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While working as a Technical Consultant in Corporate, I chose to focus on networking and interoperability.

Far more interesting to me as it’s the big picture rather than the component parts.  In other words, the holistic view..

That  didn’t mean I didn’t learn to install and run operating systems, applications, programming and shell scripting, backup and data storage, printing, etc.

A hiring manager at a different Fortune 500 IT company put it like this.  “We can lift the hood of a car and point to things and tell you what it does.  People from your company can take the engine out, take it apart, explain each piece, and put it back together again.  TRUE:  We weren’t let in front of a customer until we proved ourselves to be more than slide whippers.

While attending a customized graduate course in networking at Carnegie Mellon, I cane to realize that much of what applies to hardware also applies to humans.

People are antennas, receivers, transmitters, etc.

I think psychics understand this best.

There is interference that affects both the receiver and transmitter. which in turn affects the entire system.

Think of the big mouths who drown everyone out.

There is faulty equipment.

When people are ill or tired – or distracted – they aren’t functioning at their best.

Much of this knowledge came back around when I was researching EMF Sensitivity.  I drew on my networking knowledge when researching remedies.

Though it was my psychic intuition that led me to the ultimate cure.

Through the process I came to see that while many people are eager to jump on the bandwagon and point their fingers at Wifi or cellular, the truth is that there are a number of other influences that cause life-altering and health destroying symptoms.

And not all of them are manmade.

Toxic work and living environments, toxic systems, toxic relationships can all cause as much if not more damage than any cell tower or power grid.

Depending upon a number of factors.



Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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