ponder – /pändər/ verb

: think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.

Many thoughts crossed through my mind as I struggled to understand what had happened to my health.  Even before identifying my illness as EMF Sensitivity, and long before understanding it was an autoimmune condition, I considered the pieces of a deteriorating health puzzle.

As pieces fell into place I took action. 

My priority was to feel better.

This meant relieving symptoms. 

Then I had to find the root cause.

This took much longer and was far more difficult. 

Once I understood that environmental poisoning was responsible, I had to map out a strategy to repair my immune system, then strengthen it.

Detoxify the poisons.  Replenish depleted minerals.

My ponderings are far from finished.  I know more decisions are in my future.

I have and will continue to carefully consider what I’ve learned before taking actions.

What I can do here, however, is share my observations and ponderings. 

I believe this supplemental information may help people suffering from mysterious health symptoms that disrupt their lives.  It may help them make sense of an otherwise chaotic situation; poor health.

It may help them understand the why.

Many ailments can be treated by replenishing depleted minerals.  These include

  • Vision problems (floaties, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and more)
  • Nail problems (discoloration, crumbling, splitting, soft)
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Grey and thinning hair

Many health symptoms are caused by mineral imbalances (too much or too little)

  • Symptoms of ADD (racy mind) – too much copper
  • Sensitivity to WiFi – too much copper
  • Can’t get a song or thought from your mind – too much copper/not enough potassium
  • Constant sense of urgency/running out of time – too much copper
  • Suicidal feelings/depression/hopelessness – too much calcium
  • Procrastination – zinc deficiency
  • Sensitivity to technology – potassium deficiency/too much copper/too much calcium
  • Paranoia – potassium deficiency
  • Extreme fear – potassium deficiency
  • Anger/apathy – too much calcium
  • Inverted t-waves – potassium deficiency
  • Fog Brain/difficulty thinking – potassium deficiency
  • Dizziness – potassium deficiency
  • Insomnia – magnesium deficiency
  • Back Pain – Magnesium deficiency
  • Joint Pain – Magnesium and potassium deficiency
  • Weak Muscles – Magnesium and potassium deficiency
  • Receding gums – too much fluoride
  • Anger/Aggression – too much fluoride/too much calcium
  • Softened enamel – too much fluoride
  • Mottled teeth/stained enamel – too much fluoride

I learned that fluoride softens tooth enamel from a documentary.  An African tribe featured in the film files their teeth.  According to the experts, the high fluoride content of their drinking water softens their enamel, making it easier for them to do so.

Dr. Weston Price, DDS, studied the relationship between good nutrition and healthy teeth and gums in the early 20th century.

Dr. Kellogg, founder of the Kellogg Institute,  developed the corn flake after discovering that improving the nutritional intake of his mental health patients diminished and/or eliminated their symptoms.

Pesticides and other manmade chemicals cause hormone disruption in humans.  This results in extremely low levels of testosterone.

What happens to children, who are still growing, if they do not have enough testosterone?  What about other hormones?

What happens to men when they don’t have enough testosterone?  What about women who don’t have enough hormones to support fertility?

Birth control pills can wreak havoc with a woman’s endocrine system.

They are high in copper and can throw hormone levels off long after women quit taking them.

There is also a negative relationship with calcium.

Too much calcium can result in a feeling of crawling beneath the skin.  As I wrote in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, I felt as if there was a cat purring in my foot.  I quit taking supplemental calcium and the sensation ceased.

Studies have shown mammals fed  GMO soy were infertile within two to three generations.  Do we really want to wait until our grandchildren grow up to find out if that happens in humans as well?  Is it worth the risk?

The reason there are antibodies present with autoimmune disease is that the body has to turn off its defenses so it can obtain critical minerals from its tissues and bone.  Without certain hormones, such as adrenaline, we die.  The body is very efficient at self-preservation.  It needs minerals to survive.

There are certain parts of the country that are ground zero for autoimmune disease.  An Internet search of disease and cancer clusters – published by the US CDC – will reveal where they are.

People don’t realize how potentially toxic their environment is.

People who move to an area, who are exposed to the environmental differences of that geography, will eventually change and be assimilated, in health and in personality.

Environmental factors influence the chemicals we produce.  These chemicals influence how we think, feel, and act. 

Human thoughts and emotions are greatly influenced by the minerals and heavy metals in their bodies.

An Internet search will turn up many resources that describe how personality is affected by mineral deficiencies and mineral toxicity.

Agricultural workers dying of kidney failure are suffering severe potassium loss directly caused by exposure to the toxins they are working with.  The potassium loss is exacerbated and accelerated by the extreme heat and lack of proper hydration associated with their profession.

Office workers showing high rates of kidney failure are suffering severe potassium deficiency.  This is because exposure to EMFs is causing elevated temperatures, accelerating and exacerbating potassium loss.  Proper hydration will help but only replacing lost potassium will bring about recovery and/or prevent illness.

Symptoms of potassium deficiency are the same as symptoms of diabetes. 

Potassium is responsible for the body’s production of insulin.  Severe potassium loss can lead to kidney failure, a complication of diabetes.

Synthetic insulin depletes potassium.

High blood pressure is often the result of potassium deficiency.

Potassium and sodium are on opposite sides of a teeter totter.  Reducing sodium may elevate potassium but replenishing low potassium levels would be the better option.

People recovering from stroke and other health issues, who are on prescription medications, are at high risk for mineral deficiency.  These deficiencies will negatively impact the recovery, slowing it down, if not halting it altogether.

I can’t help but wonder how much better my post-paralysis physical and occupational therapy would have gone if I had been aware of the mineral depletion caused by the medications I was on – and had been given infusions of potassium and magnesium to compensate.  These minerals are crucial to the proper functioning of muscles and nerves – important when you are recovering from paralysis.

If people need to be on medications then they need to pay special attention to maintaining healthy mineral levels.

Severe potassium deficiency can cause seizures.  Some seizure medications deplete potassium, exacerbating the problem.

Alcohol and sugar intolerance are a sign of severe potassium deficiency.  Alcohol is processed as a sugar by the body.  Without insulin the body cannot process these substances.  The body needs potassium to produce insulin.

If you balance your minerals, replenishing depleted levels, the craving for alcohol will cease.

Severe potassium deficiency can result in sudden cessation of heartbeat.

Young athletes and those working out in warm conditions need to be especially careful to stay hydrated and pay attention to their electrolytes.

Many conditions considered hereditary are actually environmental. 

People who grow up in the same household and/or same community are exposed to the same environmental factors.  If one generation suffers a health condition considered hereditary, but subsequent generations who grew up in a different environment do not, you’d be wise to reconsider the assumptions.

I was hospitalized at six years old for juvenile diabetes. It supposedly ran in my family though only one of my forty-one relatives had been diagnosed with it.

THANK GOD my father sprung me and refused to let them put me on insulin.  I DID NOT HAVE – NOR HAVE I EVER HAD – juvenile diabetes!    

I was subjected to years of fasting blood sugars and fear mongering – with no diagnosis of a disease I most certainly did not have.

When I was thirteen, another doctor explained that it was perfectly normal in children for blood sugar levels to go up when they are ill, and does not mean they have diabetes.  

The human body is a brilliant design.  It is fully capable of healing from and overcoming quite a bit, if allowed to.  This means

  • Resting when ill or injured
  • Avoiding toxins
  • Drinking clean water
  • Eating unprocessed food
  • Getting plenty of protein to build new cells and repair damaged ones
  • Getting plenty of protein as a source of minerals, vitamin b12, and amino acids
  • Breathing clean air
  • Getting out in the sun – critical for Vitamin D which is necessary for metabolizing magnesium
  • Getting healthy – not obsessive – amounts of exercise
  • Self-love
  • Having fun/experiencing joy

Doctors are trained to connect symptoms with disease, not nutritional deficiency.  They need to be educated to understand that without enough minerals, the body cannot produce the hormones and enzymes it needs to function properly. 

Dentists associate bleeding gums with poor oral hygiene, not nutritional deficiency and fluoride toxicity.  This can lead to inappropriate procedures that can do more harm than good. 

Environmental toxins are harmful to oral health.

Mineral deficiencies can cause dental issues.  Bruxism, or grinding teeth is a sign of mineral [calcium and magnesium] deficiency.

Long-term mineral deficiency results in autoimmune disease.  Replenishing the minerals can bring about total recovery.

Environmental toxins prevent the body from absorbing minerals.

Women and men experiencing fertility issues should have their mineral levels checked.  Minerals make hormones.  Without enough hormones, fertility is compromised.

There are several natural therapies that successfully treat autoimmune diseases, including cancer.  Look into Gerson therapy.

Humans are not weak.  Genetically or otherwise.  The human body is not dependent on pharmaceuticals to function properly.

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry.  Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent Mother Nature.  This means there is no profit in utilizing natural therapies such as potassium instead of blood pressure medication.

Americans and other Westerners often try to duplicate the habits of long-lived peoples such as Okinawans and Symiots, but fail to get the same results.  This is because these peoples, along with others listed in 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People, are not exposed to the toxins that inhibit the absorption of critical nutrition and damage cells.

We are electro-chemical beings living in an electromagnetic universe.  What happens to our environment happens to us.  If you don’t like your environment, change it.

It is difficult if not impossible to recover from an autoimmune condition without help.  I couldn’t have done it without the help of my family.  Especially my husband who took over making the juices and cooking when I was too sick, too tired, to do it.

Exercise may do more harm than good when detoxing and replenishing mineral levels.  It saps the body of energy needed to recover.  Light exercise, including walking, is okay but anything else will delay and/or inhibit healing.

The Law of Attraction will not work if you are ill.  You give off the vibration of illness and the associated weakness.  You can be doing all the right things in terms of visualization and working your plan but if you are not healthy you will attract the wrong people and circumstances into your life. 

Meditation is difficult if not impossible when suffering from copper toxicity.  All my Silva work achieved the exact opposite of what I programmed for.  I was unable to achieve any Silva success until I was well on the road to recovery.

It is possible to heal from autoimmune conditions such as EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis.  There is a way.

In closing, I want to thank Charlotte Gerson for her tireless efforts on behalf of her father’s legacy.  After reading about selenium and trace minerals in Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases, I purchased Concentrace Liquid Trace Minerals and Eidon Ionic Liquid Selenium.  These supplements turned my health, and my life around, and started me on the road to full recovery.

There are no short cuts to good health.  You have to work at it.

People need to take responsibility for their own health.  Doctors are partners.  They are not parents.  They should not have the final say.  People need to educate themselves about their health options.

Life can be better!

Find the better path!


Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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