The Healing Path

Even as I worked to relieve the symptoms of EMF Sensitivity I strove to understand why I was suddenly allergic to the planet I lived on.

The worst, most debilitating symptoms for me came from the ultra low and very low electromagnetic frequencies emitted by geologic fault lines in the hours and days prior to an earthquake.

I wasn’t born EMF Sensitive.  What the hell had happened?

The Immune System

The immune system is the body’s defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. The immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems and cause disease.

In the case of autoimmune conditions, something went wrong.

The effects of an immune system gone haywire are devastating.  Having learned this first hand, I set out to repair my damaged immune system and then, to strengthen it.

This is the path to restored health.


The steps on the path are straightforward.  The path itself is direct.  However, because it will seem overly simplistic, many people will reject it.

That is their prerogative.  I am not here to convince anyone of anything.  I’m providing information, pure and simple.  What people choose to do with it is up to them.

A Note About Doctors

Doctors are trained to link symptoms with disease, not nutritional deficiencies.

Especially, in Western nations.

Without tests such as hair mineral analysis, doctors won’t realize that patients eating a healthy diet may still be dangerously low in crucial minerals.

Doctors may not be aware that the medications their patients take are depleting critical nutrients like potassium.

This information is available through a little research.  I urge anyone taking any medication, either over-the-counter or prescription, to look into it.

The Steps

The Immune System becomes weakened when it is damaged and when it is deprived of the elements it needs to function properly.

Minerals are used to make hormones and enzymes, and to build new cells and repair damaged ones.

Step One:  Give the immune system the fuel it needs.

You have to consume minerals.

Although this is very straight forward, it can be next to impossible if the reason you are unable to get enough minerals is because your body is loaded down with toxins.

Heavy metals take the space that belong to minerals.  Until these usurpers are removed, the body is unable to absorb critical minerals.

Step One needs to happen alongside Step Two

Get rid of the usurpers!

Detoxification can be accomplished in a variety of ways, and while it seems straight- forward on the surface, it should not be undertaken lightly.  Unless you are knowledgeable in detoxification and the associated healing crises, you should seek a professional’s guidance. 

The nuances of detoxification are subtle and specialized.  Unless your physician has had training, he or she may not be the right person to guide you.


It is important to avoid contaminated water while you are healing your immune system.

Especially when, as in my case, contaminated water is what helped weaken the immune system in the first place.

Drinking Reverse Osmosis during the detoxification phase is acceptable but beware

  • It can cause your body to flush toxins at an accelerated rate. This can result in unpleasant detox symptoms.
  • It is not a good source of minerals so you need to ensure you are getting minerals somehow. 

Supplements are not the ideal way to replenish minerals.  They should supplement food.  Juicing is an excellent way to replenish depleted nutrients.  

For me, red meat was the best way to get zinc and vitamin b12.

Taking showers or baths in contaminated water will slow and possibly halt any healing.

Your body will absorb the contaminants through your skin.

In Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases, the authors suggest using purified water for sponge baths.

I did not take such drastic measures, which may have slowed my own recovery.  I did, however, maintain a routine

  • I took quick showers
  • I took baths filled with apple cider vinegar for detoxing purposes

I took the baths during the intense detoxification phase.  I sat in the water for 15 to 20 minutes during which I spit saliva that tasted of metals into a cup.  I followed with a quick rinse and drank plenty of filtered mineralized water afterward.

I mineralized it with Concentrace Liquid Trace Minerals.  In the early stages of my protocol I also used Eidon Ionic Liquid Selenium.

People drinking water high in mercury and copper are vulnerable.  Mercury takes the space where magnesium should be and copper drives down zinc and potassium.

Any contaminants are bad but these are insidious.


When it comes to juicing, there are as many philosophies as there are recipes.  For my recovery I simply drank a glass of fresh juice daily, changing the recipe as appropriate for the different stages of healing and detoxification.

I added cilantro for detoxification but removed it when simply rebuilding.

I chose fruits and vegetables tailored to the nutritional objectives I had.

I always had apples and carrots as a base.

Once I learned that ginger killed cancer cells 100% of the time in a U of M study, I began incorporating it regularly.

It tastes great, too!

I am not a purist.

  • I didn’t make fresh juices throughout the day, I made enough to last two days
  • I juiced whatever produce looked best, not necessarily organic

Organic produce watered with contaminated water still has a problem.

For the kids, I had them drink a shot glass full each day.

Wanting them involved in their healing, I had them pick their own off of Amazon.


Without enzymes such as digestive enzymes, the body is unable to properly digest and absorb nutrients.  The body is also unable to properly break down and metabolize nutritional supplements.  To solve this problem I used a liquid form whenever possible.

Concentrace Liquid Trace Minerals saved my life.  I have written extensively of this on my blog.  Feel free to refer to the archives. 

I occasionally took caplet or capsule form but had mixed luck.

Not all forms of minerals are well absorbed by the body.  It takes a bit of experimenting to find the form your body readily utilizes.  Though this can be time consuming and somewhat expensive, it’s better than taking something totally useless.


If you are taking prescription or over–the-counter medications, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor before undertaking this program.

Prescription and over-the-counter medications can deplete the body of minerals

Restoring mineral levels in the body can reduce and/or eliminate the need for prescription medications

I know of more than one individual who no longer needed blood pressure medication after restoring their potassium levels

I know of more than one individual who no longer needed insulin after restoring their potassium levels

Do not begin a detoxification protocol if you are seriously ill. 

Detoxification takes energy.  It is better to flood the body with nutrients, which can often dislodge heavy metals through a process called chelation.  Once an acceptable level of health has been reached, detoxification protocol can be considered.

Total Toxic Load

In Riding the Waves I write about the effect of total toxic load and how lightening it can make a dramatic difference.

Basically, the fewer toxins in your environment, the better you are.

I provide specific examples of how to achieve this in the book.

When setting out on the path to healing, it is imperative to consider your total toxic load.  How much of the following is in your environment?

Your environment is both internal and external.

  • Technology
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Contaminated water
  • Polluted air
  • Emotional and/or mental abuse
  • A stressful or dangerous profession
  • A hostile environment

The fewer of these toxins you have to deal with, the healthier you will be.  If you are able to reduce and/or eliminate these toxins, you will speed up healing.  However

Detoxification means waking up!

This can be incredibly traumatic. 

Fortunately, as your body detoxifies, symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder are eased and/or eliminated entirely.

Part of the healing path means confronting the issues that led to illness.  That means confronting the toxic load.

Confronting it doesn’t mean doing anything about it.  Many people choose not to leave a toxic situation.  They can probably improve their health but I don’t know if they could ever heal completely.

Confronting toxic load means making difficult decisions.

It’s all part of the healing path.

Remedy or Cure

In Riding the Waves, there is an entire section of remedies that reduce and/or eliminate symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.

These remedies are 100% valid.

The remedies are inexpensive, easy to get, and  with few exceptions, have no adverse side effects.

Benadryl helped with certain symptoms but the resulting fatigue made it a last resort for me.

The remedies help reduce the Total Toxic Load, making them an imperative part of the overall cure.

If I hadn’t used the remedies, I’m not sure if the protocol would have been enough.  I was pretty sick. 

The remedies lightened the toxic load on my system which started my adrenals on the path to healing.

How Long Does It Take?

Numerous factors contribute to the length of time it takes to recover

  • Person’s desire to be healthy
  • Willingness to accept that the path to healing consists of ridding the body of toxins and restoring nutritional balance
  • Reducing total toxic load
  • Making changes that will keep you on the path
  • Taking responsibility for your health

My path took me on a journey that spanned years.  Along the way I saw improvements but until I understood what caused my illness I wasn’t able to apply the steps that would lead to a full recovery.

Environmental toxins damaged my immune system.  I was unaware of these toxins.  Once I became aware, I set about repairing my immune system by detoxing the poisons and replenishing severely depleted mineral levels. 



Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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