The Role of Toxins

toxin – /ˈtäk-sən/ noun

: a poisonous substance and especially one that is produced by a living thing

In this case, that living thing is man.

I now realize that environmental toxins are directly responsible for my developing EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis.

Both are autoimmune conditions.

Toxins wreak havoc with the immune system and disrupt the endocrine system.

Toxins, including heavy metals inhibit the absorption of minerals.  Without minerals, the body cannot produce the enzymes and hormones necessary to function.  Failure to address the situation results in a downward spiral of health that includes development of autoimmune disease, and over the long term, death.

Exposure to toxins happens through

  • drinking water
  • air
  • food
  • prescription and over-the-counter medications

Toxins come from a variety of sources

  • Agricultural runoff

“…They call it the green slime, a toxic ooze of algae that covered lakes and other water bodies across the United States this summer, closing beaches in Wisconsin and Kentucky, and killing scores of dolphins, manatees, birds and fish in Florida, a report says.  At least 21 states closed lakefront beaches and issued public health advisories as a result of toxic algae between May and September; last year 20 states took similar actions.  Toxic algae is a byproduct of the same types of pollution that causes dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and the Chesapeake Bay – phosphorous and nitrogen from livestock manure and chemicals sprayed on  crops such as corn that spills from farms into assorted waterways during moderate to heavy rains…”

Source: The Washington Post

  • Pesticides

“…As she began pulling up the seedlings from the pots she began to “feel dizzy and weak, experienced numbness in her mouth and vomited,” according to a complaint she would later file against her employer in federal district court in southern Florida.  Alfau had no idea why she was feeling so ill but lawyers from the Migrant Farmworker Justice Project representing her in a lawsuit learned through deposition that the area of the nursery where the hisbiscus grew had been sprayed with the pesticide endosulfan less than 24 hours earlier, according to the lawsuit.  Her employer allegedly failed to warn her about the required lapse time before it was safe to enter.  Alfau…there were times when the applicators sprayed the nursery even while she and her fellow farmworkers were tending the plants…”

Source: Earth Island Journal

  • Oil and Gas drilling

“…Oil companies in drought-ravaged California have, for years, pumped wastewater from their operations into aquifers that had been clean enough for people to drink.  They did it with explicit permission from state regulators, who were supposed to protect the increasingly strained groundwater supplies from contamination…”

Source: SFGate

  • Mining spills

“…These old mines have leaked so much for so long, thousands of gallons a minute, that state agencies don’t track the combined toxic flow.  But by the estimates at sites where the Environmental Protection Agency has stepped in the overall discharge equals at least one Gold King disaster every two days – spreading cadmium, copper, lead, arsenic, manganese, zinc and other contaminants...”

Source: The Denver Post 

  • Environmental accidents

“…Six months of organic planting were lost in one large plume of toxic smoke bellowing from the Chevron refinery in Richmond, Calif., one year ago today, that sent upwards of 15,000 people to local hospitals complaining of respiratory distress…”

Source: Grist

  • Malicious industrial pollution

“… For decades, inspectors from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control dutifully recorded a long list of environmental infractions at the Vernon battery recycling facility now owned by Exide Technologies.  They described fluid gushing from a wastewater treatment system 10 years ago.  They saw battery acid flowing into a manhole, lead waste stored in open containers and enormous cracks in flooring meant to contain hazardous chemical spills.  Year after year, state inspectors documented illegal activity during annual walk-thrus at the 15-acre plant about five miles southeast of downtown L.A…”

Source: Los Angeles Times

I did not learn the full extent of my own exposure until September 2014.  By then, I’d suffered two separate autoimmune diseases, Rheumatic Arthritis and EMF Sensitivity.

Though they developed years apart, both can be directly traced to environmental contamination.

Once I learned the root cause of my EMF Sensitivity, I designed a healing protocol that not only detoxified the environmental poisons I was exposed to, it replenished severely depleted mineral levels.

After moving to Michigan from Silicon Valley in 1995, I sought medical help for what turned out to be Rheumatic Arthritis.  During diagnosis it was discovered I had heavy metal poisoning.  Treatment included detoxification and restoration of depleted hormones. 

I don’t think Americans realize how many toxins they are exposed to on a regular basis.  Worse, I don’t think they realize how many health problems are the direct result of that exposure.

Perhaps worst of all, they take medications, which can exacerbate the problem.  Many medications containing metals such as copper and aluminum , block the absorption of critical minerals, at times depleting them as well.

You don’t even have to live in the environment to be exposed.

There are 100 water bottling plants in the state [of California].

Source: CNNMoney

This bottled California water is sold throughout the country.  Unless it has been put through a reverse osmosis process, people may want to consider the following

Lawsuit seeks to halt illegal dumping of toxic oil waste into California’s imperiled water supplies.

Source: Earthjustice

Groundwater nitrate contamination poses several overreaching dilemmas and challenges for [California] state policy, which will likely require broader discussion.

Source: UC Davis

My personal experience with bottled water has been mixed.

Two popular brands, purified by RO, have been okay, if a bit tasteless.  A third brand, labeled natural, caused intense stabbing pain in my jaw and teeth the moment I sipped it.  This particular brand is bottled in California and is available throughout the country.  I shudder to think what’s in it.

I used to shrug off the idea of environmental toxins.  Situations like Three Mile Island and Love Canal were far away.  I didn’t live near a nuclear plant  – or did I?

I inquired about the activities at Livermore Labs within weeks of moving to the East Bay in 2000.  I was not told about their involvement with Nuclear Weapons.

Source: Media Roots

This was also not disclosed to us when we were purchasing a house within a distance considered dangerous.

Now I know the truth – exactly how big a part environmental toxins play in destroying health.

A quick check of disease clusters in the United States will be enlightening.

They certainly played a role in my developing EMF Sensitivity.


Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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