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Wine and the Senses

Cranberry-Sangria-3-from-willcookforsmiles.com_I just had a sip of Erath pinot noir.  It was the first thing, other than water, that I’d had since eating homemade cranberry sauce earlier.

Not jellied.  Just water, sugar/honey mix, and cranberries.

I’ve had this wine before. It’s one of those that “works for me.” 

Which means it apparently has lower sulfites.

I was surprised to taste cherry very strongly.

It didn’t smell any different. 

It was also a far mellower experience than normal.

I just had some of this same bottle last night with dinner – put through an aerator – so it didn’t mellow due to decanting.

Though I had the cranberry sauce over two hours prior to the wine, the acidic/tart experience/taste of the sauce had a “follow on” effect with the wine.

The only other time I recall this type of dramatic change was eons ago when I was having dinner at a restaurant in Ann Arbor.  I had sake along with water.

You do not have sake like you do a glass of wine.  Far less.

It was warmed and I’d tasted it before having any food.  I then had some after food.


It packs a punch!

At least it did for me.

Psst.  Just thought I’d share this experience.  Perhaps others will try different food and alcohol combinations this holiday season, see what happens.

I suspect this wouldn’t work as well with beer due to its strong flavor though I know there is an entire science of food and beer pairing. The results will just be different than that of a more delicate alcohol such as sake or wine.

Art Imitates Life.  The high irony – for me at any rate – is that there are two scenes in two separate books (including the one I’m working on now – Promotion: Book 11) in the Metatron’s Army Series where I have the characters at a restaurant in Kintal (Soia’s capital city) where the fruits and cheeses are paired with wine to evoke not only different tastes but sensual responses.

Great for a date!

Cranberries are a great source of vitamin C and other health benefits.


What is Healthy Eating?

meat-lovers-pizzas-love-fruity-red-wine1When I told my son’s first pediatrician that I’m a holistic doctor, he became concerned and asked, “You aren’t a vegetarian are you?  Or a vegan?”

I smiled and replied, “Nope. I eat Big Mac Meals.”

He was incredibly relieved.

As has every pediatrician I’ve had since been.

The concern stemmed from wanting to ensure my kids got the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Especially protein.

I followed the comment by explaining  I don’t rely on supplements.  I knew supplements couldn’t make up for real food.  They are to supplement the diet.

They can make a miraculous difference but they are not a miracle cure.

It isn’t just doctors, either…

Squirm Worthy.  I always find it fascinating how people react to hearing I write about healing disease with food.

There’s enough media coverage that most people understand the importance of “eating right” but some – I think –  worry I’m going to lecture them or try to convince them.  Um, definitely not. 

Depending on the direction the conversation goes, I may end up telling them I eat a normal American diet…most of the time.

Pizza is and has been the one food item I never became intolerant to and the one that always – without fail – has made me feel better. Fish and chips is a close second.

I’ll Drink to That.  Alcohol has played a significant role in helping me recover.

The anti-inflammatory properties cannot be underestimated.

Healthy eating is eating foods that provide what you need and don’t make you sick.

And as I’ve discovered, foods touted as being healthy can be extremely harmful.

It’s far more important what you don’t do and don’t ingest than what you do.

Meaning don’t ingest something that is harmful to your system.

Finding out what the ideal diet is takes a lot of work and my own experience has shown me that following expert advice isn’t always the way.

For me, foods purported to be healthy made me incredibly sick.  Especially foods touted to be anti-inflammatory.

It means that the responsibility for what constitutes healthy eating resides with the individual.

Who else knows your body the way you do?

Bland and boring.  Healthy eating isn’t about sawdust muffins and rabbit food that leaves you hungry.

It’s about you – and what is good for you.

Note:  What is considered healthy in another culture or what’s good for another individual  isn’t necessarily going to be good for you.

I once read a wonderful article written by a Hawaiian Native about why coconut oil can be harmful to people who were not raised with it. It’s true.  I’m highly intolerant to it, along with most tropical fruits. The Sulphur among other nutrients makes me horribly ill.

Wonderful and Delicious.  Food is part of celebrating life, not punishment.

That includes healthy food.

P.S.  I do not have strong opinions about vegans and vegetarians.  People need to do what is best for them.

The Christmas EMF Marker (of Success)


Eons ago when I was living (sick) in the East Bay, CA, Aaron and I visited the local Target to do a bit of late in the season shopping for Christmas decorations.  We were pointed to the “Seasonal Department.”

The Gardening Department. 

At the end of an aisle, a little Victorian Christmas Village sat on display.

The last one type of thing.

It was perfect, so we bought it.

On sale.

I forged a love-pain relationship with this particular Christmas decoration.

Though it was okay the first year, as my health deteriorated, it became a source of pain (suffering).

By the time we moved to Fort Collins four years later, it was a decoration I couldn’t keep plugged in.

It made me EMF sick.  REALLY BAD!!!!! 

I was unhappy because I liked the piece.

So did my kids.  Up til this point they had no idea how sick mom got.  In fact, I kept my illness a secret from them until about a year ago. (I’m good).

As recently as San Diego I had issues with this particular decoration.

Stubborn as I am and given how much “I” enjoyed it, I kept it plugged in as long as I could stand.

Tis the Season 2018:  As I unpacked the piece this year, I got the same kick in the gut I always do.

Will it make me sick? 

Only one way to find out…

We hadn’t even started decorating the tree when I plugged it in…andddddddd… forgot about it!

I honestly forgot about it in the chaos of unpacking decorations brought out of storage, decorating the tree, etc.

As I write this, I’m sitting with the little village plugged in and I feel fine…

Happy (EMF Sensitivity Free) Holidays indeed…


It is possible – I am living proof – to CURE EMF Sensitivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Potassium – A Critical (Electrolyte) Mineral


It is only recently I’ve come to see the role that potassium has played not only in EMF Sensitivity but in a variety of health issues dating back to my childhood.

Specifically, the misdiagnosing of conditions which were really just potassium deficiency and could have been remedied by restoring potassium levels.

While my family has heard me talking about this for some time, it’s only through watching me deal with the fallout of excess calcium that they’ve seen how miraculous potassium can be in addressing a variety of symptoms, including migraines.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across an article about potassium this morning.  I’m so happy the woman decided to post her story and that the Chronicle picked it up.

It further illustrates the dangers of misdiagnosing potassium deficiency.

Migraine update:  The potassium did get rid of the migraine I was suffering earlier this week.  Several hours later, I had a meal that depleted the potassium to the degree it began to come back.  I took several doses of potassium over a period of hours and was able to get rid of it.

It’s been gone ever since.

I also got relief from listening to AC/DC.

Songs from the Back in Black album have and continue to do wonders.

My family was surprised I experienced such a bad migraine.

It had been years since I’d had one so painful.

I explained that my potassium levels got too low.

This is the downside to some of the testing I do.  I have unique chemistry which means it doesn’t take a lot to throw certain things off.  Fortunately, I do know what I’m doing.  I knew what happened – and how to fix it.

Potassium is a nutrient critical to health. one that should not be overlooked.

Note:  Magnesium will actually push potassium down so be very careful when trying to deal with magnesium deficiency or using magnesium to lower excess calcium stores.

The Bigger Picture of Healing

nikon-p1000-mainI was laying in bed last night and for whatever reason, my Catholic Confirmation came to mind.

As I mention in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die, I went through it under severe duress.

The guy who rubbed oil on my head – the subject of a movie, ironically – told me to go forward as a soldier of Christ.  Though I never thought about it at the time…

As far as I know, Jesus never amassed an army.

Wasn’t he about peace?

The highest irony – to me – was that I had to interview – with a nun – to determine whether or not I was worthy of being confirmed. a Catholic.

Was I worthy?  According to who?  Her or God?

Third generation Catholic, I’d gone through 7 solid years of Catholic school plus 2/3 of a year of Catholic Catechism.

Catholic speak for lessons for public school heathens

The nun at St. Fabien decided that because I’d spent four months in the Florida public school system, followed by three months in the Birmingham [Michigan] school system, I’d been ruined by the heathens and wasn’t worthy of the sacrament.

She wanted me to have another year of Catholic instruction.  As someone who’d died and talked with God during an NDE – I wasn’t game.

I walked out on her –  told my entire family where they could stick the whole process.

It’s just one of the many ironies I observe …

I don’t think Jesus amassed an army.  Unless I’m misreading the New Testament.

What does this have to do with EMF Conductor?  It’s about holistic healing and the consideration of the whole in healing.

And the benefit of looking the ludicrous and the stupid full in the face and going forward …

To health…



Coffee, Banana, or Red Wine?

bananacoffee2cc_wide-f682009e4fcb4e6cdc8e51d18011dd58016d0183-s800-c85.jpgAt this point in the game of holistic health balance, it’s the subtle nuances that are the most challenging.

Imagine a boat in the water.  Just when things settle, a wave from a passing boat starts the rocking and in an attempt to stabilize things, you end up overcompensating which brings more water and turbulence into the boat – and into the situation.

I’ve just concluded a three-month study on the effects of various foods on my recovery from calcium toxicity.

These were foods I had had to cut out of my diet for unknown reasons.

I’ve narrowed the situation to a Sulphur/Calcium effect.

I’m still coming to understand the cause-effect but the more high Sulphur foods I ingest, the more Calcium is absorbed, the more dairy is a problem, the more symptoms I experience.

Just as spreading out electronic devices was a way to defeat the EMF “cumulative effect”, limiting the number of high Sulphur foods has helped me manage the overall healing situation while not worrying about have nothing to eat.

For awhile I was so limited in my food choices I was causing other issues.  I had barely anything at all I could eat.

At this stage, I cannot have coffee, banana, and red wine in the same day.  Since the banana is providing potassium, and coffee has a number of benefits, I decided red wine would be the food to go.

In the past six months I’ve studied the role alcohol plays in healing from autoimmune conditions.  It’s significant, though each alcohol type offers unique benefits.

As I continue to heal from the overload to my system, my chemistry changes.  I continue to adapt, learning as I go.

We really ARE What we Eat!  

It’s truly worth not just paying lip service to the effect of foods and beverages on our health.  


Awareness V. Sensitivity

Airblown+Inflatables+Projection+Kaleidoscope+Happy+Halloween+PumpkinJust in time for Halloween…

I find myself facing a bit of conundrum at this point in my EMF Sensitivity research.  When is something an awareness as opposed to a sensitivity?

It’s been several years since I’ve had any issues with technology EMFs.

As I detoxed heavy metals, my sensitivity to – being sickened by – technology EMFs ceased.

I realized I was no longer sensitive to the technology EMFs after discovering that the WiFi had been left on – but I wasn’t aware of it.

There were no physical symptoms.

As I continued to detoxify the metals my sensitivity to various types of technology EMFs lessoned then ceased.

WiFi, followed by Bluetooth, then RADAR.

I continued to learn from my nutrition based healing protocol and while my health has rebounded, I find myself with two interesting yet very different “sensitivities.”

Or is it awareness?

  • Fault lines
  • Ghosts

Geology EMFs.  Up until fairly recently, I was sickened by the ultra-low and very low EMFs emitted by geologic fault lines.  After detoxing the heavy metals, I noted that I no longer felt sick around the fault lines but my awareness of them seemed to remain.

My ears would ring before a quake.  The higher the pitch, the louder it was, and the longer I heard it, the larger the quake and the lengthier the shaking.  I had sensitivity at very small quake levels (i.e. 1.5 – 2 on the Richter scale).

We moved to a different geologically active part of the country and the ringing in my ears continued – but switched ears.

I also discovered my head turns in the exact direction the quake waves are traveling from.

As I continued the nutritional therapy, my sensitivity to fault lines seemed to disappear.

There was one I would periodically ride over and I noticed that over time, the symptoms I felt when near the thing would lessen.  Eventually, they disappeared altogether.

I recently discovered there is a fault line in the very location where I felt a change that was unique. The area “felt” sad.

The feeling is fleeting but is consistent in that each time I drive over the area, I feel it.

After sensing the change enough times I said, “There must be a fault line here or something.”

I honestly couldn’t tell you what made me say that.  Not sure why I  had that association given the “symptom” was an emotional feeling as opposed to the physically unpleasant symptoms I felt previously.

Turns out there is a fault line in that exact location and while I am “aware” of the change when I drive over it, I am no longer “sensitive” in that I don’t feel any physical symptoms.  I don’t get sick.

I’ll be curious to see – since I continue to follow the nutritional philosophy of naturally lowering excess calcium and significantly reducing Sulphur foods, if my awareness to geologic EMFs will lessen as well.

Paranormal EMFs.  As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, one of the symptoms of the EMF Sensitivity was a loss of all my paranormal abilities.

It was very unsettling as I’d had them basically all of my life and the loss was relatively sudden. 

The very first remedy I discovered, the copper, zinc, and silver bracelet, appeared to restore the abilities by blocking the EMFs that were blocking the abilities.  After we moved away from the Bay Area, and I began to recover, my abilities returned fully – and strengthened.

I have realized that unlike with the geologic EMFs, as I become healthier, my sensitivity to the paranormal EMFs – my awareness of ghosts – strengthens.

Ghosts themselves are a form of EMF so it makes sense that I would be aware of them.  

The interesting thing about the spirits is that just as with other EMFs, they cause an adrenal response. However, unlike with the other EMFs, the ghosts do not cause my body to release histamines.

I’m not “allergic” to the ghosts the way I was to the other EMFs.

In the case of the ghosts, I feel a bit of a … change though even this has lessened.  It used to be I had to eat something after a ghostly encounter since my blood sugar seemed to lower.

Suggests adrenal response.

At this point, I don’t have that issue.  I’m still aware of them and different ghosts have a different feel but other than the awareness of their presence, I don’t seem to have any symptoms.

Ghosts and Geology.  It was while doing EMF research I came to see that areas with geologic fault lines seem to be havens for ghosts.

This applied to both sides of the Rockies.  Faults east of the Rockies are older and often deeper but there are several fault systems up and down the East and Midwest US.

Many of the battlefields where I’ve had encounters with ghosts are locations chosen because of a geologic feature that made them strategic.  It also means there are EMFs.  And now – ghosts.  At least, anecdotally, there seems to be a relationship.

It’s interesting to note that as my awareness of one type of EMF goes down, my awareness of a different EMF goes up.  But is this awareness a sensitivity?

For now I associate sensitivity with unpleasant physical symptoms. Awareness is simply that – being aware. What I do with that awareness is a different story altogether.

More research is needed.

For more on my interaction with ghosts, check out elizabethmaxim.com to see the Spooky Fun series I’ve got going (articles as well as videos).

Happy Halloween Season!