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EMF Conductor: Stick to the Mission

200x300_transmission_power_line_near_homesI’m sure it’s been noted that I have mentioned observing how WIFI and cellular signals block other, more problematic frequencies.  No, I am not a traitor to the cause for pointing out the potential benefits of these frequencies.

Hint: Magnetic frequency, like what you find near high tension wires and power substations.

I can only imagine some of the reactions [read outrage] to such an implication but if you look at my tagline, you’ll understand.  Staying healthy in an electromagnetic age.

Technology isn’t going anywhere.  Since the wheel was invented, it has been a part of human society, changing the way we live and definitely affecting our health.  And as we always have, we continue to adapt.

By studying and learning and moving forward with solutions.  Just as I have in understanding then curing EMF Sensitivity.

One of the first and most important suggestions I make in my book Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity is to keep a journal so you can truly determine whether or not your symptoms are even attributable to EMFs.

The symptoms are analogous with a number of autoimmune conditions.

I have shared my understanding of EMF Sensitivity, what causes it, how to cure it.

Hint: It is NOT that cell tower causing the problem.  That’s like blaming an oak tree because you are allergic.

I understand it’s an incredibly complex situation but I truly think some people are spending so much time being outraged by something they may or may not completely understand – in spite of being affected – that they aren’t taking a step back to evaluate the best way forward – for them.

Everyone has to do what works for them.  There is no such thing as a one solution fits all.  There just isn’t.

Technology is Going Nowhere but Forward.  While some technology deals purely with convenience, much of it is put to use saving lives.

Think of how technology has transformed communication between police, firefighters, EMTs, governments, military, and a plethora of other industries.  Think of how it’s used in hospitals.  Think of how soldiers overseas can now communicate with their families at home with something other than a telegram.  Now imagine you do a Kurt Russell in Escape from LA.  Seriously – put yourself there.

Energy Saved.  Rather than bleed energy by being outraged or frightened – both of which can lead to serious health deterioration – become empowered.  Retake your health!  It IS possible to live healthy in an electromagnetic age, so learn how!

I, more than anyone, know what it’s like to have your life turned inside out, into a nightmare, because of EMF Sensitivity.  It took me 9 years to understand what the hell was going on, an additional 5 before I understood the root cause, and 3 more before I felt I had my life back again.

All while taking into account it would have changed anyway.

And as I follow the exact protocol I have shared with people in my books and on my site, I continue to improve my health.

In spite of the fact I’m getting older.

I’m Still Learning!!!  I have said that Knowledge is Power.  Experience Power to Share.  That’s because I don’t exploit fear and lack of understanding.  I talk solutions and empowerment so people can feel better about themselves, can have hope.

But I also speak truth – from my experience and observation.  And it’s from that truth that I wrote about my observations regarding WIFI and Cellular.

I will continue to share what I have learned because I honestly wish people well.  They deserve health.

Living in fear of something you can’t control?  Feeling powerless?  It sucks.  And so do those who exploit that fear for their own gain.


Frequency Impact: The Subtlest of Subtleties

500_F_129853403_uumbqqyoi40YDqDkKEaObM2fbwmfL006Imagine you are in a crowded room with everyone talking at once.  It’s so loud it’s difficult to hear the person right next to you.  In response, you either lean closer or raise your voice, or both.  Because there’s a good chance everyone else in the room has the same idea the noise volume is likely to increase as people raise their voices to be heard.

Now imagine that you reduce the talking to zero 1/3 at a time.

The relief would be immediate, even if only 1/3 of the volume dropped. 

Now imagine all the people are silent.

The relief is significant.

Even as you may find your body relaxing due to the overall noise reduction, you could find other problems revealed.  For instance, what if, with everyone silent, you hear what caused everyone to be speaking so loudly to begin with?

Ambient noise that was horrific in its own right but not noticeable because of all the loud talking.

Let’s say it was a jet engine or a construction compressor, or a jack hammer, etc.

It may come to be that the ambient noise becomes just as problematic as all that talking.

Such is the nature of EMF Sensitivity.  Once a person is free of sensitivity to technology EMFs, they may find that other magnetic or electrical forces are negatively impacting them.

Ultra-low and/or very low frequencies from fault lines or atmospheric changes, for example.

Now imagine that that next layer of noise is eliminated.  No surprise, there is yet another layer of ambient noise.

The same is true of the frequencies that can negatively impact health and well-being.

Even as I reduce my sensitivities, I find awareness to subtler ones persist.

Dealing with this has been like peeling the layers of an onion.

Interestingly, these subtler frequencies are more of a nuisance in some respects.

Like a sliver that keeps making itself known because it’s in a tough to get yet exposed part of the body, like a toe or finger you keep hitting or putting pressure on.

The most difficult part of dealing with the subtler frequencies is understanding their nature in order to determine the best way to deal with them.

Just figuring out whether they are electrical or magnetic frequencies can be a challenge.

Identifying the source can be even trickier.

My awareness of these subtlest of subtle frequencies requires full-time monitoring as I seek to understand them so as to reduce and eliminate the negative impact on my life.

Progress through Elimination.  I was able to get a handle on one of the sources, and in the process, resolve the mystery of whether or not certain weather patterns negatively impact my life.

Outside of the migraines that “appeared” to be tied to certain weather patterns.

I was baffled because there were days I felt great in spite of apparent inclement weather and days that I felt drained even if the weather was fine.  Now I know why.

It has to do with marine layer which may or may not be accompanied by fog and/or specific cloud formations and which can cycle multiple times in a day which explained the illusion of a front moving through.

It’s a little more complicated than that but that’s the overall high-level explanation.

Further investigation into temperature inversion illustrated a correlation between my biggest “well-being” challenges and locations most likely impacted by this phenomenon.

Places I’ve lived where I suffered the most migraines, etc.

I was also able to confirm my current approach to addressing the problem has merit backed by science.

It has to do with fluid balance, which is regulated by sodium and potassium.

While researching for Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity in Colorado, I learned that fluid balance in the ear affected sensitivity.

This led to the discovery of two remedies.

Later research led to the discovery of the role excess calcium plays in EMF Sensitivity.

As I reestablished fluid balance disrupted by the excess calcium, I noticed a reduced sensitivity to the apparent weather phenomenon.

Excess calcium causes potassium depletion. 

Still Work To Do.  I continue to research these subtlest of subtle frequencies and while I will continue to share what I’ve learned, I suspect a lot of the information will be drowned out by the noise of technology-related sensitivity.

Noise generated by those who would spread fear rather than solutions.

It also drowns out the reality of heavy metal toxicity as the cause for EMF Sensitivity.

In other words, inside, not outside.

You can cure yourself of EMF Sensitivity.

antenna-broadcast-tower-icon-with-lightning-vector-5520287Note:  This research into the subtler frequencies is how I learned that Wifi and Cellular can be helpful by blocking other more troublesome/problematic frequencies.  They clobber them/cancel them out.  Since I’m no longer sensitive to the Wifi/cellular frequencies, I’ve found it to be a solution for this particular challenge.

EMF Sensitivity: Habits of the Healed

sunrise-sky-blue-sunlight-67832I’ve had an interesting couple of days.  I was seeking answers to non-health related challenges yet found them in health related solutions.


It started Wednesday evening.  I was pretty irritated because while I knew I was missing something, that I needed to make a slight adjustment in my approach, I had no idea where to start.

I’d exhausted quite a few avenues, trust me.

That evening I was guided to a kindle book written in 1905.  Reading a new perspective of a familiar subject got me on the road to the answers I’d been seeking and though the challenge I’m looking to address is not related to health, since good health and recovery from EMF Sensitivity is always upper in my consciousness (unfortunately) I decided to use it as a test concept.

If I was successful, I could use it as a springboard for technique.

Last night, I lay in bed and wondered, “What does [good] health look like?”

Interestingly, the answer was not what I needed to do so much as what I needed to not do.

The answer that popped into my mind was “coffee wouldn’t be a part of it.”  This had me thinking, especially because it was a spontaneous answer.

The truth is, I never drank coffee before I became sick after moving to the SF Bay Area in 2000.  Upon further review, I remembered a time when I was in Maui – at the height of the EMF Sensitivity sickness – and had multiple lattes and several diet cokes each day just to stay somewhat less exhausted than otherwise.

This was two months before I figured out what was wrong and yes, I knew something was seriously off because of how much caffeine I was consuming while still feeling like a walking zombie.  That was truly a low point.

It got me thinking about other habits or behaviors that didn’t start until I was sick with EMF Sensitivity.  Specifically, red wine and margaritas.

And then champagne.

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I found myself craving margaritas and red wine only when I was in the SF Bay Area.

It was this type of sleuthing that helped me gain insight into the situation.  I was never a big margarita drinker.

I lay there thinking that if I continued to drink coffee when I no longer needed it, I was continuing a habit associated with being sick.

The same goes of the alcohol.

So I’ve decided to walk away from all of that and see what happens.

I’m not at all worried about any withdrawal symptoms.  The reasons are more than I can go into in this article.

What really stood out for me wasn’t the association of giving up coffee and alcohol in order to be healthy so much as what continuing to follow the same habits I had when I was sick would do.

I would never truly be free of the EMF Sensitivity nightmare.

A significant part of the reason I have such confidence in taking these steps is that the environmental factors that resulted in needing them are no longer a part of my life.

It’s more than simply having clean air and water.  I have removed foods and other environmental factors such as living, working, and socializing factors that left me drained or in some other way negatively impacted.

Technology to the Rescue.  I took an interesting step Wednesday night, based on a hunch and though it was before being guided to the book, it was part of the overall effort to address non-health challenges.

Interestingly, both the hunch to try this solution and the decision to purchase the book came within hours of meditating on the fact I needed help in addressing the challenges.

Awhile back I’d noticed that Wifi and cellular frequencies blocked other more harmful waves.

Negative energy from non-technology sources.

I’ve been free of EMF Sensitivity for years now and was more curious than concerned to see if pulling the modem from the mailbox and mesh covering it has been in for years would help block an unidentified source of problematic frequencies.

I theorized it would create enough EM noise to do the trick.

Almost immediately I noticed improvement.

It’s worth noting that a number of factors impact signal propagation, including hills and trees.  In the particular situation I was dealing with, technology was not the issue.

But it was the solution.

The past few days have highlighted the need to evaluate habits and behaviors before, during, and after recovery from an illness, and the need to make changes as appropriate to support and maintain the recovery.

Drinking coffee or enjoying alcohol does not suggest you aren’t healthy.  It was simply that prior to becoming ill these were not habits I had.  I did not drink coffee, only had wine or beer occasionally, and champagne only on New Year’s or for some other celebratory event.

Bracelets, EMFs, and Psi

images-3.jpegI’m working on Adjudication, the final book in the Metatron’s Army series.  With hands on a keyboard, I’m not big into jewelry, as it is distracting and often uncomfortable.  However, this morning I happen to be wearing a thin copper bracelet.

I bought it at a Native American festival.  It’s thin and has a nice twisty shape and has a small piece of turquoise set in it.

I’m not wearing the bracelet for any reasons associated with EMF Sensitivity.  I’m wearing it because I felt like putting it on this morning.

It’s pretty.  It’s lightweight.  I can wear it while typing and forget it’s there.

Since the interview with Lloyd Burrell, I’ve received several requests asking where to purchase the bracelet I talked about.

Does/Doesn’t.  I decided to write a follow-up post to clarify what the bracelet is and isn’t.

It is not a cure.  It is a remedy.  This means it addresses certain symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity.  It does not CURE EMF Sensitivity.

It is not a magic bullet. You may or may not have the same experience I did, putting it on and feeling instant and tremendous relief.

I explain all of it in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

For me.  My condition was complex because not only was I sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies from technology, I was sensitive to the ultra-low and very low frequencies emitted from geologic fault lines.

Living in the Bay Area near the Hayward and Calaveras faults, among others, you can imagine how much fun this was for me.

The metals in the bracelets are all good conductors of electricity.  They deflected the surrounding EMFs away from my body.  This reduced and/or eliminated many of the worst symptoms I was suffering.

The same would be accomplished by standing on top of rock made up of these minerals.  Anyone want to move to Silver City, NV?

Psi Anyone?  The bracelet also unblocked an impediment to my psi abilities.

I had been puzzled by the sudden and inexplicable loss of psychic abilities I’d had since I was a child.

Here’s the thing.  It isn’t the bracelets that make someone psychic. IF someone is psychic and their abilities are being hindered and/or blocked by EMFs then the bracelets could help restore those abilities, as they did for me.


There is an internal and external component involved with psychic abilities.

Not to mention whether or not you have the gift to begin with.

As I’ve written in other books, low magnesium will also affect psychic abilities.  So will low potassium.

High calcium basically kills them.

Do the bracelets help with high calcium?  Calcium is a metal and will draw EMFs to the body.  So, the short answer is yes.  Only chelating excess calcium will actually resolve the issue.

Copper bracelets are sold as remedies for arthritis pain. Arthritis is caused by excess calcium in the joints.  The copper will deflect the EMFs that are drawn to that metal.

If you have something else going on and put on a copper/silver/zinc bracelet you may have a less than positive response.

This is why you absolutely have to do your homework and figure out exactly what is going on.  No shortcuts. 

It’s Magnetic.  Many of the bracelets sold for arthritis are classified as magnetic bracelets.

They are still generally copper though you will find some with silver and zinc mixed in.

Magnets work on a different yet related issue.  To better understand, you have to consider that electro and magnetic are different energetic forces. Do the magnetic bracelets work?  Sure, but they may not address the symptom you’re trying to resolve.  It depends on the source of the problem.

I’ll close with a couple of anecdotes.

And an example of how EMFs negatively impacted my psi ability.

I was interviewing for a job.  I explained what I was looking for and how I worked.  The hiring manager talked about his style and explained what the job was.  He completely and totally lied 100%.

Normally, because of my abilities, I would have picked up on the fact he was lying.  I didn’t. 

I got the job and quickly came to see I’d been lied to.

I was not a happy camper.

My worst fears were realized when I spoke with a senior manager who confirmed that the job was not what I’d been promised.

She had quite the oh, &*$?# look on her face when I explained what the hiring manager told me about the job.

I left the company a short time later.  For years, it haunted me that I hadn’t been able to pick up on the lies while in the interview.

I had never missed picking up someone’s deceit before.  Not once.

While doing research into my mysterious health condition I came across the fact that the office I was sitting in during the interview sits directly on top of a major fault line. No wonder I hadn’t been able to pick up on the deceit!

Understanding brought incredible peace of mind.

And leaving the company set me on the path to fulfilling my dream of being a writer, so it worked out.

images-2Psi restored.  Yesterday, at the grocery store, I was leaning over to pick up two jars of spaghetti sauce.  A vision flashed in front of me – one of the jars slipping to the ground and smashing.  I saw the sauce on the ground and heard the call for an employee to come and clean it. I then saw the young male – dark hair, about nineteen – coming to see what happened.

Knowing I had the opportunity to stop something unpleasant from happening, I focused on the bundle of goods in my hands.

Two boxes of noodles, two jars of sauce.

Nah, It Won’t Happen!  The irony here is that in the past, such warnings have been so fleeting or so apparently unlikely that I’ve ignored them – and come to regret it.  Because of this, I had promised myself not long ago that if I got a small warning again – no matter how unlikely it seemed to be – I would pay attention.  As I saw this vision my first reaction – my immediate reaction – was “I’m not going to drop the jar! I’m not that much of a klutz!”

I quickly countered by reminding myself that I was going to make a habit of listening to the warnings, even when they were small or unlikely.

Sure enough, the jar started to slip from my hands but because I had reminded myself to pay attention, the vision never happened.

Psi signals are also frequencies.  Images, thoughts, sensations, all are detected, processed.  So when EMFs mess with our bodies they are messing with far more than many realize.

It pays to pay attention!

Interview with Lloyd Burrell

o-radio-microphone-facebook1.jpgTo my good fortune, Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense reached out to me for an interview regarding my work diagnosing, treating, and living with EMF Sensitivity. 

Known as EHS or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in Europe.

What an awesome opportunity to educate people on this often misunderstood condition!

Lloyd is every bit as passionate as I am about helping people live a fuller, healthier life!  It was a true delight to speak with him!

During the interview I mention one of the many remedies I discovered for reducing and/or alleviating the symptoms, a bracelet with copper, silver, and zinc.  I have since been contacted about where I bought the bracelets.  While the store I bought the bracelets at no longer carries, them, I can provide some suggestions on where you can find versions of this particular remedy.

This is a remedy for various symptoms.  It is not a cure. 

The bracelets were one of many remedies I used to alleviate symptoms while I went about curing the root cause of the condition.

To find out more, read Wipeout EMF: The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease and Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

The bracelets I purchased for $8 a piece are now on the web for $40 and more.  To me this is gouging.

The quality just isn’t there to justify this.

You can easily get a less expensive and equally suitable piece elsewhere.

A bracelet that is only copper can and should suffice for many.

The best places?

  • The tourist shops in old ghost towns and mining towns in the American Southwest. **
  • Native American events such as PowWows  **
  • Native American store websites **
  • Pharmacies **
  • Amazon
  • Etsy

** means BEST PRICES! You will NOT be ripped off at the tourist shops or going through Native American vendors.

I never have.

Caveat.  If you do not suffer from EMF Sensitivity and you wear metal, you may have a different experience.

Once I was cured of my EMF Sensitivity, I discovered I can become uncomfortable wearing metals under certain conditions.  My own electromagnetic field is different since curing myself of the issue.

Not all copper is copper.  I did not have luck at all – as I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity – buying copper from the hardware store.

For more information on the remedies, see Riding the Waves.

FYI.  Lloyd is putting together a seminar that promises to be packed with information for those wanting to learn more about this condition.  The information presented is suitable for those just scratching the surface as well as those looking for a more scientific/research take on it all.

See his site for details.

Be well!