How to Navigate

How to Navigate the Healing Path

Healing from EMF Sensitivity is at once simple and complex.  It’s simple in that the steps to take are straight-forward.  It’s complex in that there are multiple ways those steps can be taken.

There is more than one way to detoxify the body.  There is more than one way to rebuild nutritional deficiencies.

There is No One Way

I have purposely kept from instructing the reader in what exact method they should use to achieve the steps taken for the simple reason that every individual is different.  They need to do what works for them.

Instead, I have explained what needs to be done in order to regain health.  I’ve provided insight into the various factors contributing to EMF Sensitivity.

Environmental poisoning and the resulting severe mineral deficiency.

I have provided insight into the critical role minerals play in human health.

Severe mineral deficiency is the root cause of autoimmune disease, including EMF Sensitivity.

I have provided the information in such a way that people can share it with their health care provider, enabling them to come up with a plan tailored to the needs of the individual.

It should be noted that doctors are trained to associate symptoms with disease, not with mineral deficiencies.  However, a quick search on the Internet will highlight that symptoms of severe mineral deficiency are the very same symptoms experienced by people suffering from autoimmune diseases.  Replenishing the minerals eliminates the symptoms.

Without the proper tests, including a hair mineral analysis, it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine which minerals are deficient and which heavy metals are present. 

In developed countries, many doctors fail to recognize mineral deficiencies in their patients because of the variety of foods available throughout the year.  They don’t realize that many patients, including athletes, may have toxic overload making mineral deficiency a near sure thing. 

Mineral deficiencies happen when substances prevent the body from absorbing minerals.  Like a squatter illegally living in someone’s home, these substances, which include pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications, prevent the body from absorbing minerals by taking the space reserved for the nutrient. 

It is my hope that readers will use the information I’ve provided to start on the road to recovery.  Even small steps can result in positive changes.

And can give one the strength, if not the motivation, to take another step…then another…

My suggestion is to read each of the sections and then decide on the tailored path toward recovery.

The steps I outline, detoxifying the poisons and replenishing depleted minerals, are the very ones I took to rid myself of EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis.

Not only are my symptoms gone, I am no longer sensitive to technology.

I am healthier than I was and God knows, more knowledgeable about how devastating environmental toxins and man-made medications are to human health.

The objective of this work is to help people suffering from EMF Sensitivity.

Or any autoimmune disease, including cancer.

I wanted to give hope by pointing out that there is a natural logical approach to healing.

At the same time, I refrain from preaching about environmental toxins and the horrendous toll it’s taking on human life.

Do an Internet search on disease and/or cancer clusters.  Very revealing.

The truth is, our polluted environment is destroying human health.  It doesn’t matter if people are young or old, rich or poor, and it doesn’t matter what religious or cultural background they have.  The damage is devastating and in many cases, death by cancer – the final stage of autoimmune disease – is the result.  Fixing that is beyond the ability of one person.

It will take a coordinated effort by many to take on this monumental task.

It isn’t enough to know how to reverse disease.

Environmental toxins must be cleaned up.

Humanity deserves nothing less.


Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.

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