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The Incredible Shrinking Migraine

caoc77ZaOPZ5AokMjUvhdXMfnXrNote:  Lengthy article.

So, sitting at dinner last night enjoying a bit of conversation when the roll of thunder followed by my electromagnetic friend lightning puts in an appearance.

I eyed the champagne I was drinking and thought, hmmm.

While I considered how I used to start suffering forty-eight hours before an approaching storm and now didn’t notice an increase in pressure until hours before, I became aware of another issue.  As the storm approached and the lightning got close, the area over the surgery site on my head began to ache.  I put my fingers to the spot and found it to be very tender.

It was the place where there was a drill hole.

I tried to pay attention to the conversation but my mind drifted – not to the pain though that was unpleasant enough – but to the fact that as the storm moved out – so did the pain.

It was the presence of lightning that caused the tenderness in the area over the drill hole.

What else became evident was the size of the area of discomfort – and it was merely that – discomfort.  Relatively speaking, the area of pain had reduced dramatically from what it once was.

When the migraines first began and up until about three years ago, the entire right side of my head would throb, and I would experience a nasty burning sensation in my neck and right shoulder all the way down to the bottom of the deltoid.

Starting when I was living in the East Bay, as I became aware of my EMF Sensitivity, I would also get pain in my teeth and jaw on that same side.  Fortunately, my husband pointed out the same happened to him if he got a sinus headache – that his teeth and jaw would ache – so I didn’t have too much of a “Now what?” moment.

The area of discomfort I felt last night was the size of a quarter.

As I considered the  significance of the monumental change, I found  it more difficult to listen to the conversation – for the excitement at realizing all the work I’d done – targeting the excess calcium – was paying off big time.

I began to notice the association between excess calcium, the presence of scar tissue, and the vascular headaches I experienced at the surgery site shortly after moving away from a home where we had hard water.  I write in detail about this in my book Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

It isn’t just the size of the area that becomes tender during a thunderstorm that’s reduced. The pain is no longer a level I could even classify as a migraine.

I didn’t take anything for it – not even an aspirin.

It doesn’t feel great but it’s tolerable.

And it moves on after the storm moves out.

I’m aware that the calcium thing for me is a delicate balance.  If I have yogurt or milk?  I will experience pain at the surgery site when near a geologic fault line.

It feels like someone has put a steel pipe in my head at the surgery site.

I’ve been playing the electrolyte balance game for the past several years.

After coming to see the role they play in EMF Sensitivity, as well as migraines.

I continue to learn even as I master the game.

I hope what I’ve shared here will help others.  I imagine the information will be useful to those who experience pain at sites where there have been bone breaks from any cause.

Amputations, dental work that affected the jaw, and surgeries like mine.

Dental Example.  I noticed an ache over my right eye tooth when the storms were present.  This tooth was yanked into place over a period of months if not years when I had braces.  

There is obviously scar tissue as a result. 

The other location I experience discomfort is the rear tooth where the gum was damaged from the bands of the braces I had.  My belief is that as I continue to reduce the excess calcium, these areas will reflect that.

I already noticed I no longer have pain in the eye tooth area – a very recent phenomenon.


Be well!


EMFS: [RE]Mapping a Migraine

lightning_bolts_needles_600Note:  Lengthy Article.

As I wrote yesterday, I have come to see that something about the position of the earth relative to the sun has been responsible for the migraines I began experiencing a few years after emergency brain surgery.

Though I’ve come to see that there is a “perfect storm” – pun intended – that needs to be present in order for the migraine to actualize.

From what I can determine, in addition to this celestial event, three factors come into play.

  • Season
  • Location
  • Nutrition

Season.  This is a misnomer because I came to realize it is the position of the earth relative to the sun rather than the season itself that is the initial trigger.

It got to the point that by the time I was in my twenties the migraine would happen only one or two weekends in a year – the last weekend in April – and/or the first weekend in May.

Location.  My only reference to this is the Northern Hemisphere.

The problem is consistent regardless of what state I have lived in – or visited – and regardless of what country I visited.  The two common factors were late spring/early summer and Northern Hemisphere.  That being said there were factors that seemed to either increase or decrease the chance I would develop a migraine

  • Humidity
  • Lightning frequency
  • Storms
  • Marine Layer

Humidity.  I was more likely to suffer severe migraines in locations experiencing high humidity in the April – July timeframe.

Lightning.  I was less likely to suffer migraines in two areas known for their lightning: Gulf Coast Florida and Tucson, AZ.

Storms.  I was more likely to suffer migraines in areas that experienced frequent thunderstorms in the April – July timeframe.

There is a pattern that ties the first and third together.  Heat and humidity that builds up until a thunderstorm that may or may not include tornadoes occurs after which temperature and humidity drop only to repeat the cycle again.

Marine Layer.  I am more likely to experience the pressure buildup that suggests a migraine is imminent in areas that develop marine layers in the late spring/early summer.

I do not always develop a migraine because of the other factor that plays a role in this circus, nutrition.

Nutrition.  Though nutrition in general plays a role in my health and well-being, potassium in particular impacts whether or not I develop a migraine.

It can stop one from developing even if the other conditions are present and I can relieve one if I take potassium supplements.

I first discovered the link between potassium and migraines while detoxifying heavy metals in 2014 – 2015. We were living in San Diego and it was during the presence of the other conditions I stumbled on potassium as an actual remedy for the migraines.

I took supplemental potassium instead of aspirin/Excedrin and experienced relief within a very short time.

I later read that in medical studies potassium did as well as Imitrex in relieving migraines.

I had previous experience with Imitrex from when I lived in Michigan.  It is vastly superior to narcotic medication in relieving the pain – with no nasty side effects.

In spite of this knowledge I have come to see that maintaining potassium balance can be tricky. I now understand this is, in part, because I’ve suffered chronic potassium deficiency for decades.

I now see that the reason the migraines began at all was because the medication I’d been on after the brain surgery – which is known to deplete potassium – set me up for the horrific migraines.

No one told us Dilantin depletes potassium.  I should have been on supplements to compensate.

I often wonder how my EEG tests may have been artificially skewed because of the potassium loss, potentially making it seem as if there was a problem when there wasn’t.

And prolonging the time I was told to take the pharmaceutical.

I can’t help but wonder – if I’d quit the medication and restored my potassium levels, would my  EEGs  have been normal?

I’ll never know.

Low potassium levels cause inverted t-waves on EKGs.

Beverages.  Two beverages have played a role in the migraine saga over the years

  • Diet soda
  • Red wine

Diet Soda.  It is now known that diet sodas can deplete the body of potassium.

It can also cause irregular heartbeats, likely because of that potassium loss.

There was a pretty incredible situation in Italy where doctors recorded the impact on heart functionality in a young woman who had been drinking diet sodas.  Once she quit her EKG returned to normal.

I used to drink diet sodas which no doubt continued the potassium deficiency legacy begun by the post-surgery medication.

I eventually quit and immediately noticed a significant improvement in how I felt.

Red Wine.  To this day I will crave red wine prior to an atmospheric change associated with migraine development.  This is a double-edged sword.  The initial response is relaxation of the muscles which relieves the pressure I experience as conditions develop that would lead to a migraine.  The secondary effect is the fact red wine depletes the body of potassium which, depending on whether or not I’m low, can lead to a horrendous migraine.

Though I’ve known for decades that I crave red wine before a thunderstorm, it was only within the last week or two I came to see the boomerang effect caused by potassium loss. In drinking it I was almost guaranteeing I would develop a migraine in spite of the initial pain/pressure relief.

They Suddenly Stopped – At One Point.  The last time I experienced a migraine severe enough to send me to the ER was the Friday before my first date with my husband.

This is significant.

First of all, it was the first Friday in May.

I’d been experiencing these horrendous migraines the last weekend in April and/or the first weekend in May for several years in a row.

And in general – only then.

I did get one more – a year later – pretty much to the day.  However, it was not nearly as severe.

No trip to the ER was necessary.

I have come up with a theory as to why they reduced in frequency and severity after meeting my husband.

Initially, people suggested it was stress relief – because I was in love – but I knew better.  The migraines had nothing to do with stress.

My lifestyle changed after I met my husband and we began dating.

  • I worked out fewer times a day though I still worked out each day.
  • I drank more red wine and began to drink craft brews as he introduced me to them through dinners and dates.

The reduction in workouts may have helped my electrolyte balance.

My potassium would not be as depleted.

The alcohol may have had some therapeutic effect that actually prevented the migraines. 

Hard to say but it does seem to tie-in to overall nutrition.

Super Sleuth.  In my book Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I write about the need to do research when determining whether or not you even have EMF Sensitivity.  I suggest carrying a notebook around and keeping track of everything you can think of that may be affecting your health and well-being.

  • When did it start?
  • What changed?
  • What environmental factors may be at play?

As you can see from my own decades-long journey mapping and remapping the mystery of migraines, the detective work is absolutely necessary.

It also shows that it’s an unending journey because as new information becomes available, it’s critical to reinterpret the data and what it might mean.

Be well!

EMF Effect: Celestial Not Seasonal


NOTE:  This article is lengthy.

As I continue to learn about the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on our environment and the people within it I am able to apply new knowledge to old mysteries.  As a result, I was able to solve one of the thornier ones that had been baffling me.

This one has had a significant impact on my health for decades. 

It all started the late spring of 1982.  That was the year the horrendous migraines that preceded thunderstorms by forty-eight hours began.

They were debilitating and for years I was forced into a cycle of excruciating pain – trips to the ER – medication I hated – sleep – wake up to storm system gone and with it, the pain.

No one knew why this cycle happened.

Not even the neurosurgeon.

On the Surface.  The conclusion was that there was something about the weather – thunderstorms – that triggered the migraines. 

This suggested a seasonal element to it all.

Not So Fast.  As the years went by it became harder to conclude it was thunderstorms causing the problem.

There were too many times when I did not get a headache though the thunderstorms appeared.

EMF Sensitivity Rears Its Head.  While living in the East Bay I figured out I was suffering from EMF Sensitivity.  As I continued to pay close attention to this phenomenon, I began to observe that the symptoms appeared to be worse in the heat.

Actually, it was my husband who mentioned it first.

In-depth research didn’t turn up any explanation for this though I did come across information about the effects of temperature on subatomic particles.

This is covered in the Intention Experiments.

I continued researching the phenomenon and observing a link between heat and an intensifying of symptoms but never found an explanation as to why – exactly – this was happening.

Root Cause.  In September 2014 I came to realize the role heavy metal poisoning played in my developing EMF Sensitivity.

God knows I wasn’t born with it.

I set out to detoxify the metals and rebalance the nutrients – and voila!  No more EMF Sensitivity. 

But I still suffered migraines before thunderstorms – sometimes.

The Role of Calcium. In the winter of 2017 I figured out the role calcium played in EMF Sensitivity, including the migraines that occurred forty-eight hours prior to an electromagnetic atmospheric event.

I set out to chelate the excess calcium from my system and a few amazing things happened.

  • Scars began to shrink and/or disappear entirely
  • Moles began to just fall off my body
  • The migraines began to shrink in size and reduce in frequency and intensity

While I was thrilled to see a reduction in migraines, I was left with a mystery only one that was now an inverse of the previous version.

Why did I get migraines only sometimes before thunderstorms?

The lack of a pattern to the migraine-thunderstorm occurrence meant it was no longer a given that it was seasonal.  And yet…

Is It or Is It Not Seasonal? That was the question!

I did notice that at the same point in time – late spring – I suffered more health issues – issues that fell under the EMF spectrum. – than at other times of the year 

Thunderstorms are atmospheric EMF events.

This happened for years  and beginning three years ago I took a weird action – unconsciously – in an attempt to deal with – something.

I increased my intake of Sulphur foods.

This caused a host of negative health issues that took months to reverse.

Each year the foods were different though they all caused major issues for me.  I didn’t  realize they were all high sulphur foods until now.

I was very determined to figure out what the hell was going on so I didn’t have to keep getting so damned sick every summer!

Though I now knew I would be very careful to avoid consuming high sulphur foods!

Was it heat related? After all, the temperature goes up (in the Northern Hemisphere)  in late spring as we head toward summer.

Only Sometimes.  Not only was this inconclusive it was inconsistent.

The temperatures soar in late August and yet I don’t feel as bad as I do in early June.

Talk It Out.  Irritated because I am still recovering from the increased Sulphur gained by drinking black tea several months ago, I was venting one night recently.

This can be an effective way for my unconscious mind to get information to the surface.

By the morning I had the answer.

It wasn’t seasonal, it was celestial!

Planets of Influence. Other than the temperature increasing (in the Northern Hemisphere), what happens in the summer?

  • The earth is further from the sun
  • The sun’s rays hit the earth at a steeper angle

For more information on this, check out this article.

Though I’m still researching what exactly about this causes problems for me beginning in late spring I can safely say it has nothing to do with the weather – or the season itself.

I don’t feel bad all spring or all summer.

It’s a celestial event that happens each and every year as our earth rotates around the sun.

It has nothing to do with warm temperatures or whether or not there is a thunderstorm approaching and everything to do with where the earth is relative to the sun at any one point in time.

That Explains It!  I now understand that approximately every three months there is a significant change in the earth-sun orbital dance that has the potential to affect my life negatively.

I had begun to experience the migraines in October way back in the 90s – long before I moved to the SF Bay Area and developed EMF Sensitivity.

Forewarned is Forearmed.  So, what to do?  Well, I’d already had the problem mostly solved.

Getting rid of the excess calcium in my body made me a much smaller target for any EMF activity.

My work with detoxing heavy metals demonstrated the importance of balanced electrolytes in keeping EMF Sensitivity a nonissue.  In particular?  Potassium.

It manages cell signaling among other important functions.

By maintaining healthy electrolyte balance, including keeping my potassium levels where they need to be, I am able to keep EMF Sensitivity symptoms at bay.

As in gone.

Understanding that where our planet is relative to the sun at any point in time affects my health helps me in that if I feel any pressure – a symptom that worsens when potassium levels are low – I will be careful to watch what I eat and drink.

I do not need or want to battle the negative effects of too much Sulphur!  It takes monthsto reverse the damage!

I will continue to observe [read study] the effects of planetary orbit on my health as I go forward though in my mind a significant mystery has been solved.

And I now understand why fall has been my favorite season!  With the planet moving closer to the sun even as it tilts away, conditions are becoming ideal for good health.

A Note About Potassium.  Sufficient potassium levels are key to mitigating the effects of the orbital change.  However, care must be taken not to push sodium levels too low in an effort to raise potassium levels.

Don’t fix one problem only to introduce another.

Hopefully this information will be of value to those who may suffer health issues at one specific part of the calendar year.

I’m not talking about SAD.  Or perhaps SAD has a different root cause and thus a different approach to treatment can be considered.

A woman from China explained to me that many Chinese suffer SAD in the summer and attributed it to the intense unending heat.  That it happens at a different part of the year suggests the current theories about SAD and Winter may not be complete.

Be well!

NOTE:  It doesn’t matter where in the Northern Hemisphere I’ve been – which states – even other countries – I have experienced a negative health impact at the same time of year – late spring and early summer.

How to Cause WiFi Sensitivity, Tube TVs and other Tidbits


I’ve said it before but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn or observe some new tidbit about EMF Sensitivity.


Or confirm what I already knew and have written about.

Materials that touch our skin, and mountains and trees, have a significant impact on whether or not someone feels symptoms from EM Frequency exposure.

I write about this in my book Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.  

Trees?  Early in my research into EMF Sensitivity I observed that mountains and valleys and trees or not all had an impact on how sick I was.

You can gain insight into this phenomena by reading up on radio wave propagation and what impacts it.

Wanna Be Sensitive?  I recently REconfirmed that copper toxicity will bring on sensitivity to WiFi.

To induce WiFi sensitivity ingest copper when you are already copper toxic or newly detoxed from it, or eat foods and beverages that are a significant source of copper.

It took two weeks of drinking organic breakfast tea to cause a mild sensitivity to WiFi.

Also caused manic symptoms which is incredible for creativity but not so good for sleep.  No mood changes.  Just lots of mental stamina.

It took two days of taking 2mg copper supplement – one each day to cause serious relapse of EMF Sensitivity symptoms.

The two events happened years apart.  The supplements were when I was living in San Diego and was still detoxifying the heavy metals.  The tea was a more recent experience.  All I did was drink tea over a period of two weeks – one a day – because I like it.  Within two weeks I noticed I’d developed a mild intolerance to WiFi. 

It took me two weeks to undo the damage caused by drinking the tea.

I detoxified the culprit – copper which I was able to identify as the problem metal because my hair began turning red.  

Upon detoxification protocol completion, all WiFi Sensitivity symptoms were resolved.

My observations are completely consistent with everything I discovered about the root cause of EMF Sensitivity.

Heavy metal poisoning.

Different metals will induce sensitivity to different frequencies.

Copper and WiFi go together like a bad marriage.

Tube TV.  I have a chapter in Riding the Waves where I explain that armed with new knowledge I went back through my history and found explanations for old mysteries.  I recently came upon another one.  Tube TVs give/gave off a tremendous amount of radiation.  The frequency impact equivalent is RADAR.

Specifically, the RADAR frequencies currently used in residential and commercial alarm systems.

Interestingly, in the aftermath of my brain surgery, my grandfather, who was a EE and the British surgeon who was a mentor in my holistic medicine career both urged me to stay well away from television sets due to the radiation they gave off.

The surgeon – an ENT surgeon – also wanted me well away from microwave ovens.

Current technology is generally better when it comes to power management, power leakage, and power efficiency, not to mention shielding.  However, commercial and residential alarm systems are still likely to induce EMF Sensitivity symptoms in those  suffering from the syndrome.

RADAR was the last sensitivity to go for me.  WiFi was the very first.

Shake, Rattle, Roll, and Cry.  GMFs coming from geologic fault lines can induce feelings of despair and hopelessness in individuals who are calcium toxic.

As I write in Riding the Waves, so did a wireless power charger purchased off Ebay that was made in China and did not have IEEE or CE certification. 

In the case of the wireless charger the symptoms were so bad they induced suicidal thoughts.

I caught it immediately and we tossed the technology.  Problem solved.

When I hear of regions with high suicide rates, I consider the relationship between calcium toxicity and the dark emotions induced by exposure to certain ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, including and especially those that come from the earth’s geologic fault lines.  There is a good possibility detoxing the heavy metals/minerals will relieve symptoms.

The Russians observed a relationship between exposure to ultra-low and very low EM Frequencies associated with power lines and high suicide rates among the power line workers as early as 1971.

What’s With Your Hair?  At this stage in the game, my hair will start to turn black if I have a high calcium meal or take zinc supplements. It will turn red if I have copper in my diet.  It will go blonde if I take magnesium, which chelates the calcium – and thus the dark color – out.

If my system is in balance I have light brown/ dark blonde hair that is curly.

As in spiral curls.

If I eat a bowl of yogurt or have cheese, the curl begins to straighten.

The same with red wine so I know there’s a relationship between red wine and absorbing calcium.

If I drink champagne or take any steps to chelate out the calcium, the curl comes back.

This happens almost immediately and is witnessed by those around me.  

It’s wild.

Damn Skeeters.  I’ll close this with the observation that having more sugar in the diet seems to make mosquitos very happy.  You are potentially more likely to get bit if your blood panel has been impacted by sweets.

Eating a sweet meal or dessert can also make one and two-day old mosquito bites start to itch even if they’d stopped.

We really arewhat we eat!

Migraine Update: Ear Piercing Cure

chart_ear-acupointsI was chatting with the woman making my doppio the other morning and we got to talking about migraines.  She told me a very interesting story and after getting her permission, I have elected to post it here in the hope that it offers hope and a possible solution for those who suffer from them

She explained that in high school she used to suffer terrible migraines.  She would get dots swimming before her eyes and that terrible pounding.

Two years ago, she got her right ear pierced and from that day onward has never experienced a migraine.

She’s been trying to convince her mom, who still gets them, to do what she did.

Needles and needles.  I believe this has to do with acupuncture points and though I saw where the piercing was ( higher up and more to the inside),  I could not tell you which acupuncture point was tapped.

It may be worth seeking out an acupuncturist to discuss various options.

My acupuncturist in San Francisco explained that leaving a needle in the ear in a specific spot would go far to reduce the headaches I was experiencing.  I went the herbal route for fear of bumping into something with a needle in my ear.

No needles needed.  In my own experience I’ve figured out that depending on the location of the migraine I can address it with mineral supplements.

  • On the left side temple – potassium deficiency.

As I’ve written previously, potassium has been found to be as effective at relieving migraines as Imitrex in clinical trials.

  • On the right side temple and sinus and tooth area – sodium deficiency.

The give away is a stuffy nose.  That is sodium deficiency and taking potassium will make the symptoms worse.

I hope this information helps those affected by migraines, providing hope, something to consider, and perhaps try.

Note:  Food triggers may cause issues by lowering crucial minerals.

When I drank diet colas I lost potassium which triggered potassium deficiency migraines.

What About Stress?  If you are constantly experiencing potassium deficiency migraines and food  triggers aren’t your culprit, it would be wise to consider a toxic environment – either work or personal.  Potassium is the adrenal mineral and if your system is in constant fight or flee mode, it’s like keeping your foot on the gas even when you have the nozzle in the tank.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving: The Health Protocol

freegreatpictureThanks to a brain hemorrhage when I was a kid, I have faced the challenges of having been blind, paralyzed, and in a coma.

Oh yeah, and I died three times in three days.

Though I recovered and went on to live a “normal life,” I continued to experience minor reminders of that time.  Specifically, when I got tired, my left leg would drag.

People would ask, “Did you hurt your leg?”  To which I replied, “No, I’m just tired.”  Fun to watch them try to connect the dots.

One of the more annoying fallouts from that little reminder was that it was incredibly hard on my shoes.

Or the left one at any rate.

I would scuff up the toes of boots and there was uneven wear on the soles of my tennis shoes that necessitated replacing my shoes more frequently than what I would have otherwise.

Another related symptom was small areas on my left leg, foot, and pads of my fingers on the left hand that were semi-numb or numb altogether.

While annoying, this didn’t negatively impact my life. 

After All These Years.  Beginning shortly after starting the protocol wherein I detoxified the heavy metals and set out to replenish depleted minerals, I noticed that I could feel some of those numb areas on my leg and foot.

I didn’t even notice anything about the pads of my fingers.  At first…

I also noticed I was able to move my left toes better.

Curling them further than I’d been able to when I couldn’t feel certain areas.

Time went on and I continued the protocol.

I was healing myself of EMF Sensitivity.  That was the priority and the lens through which I filtered symptoms and progress.

Fast forward.  The other day I realized it has been years since anyone has asked me if I hurt my leg.  More significantly, my tennis shoes, which normally would have been up for replacement, didn’t need it.

I checked the soles. No uneven wear – at all.  None.

I recently purchased boots and upon thinking, realized that I have not tripped and caught the toe of the left foot.

Not once.

Residual Progress. About three months ago I mentioned to Aaron that the feeling on the pads of my left fingers is now completely normal.

I have no idea when this changed but I’m pretty happy about it.  It used to feel as if there was water in the pads of the fingers, like a blister after a burn.

Set up for Failure. I remember writing some time back about how the lack of sufficient potassium can negatively impact cell signaling and muscle control.

I pointed out this would be particularly problematic for those going through physical and/or occupational therapy after a stroke or injury.

Many medications deplete potassium which potentially sets up those recovering from stroke or other paralytic conditions for one hell of a rough ride when trying to regain mobility.

I couldn’t help but think of my own experience and how I felt I’d been set up for failure because no one told us the medication I was on depleted potassium, critical to muscle function.

It’s difficult to quantify just how important having proper mineral balance is for our well-being.

Especially, the electrolytes.

It is definitely nice to think that like my neurosurgeon promised when I was seventeen, we continue to get better for the rest of our lives.

He just probably didn’t realize proper nutrient balance was equally as important as continued physical activity in that endeavor.

Such as sports, hiking, etc.

Hopefully sharing my experience will give hope to others who may be struggling to regain mobility and muscle function after injuries or illness.

It would be worth looking into electrolyte balance.

Be well!