change, and this time I paid attention to it.  After spending a few moments verifying the positive change, a thought that occurred to me previously circled back around.

I haven’t shared it before because in all honesty it makes me pretty angry when I think of it.

In spite of the fact it’s decades later, a significant amount of post-therapy healing has taken place since – and because of – detoxifying heavy metals and replenishing minerals.

Minerals that post-surgery medications depleted.

Ironically, it was my EMF research that helped me with this!

I remember when I read up on potassium and its role in muscle function, then learned that the medication I was on after the surgery for the prevention of seizures I’d never had depletes the body of potassium – which can cause seizures – I thought of all those times I was in physical and occupational therapy with people urging me – not always too gently – to “try harder” to make my muscles function again.

I truly felt I was being yelled at and I WAS accused of not trying.  AS IF!  

Making your muscles work again is kind of hard to do  when you’re missing potassium which is critical to muscle function.

There are a number of scenarios that fall into this category – post-hemhorage situations where I was being told to win a game of solitaire with only 47 cards.

The rest having been removed by medications.

I imagine the therapists were not entirely aware of the situation but it still stings to think of all the times it was implied I wasn’t trying.

Like I had a bad attitude or something.  I don’t think there was anyone in that situation more determined than me to get back to being a normal kid again.

And here I am, decades later, making significant recovery because my mineral balance has been restored.

Restoration of feeling to areas still numb, etc.

I can’t help but think of all the patients being urged to try harder – and yes, that can be good if not necessary  – and wonder how many of them are handicapped by factors totally out of their control?

I understand some medications are necessary but it sucks that a lot of those medications deplete minerals that are critical to recovery – and the patient is never told.  Worse if the patient is accused of not trying hard enough.

My hope is that this information can help others who may be facing recovery challenges.

As well as those around them.

It’s unique information and yet I think it’s important.

I don’t always know where and how to classify information like this.  It doesn’t exactly fit into a book, after all.  And I recently lost one of my research partners so I’m in a bit of a bind on how to go forward with such discoveries.

I kind of wonder if the Fates aren’t sending me a message here.

I’ll continue to update as I can but I’ll admit – there isn’t an easy way forward for these dangling participles of my research world.

The information is important – I think – because it gives people perspective and allows them to put responsibility where it belongs which is not – ironically enough – necessarily on them.

These bits and pieces that I feel are important – and relevant – are just that – bits and pieces.  Where do you stuff them?

Small as they are – they matter.

What is Healthy Eating?

meat-lovers-pizzas-love-fruity-red-wine1When I told my son’s first pediatrician that I’m a holistic doctor, he became concerned and asked, “You aren’t a vegetarian are you?  Or a vegan?”

I smiled and replied, “Nope. I eat Big Mac Meals.”

He was incredibly relieved.

As has every pediatrician I’ve had since been.

The concern stemmed from wanting to ensure my kids got the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Especially protein.

I followed the comment by explaining  I don’t rely on supplements.  I knew supplements couldn’t make up for real food.  They are to supplement the diet.

They can make a miraculous difference but they are not a miracle cure.

It isn’t just doctors, either…

Squirm Worthy.  I always find it fascinating how people react to hearing I write about healing disease with food.

There’s enough media coverage that most people understand the importance of “eating right” but some – I think –  worry I’m going to lecture them or try to convince them.  Um, definitely not. 

Depending on the direction the conversation goes, I may end up telling them I eat a normal American diet…most of the time.

Pizza is and has been the one food item I never became intolerant to and the one that always – without fail – has made me feel better. Fish and chips is a close second.

I’ll Drink to That.  Alcohol has played a significant role in helping me recover.

The anti-inflammatory properties cannot be underestimated.

Healthy eating is eating foods that provide what you need and don’t make you sick.

And as I’ve discovered, foods touted as being healthy can be extremely harmful.

It’s far more important what you don’t do and don’t ingest than what you do.

Meaning don’t ingest something that is harmful to your system.

Finding out what the ideal diet is takes a lot of work and my own experience has shown me that following expert advice isn’t always the way.

For me, foods purported to be healthy made me incredibly sick.  Especially foods touted to be anti-inflammatory.

It means that the responsibility for what constitutes healthy eating resides with the individual.

Who else knows your body the way you do?

Bland and boring.  Healthy eating isn’t about sawdust muffins and rabbit food that leaves you hungry.

It’s about you – and what is good for you.

Note:  What is considered healthy in another culture or what’s good for another individual  isn’t necessarily going to be good for you.

I once read a wonderful article written by a Hawaiian Native about why coconut oil can be harmful to people who were not raised with it. It’s true.  I’m highly intolerant to it, along with most tropical fruits. The Sulphur among other nutrients makes me horribly ill.

Wonderful and Delicious.  Food is part of celebrating life, not punishment.

That includes healthy food.

P.S.  I do not have strong opinions about vegans and vegetarians.  People need to do what is best for them.

The Christmas EMF Marker (of Success)


Eons ago when I was living (sick) in the East Bay, CA, Aaron and I visited the local Target to do a bit of late in the season shopping for Christmas decorations.  We were pointed to the “Seasonal Department.”

The Gardening Department. 

At the end of an aisle, a little Victorian Christmas Village sat on display.

The last one type of thing.

It was perfect, so we bought it.

On sale.

I forged a love-pain relationship with this particular Christmas decoration.

Though it was okay the first year, as my health deteriorated, it became a source of pain (suffering).

By the time we moved to Fort Collins four years later, it was a decoration I couldn’t keep plugged in.

It made me EMF sick.  REALLY BAD!!!!! 

I was unhappy because I liked the piece.

So did my kids.  Up til this point they had no idea how sick mom got.  In fact, I kept my illness a secret from them until about a year ago. (I’m good).

As recently as San Diego I had issues with this particular decoration.

Stubborn as I am and given how much “I” enjoyed it, I kept it plugged in as long as I could stand.

Tis the Season 2018:  As I unpacked the piece this year, I got the same kick in the gut I always do.

Will it make me sick? 

Only one way to find out…

We hadn’t even started decorating the tree when I plugged it in…andddddddd… forgot about it!

I honestly forgot about it in the chaos of unpacking decorations brought out of storage, decorating the tree, etc.

As I write this, I’m sitting with the little village plugged in and I feel fine…

Happy (EMF Sensitivity Free) Holidays indeed…


It is possible – I am living proof – to CURE EMF Sensitivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Potassium – A Critical (Electrolyte) Mineral


It is only recently I’ve come to see the role that potassium has played not only in EMF Sensitivity but in a variety of health issues dating back to my childhood.

Specifically, the misdiagnosing of conditions which were really just potassium deficiency and could have been remedied by restoring potassium levels.

While my family has heard me talking about this for some time, it’s only through watching me deal with the fallout of excess calcium that they’ve seen how miraculous potassium can be in addressing a variety of symptoms, including migraines.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across an article about potassium this morning.  I’m so happy the woman decided to post her story and that the Chronicle picked it up.

It further illustrates the dangers of misdiagnosing potassium deficiency.

Migraine update:  The potassium did get rid of the migraine I was suffering earlier this week.  Several hours later, I had a meal that depleted the potassium to the degree it began to come back.  I took several doses of potassium over a period of hours and was able to get rid of it.

It’s been gone ever since.

I also got relief from listening to AC/DC.

Songs from the Back in Black album have and continue to do wonders.

My family was surprised I experienced such a bad migraine.

It had been years since I’d had one so painful.

I explained that my potassium levels got too low.

This is the downside to some of the testing I do.  I have unique chemistry which means it doesn’t take a lot to throw certain things off.  Fortunately, I do know what I’m doing.  I knew what happened – and how to fix it.

Potassium is a nutrient critical to health. one that should not be overlooked.

Note:  Magnesium will actually push potassium down so be very careful when trying to deal with magnesium deficiency or using magnesium to lower excess calcium stores.