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imagesThe following are products I’ve used throughout my recovery.  Though I had good results, others may have a different experience.

People should use what works for them personally.

 Many physicians have opinions about over the counter supplements.  These physicians often sell a competing brand.

I had a doctor prescribe DHEA from a compounding pharmacy.  I had a terrible experience with it and switched to an over the counter brand which worked perfectly.  People should go with what works for them.

There are different forms of minerals and vitamins.  Some are marketed as being better absorbed than others.  This does not always apply.  Magnesium oxide is supposedly poorly absorbed.  Personally, I have found it works better for me and my family than other forms, including magnesium citrate, which made the problems worse.  Go with your personal experience.

 I have used a variety of forms and brands over the years.  Early in the detoxification process I used liquids as I absorbed them better.  Later, I was able to use tablets and capsules.


  • ConcenTrace Trace Minerals,
  • Eidon liquid magnesium and potassium.
  • Twin Labs (magnesium oxide 400mg).
  • Nature’s Bounty (potassium gluconate 99mg).

VITAMINS:  I used juicing as my primary source of vitamins.  However, I did supplement with

  • Twin Labs b-dots (vitamin b12 (500mg – I just swallowed them – did not do sublingual and still had good results).


  • NOW (Caprylic acid)
  • Nature’s Way (Turmeric)
  • Pure Hawaiin (Spirulina)
  • World Organics (Liquid Chlorophyll)
  • Nordic Naturals (Cod liver oil and omega 3 source – children’s and adult)
  • J Crow’s (Lugol’s iodine 5%)
  • Country Life (DHEA – I’ve used both 25 mg and 10 mg with GREAT success)

Throughout the healing process I enjoyed alcohol – on and off.  This may seem counterintuitive for detoxification.  There are incredible healing benefits in alcohol, including anti-inflammatory properties (crucial in healing autoimmune diseases), and vitamin and mineral content.  People need to do what works for them.  I found that when I lived in areas with hard water (high calcium – big problem for health) I craved margaritas.  No coincidence.  I listen to my body and what it’s telling me.  

Incidentally, cravings for alcohol lessen and disappear once you replenish your nutrients.

So do many impulsive behaviors.

Craving alcohol is a sign your body has excess calcium and is deficient in nutrients, including minerals and b vitamins.

The following represent my personal experience.


I’ve had better luck with sweeter bruts though I don’t care for the taste – too sweet.  I stick with the sweeter ones however because I have much better results getting rid of excess calcium.

TEQUILA/MARGARITA:  I use recipe from Cointreau website.

WINE:  Though I prefer reds, they make the excess calcium condition worse.  Champagne is best.  White wine is neutral, though it does have some therapeutic benefit I’m still ironing out/trying to quantify.  I have experience with the following.

  • Pinot gris/Pinot grigio
  • Sauvignon blanc

Imports from France and Australia have brought about the best results for white wines.  Sauvignon blanc has brought about better results than pinot gris/grigio, though this became apparent in the latter part of my recovery.  I suspect it has to do with the fact it’s generally a drier wine, just as a brut is drier.

BEER:  IPA is the worst for the health situation which is such a drag because it’s my beer of preference.  I treat myself to it on occasion and stick with “West Coast IPAs.”  In no order of preference, I have enjoyed

  • Elysian Immortal,
  • Elysian Space Dust,
  • Georgetown Lucille,
  • Georgetown Bodhizafa,
  • Supergoose,
  • Green Flash,
  • 10 Barrel,
  • Ballast Point,
  • Karl Strauss,
  • Stone Brewing,
  • Deschutes.

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