What is EMF Sensitivity?

What is EMF Sensitivity?

Also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS, EMF Sensitivity is an intolerance to certain electromagnetic frequencies.  Individuals who are EMF Sensitive experience serious and often debilitating physical symptoms.

Different people are affected by different frequencies and manifest symptoms in different ways.  An individual can be affected by multiple frequencies at different levels of the spectrum and each of the different frequencies can cause different symptoms.

Even more confusing are the symptoms themselves.  They are symptoms that could indicate any number of conditions and causes, which makes identifying EMF Sensitivity a lengthy and potentially dangerous effort.

It’s not always Cellular and Wifi.

An individual may notice that when they are around a certain situation they feel bad but it may not be EMF Sensitivity in the way they think.  It may not be Wifi or Cell frequencies causing the problems/symptoms.

RADAR can be a BIG problem and given that many retail and commercial businesses use alarm systems that use RADAR frequencies, what people may be blaming on the ubiquitous use of cell phones is actually a problem with the patch panel the manager types a security code into at night.

Another source of problematic frequencies are motors.  If you get sick in the grocery store near the produce and/or frozen food/refrigerator section, you probably aren’t having an issue with another shopper’s Bluetooth device so much as the oscillations coming from a motor.

Air conditioners and ceiling fans fall into this category.

What about the ballasts in fluorescent lighting?  That frequency can cause a person to feel very confused and experience difficulty concentrating.

Have you ever noticed the number of zombie shoppers at the grocery store?  It isn’t the cell phones causing this.

I used to be sickened by all of the above.  As I detoxified heavy metals and restored nutritional balance, all that sensitivity disappeared.

RADAR sensitivity was the last to go.

When EMFs protect.

When I lived in San Diego I noticed that I actually felt worse when we turned off our Apple Airport Wifi Access point/Router.  Since our condo was directly across from the wiring closet I can only assume it was canceling out/blocking something more problematic.

I have since noticed other times and locations when cellular and/or Wifi frequencies blocked a different, more problematic frequency.

How Do I Know if I am EMF Sensitive?

In Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I detail my own journey and provide others with information that will help them identify whether or not they are experiencing EMF Sensitivity.

Why Do People Become EMF Sensitive?

EMF Sensitivity is an autoimmune condition.

The explanation of how I arrived at this conclusion is beyond the scope of this work.  Experience has given me reason to believe that heavy metal toxicity and the resulting mineral deficiencies are responsible for the symptoms associated with this condition.

Is There a Cure for EMF Sensitivity?

The answer is a qualified yes.

Riding the Waves was published before I knew this.  However, the information in the book is valid and the remedies work.

They are also part of the cure, as I will explain.

The answer is a qualified yes because while there is a cure, it may not work for everyone.

Unfortunately, some people’s immune systems become damaged beyond repair.

The cure for EMF Sensitivity will work for other autoimmune conditions.

It works for other autoimmune conditions because all autoimmune conditions have the same root cause.

This is explained in more detail in the sections The Role of Minerals and The Role of Toxins.


Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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