Continuing Research

I’ve been free of “EMF Sensitivity” since June 2015 and yet I am able to continue research.  How is this?  Because while I am no longer sickened or negatively impacted by the range of frequencies that at one time caused me problems, I am still aware of pressure and other environmental changes caused by radiation at various parts of the spectrum.

I am aware of all sorts of ultra-low and very low frequencies as well as some in the very high range.

Sound.  EMF Sensitivity is tied to sound waves.  EMF Sensitives are able to detect various frequencies outside the range associated with human hearing.

We hear/perceive them.

Due to biochemically induced electrochemical signaling issues, EMF Sensitives perceive these waves as a threat.  This causes the body to release histamines and all sorts of fun happens in the form of terrible life-altering symptoms.

Sight.  In 2016, long after I stopped getting sick from EMFs, I noticed I am able to visually perceive these little treats

They appear as yellow-white fireflies flying around in a haphazard fashion leaving trails of light streaking out behind them.

Feel.  I have observed a feeling of dread and death near geologic fault lines, sinkholes, and fissures.

I came to realize this is due to the frequencies emitted from those openings.

Once I detoxified the calcium from my body I no longer detected these feelings. 

Sensitive or Just Aware?  I no longer get sick before an earthquake, though I do wake up out of a sound sleep immediately prior to feeling one.

If I am awake, my head will automatically turn and my eyes will zero in on the direction the wave is coming from.

On the Beat.  I am no longer EMF Sensitive, but I am never short of material.  Aware of a number of other frequencies, I have plenty to research.  However, due to the esoteric nature of these frequencies, it is often difficult to quantify results in a way that is easily understood across a broad audience.

The Journey Continues…


Living healthy in an electromagnetic age.