The Role of Technology

Perhaps the most surprising thing about EMF Sensitivity is that it is not caused by technology.

Not directly, at any rate.

Imagine you are sending a letter to a friend.  You hand the sealed envelope, properly addressed, to a courier.  If everything is working as it should, the courier delivers the undamaged envelope to the proper address.

But!  Any number of problems could occur.

The courier could get lost, the letter could get damaged, the address could become unreadable, and/or the envelope could be delivered to the wrong address.

Communication between cells in our bodies isn’t all that different.  The message has to be properly addressed, travel over a medium, be delivered to the correct address, and arrive undamagedIn the case of EMF Sensitivity, something went wrong.

EMFs are basically sound waves.  Normally, auditory signals are converted into nerve impulses that are transmitted to the brain.  In the case of EMF Sensitivity, these impulses tell the brain the body is in danger when it isn’t.  The immune system is put on alert and releases histamines.  These histamines cause physical symptoms.

This is the body’s fight or flight response.

How Does This Happen? 

In the case of EMF Sensitivity, severe potassium deficiency results in garbled communications between the cells.

That’s almost the least of your worries.  Without potassium, your heart can stop suddenly.

The EMF Mineral 

Potassium is an electrolyte.  It conducts nerve impulses and muscle contractions, regulates the flow of fluids into and out of body cells, and keeps blood pressure in a healthy range.

Too little potassium causes high blood pressure. 

When it comes to managing fluid in cells, potassium and sodium are on opposite sides of a teeter-totter.

The reason reducing sodium intake helps lower blood pressure is because it inflates potassium levels.  It would be better to ensure you are getting enough potassium.  Potassium will keep sodium levels in check.

Potassium ensures proper electrical signaling between cells.

Very important given humans are electro-chemical beings living in an electromagnetic universe.

Without enough potassium, the electrical signals become garbled.

Most of the body’s potassium is located inside the cells.  Potassium is necessary for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, and muscles.  Certain chemicals, including medications and toxic manmade chemicals can compromise the movement of potassium in and out of cells, greatly influencing blood potassium levels.

When these levels fall too low, the body is in trouble.

So, are electromagnetic signals a threat?  Yes and no.

In Riding the Waves I explain that high temperatures caused a worsening of my EMF Sensitivity symptoms.  Now I know why.  Simply put, EMFs heat the body’s cells.  This leads to water and potassium loss.

Those who want to understand the physics behind this can research the thermal properties of electromagnetic radiation. 

Here is a quick take from wikipdeia:

Thermal radiation and electromagnetic radiation as a form of heat

The basic structure of matter involves charged particles bound together. When electromagnetic radiation impinges on matter, it causes the charged particles to oscillate and gain energy. The ultimate fate of this energy depends on the context. It could be immediately re-radiated and appear as scattered, reflected, or transmitted radiation. It may get dissipated into other microscopic motions within the matter, coming to thermal equilibrium and manifesting itself as thermal energy in the material

Avoiding dehydration is critical.

As is maintaining healthy levels of potassium.

EMFs – Technology or Not?

As I explain in Riding the Waves, technology is not the only source of electromagnetic radiation.  There are plenty of natural sources that can negatively impact human health.

It’s important not to become so obsessed with vilifying technology that you miss what’s really going on.

EMF Sensitivity – Autoimmune Condition or Mineral Deficiency?

They are one and the same.  Autoimmune conditions are the direct result of severe mineral deficiencies.

Refer to the mineral section for an explanation.

Several minerals and trace minerals are necessary for good health.  In the case of EMF Sensitivity, the most important one is potassium.


Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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