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Wine and the Senses

Cranberry-Sangria-3-from-willcookforsmiles.com_I just had a sip of Erath pinot noir.  It was the first thing, other than water, that I’d had since eating homemade cranberry sauce earlier.

Not jellied.  Just water, sugar/honey mix, and cranberries.

I’ve had this wine before. It’s one of those that “works for me.” 

Which means it apparently has lower sulfites.

I was surprised to taste cherry very strongly.

It didn’t smell any different. 

It was also a far mellower experience than normal.

I just had some of this same bottle last night with dinner – put through an aerator – so it didn’t mellow due to decanting.

Though I had the cranberry sauce over two hours prior to the wine, the acidic/tart experience/taste of the sauce had a “follow on” effect with the wine.

The only other time I recall this type of dramatic change was eons ago when I was having dinner at a restaurant in Ann Arbor.  I had sake along with water.

You do not have sake like you do a glass of wine.  Far less.

It was warmed and I’d tasted it before having any food.  I then had some after food.


It packs a punch!

At least it did for me.

Psst.  Just thought I’d share this experience.  Perhaps others will try different food and alcohol combinations this holiday season, see what happens.

I suspect this wouldn’t work as well with beer due to its strong flavor though I know there is an entire science of food and beer pairing. The results will just be different than that of a more delicate alcohol such as sake or wine.

Art Imitates Life.  The high irony – for me at any rate – is that there are two scenes in two separate books (including the one I’m working on now – Promotion: Book 11) in the Metatron’s Army Series where I have the characters at a restaurant in Kintal (Soia’s capital city) where the fruits and cheeses are paired with wine to evoke not only different tastes but sensual responses.

Great for a date!

Cranberries are a great source of vitamin C and other health benefits.