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Migraine Update: Ear Piercing Cure

chart_ear-acupointsI was chatting with the woman making my doppio the other morning and we got to talking about migraines.  She told me a very interesting story and after getting her permission, I have elected to post it here in the hope that it offers hope and a possible solution for those who suffer from them

She explained that in high school she used to suffer terrible migraines.  She would get dots swimming before her eyes and that terrible pounding.

Two years ago, she got her right ear pierced and from that day onward has never experienced a migraine.

She’s been trying to convince her mom, who still gets them, to do what she did.

Needles and needles.  I believe this has to do with acupuncture points and though I saw where the piercing was ( higher up and more to the inside),  I could not tell you which acupuncture point was tapped.

It may be worth seeking out an acupuncturist to discuss various options.

My acupuncturist in San Francisco explained that leaving a needle in the ear in a specific spot would go far to reduce the headaches I was experiencing.  I went the herbal route for fear of bumping into something with a needle in my ear.

No needles needed.  In my own experience I’ve figured out that depending on the location of the migraine I can address it with mineral supplements.

  • On the left side temple – potassium deficiency.

As I’ve written previously, potassium has been found to be as effective at relieving migraines as Imitrex in clinical trials.

  • On the right side temple and sinus and tooth area – sodium deficiency.

The give away is a stuffy nose.  That is sodium deficiency and taking potassium will make the symptoms worse.

I hope this information helps those affected by migraines, providing hope, something to consider, and perhaps try.

Note:  Food triggers may cause issues by lowering crucial minerals.

When I drank diet colas I lost potassium which triggered potassium deficiency migraines.

What About Stress?  If you are constantly experiencing potassium deficiency migraines and food  triggers aren’t your culprit, it would be wise to consider a toxic environment – either work or personal.  Potassium is the adrenal mineral and if your system is in constant fight or flee mode, it’s like keeping your foot on the gas even when you have the nozzle in the tank.