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Can Supplements Cause Food Intolerance?

This is a lengthier article.

I had a lot to say!

As I continue my journey of recovery, I continue to peel the onion, pulling back layers that are relevant to the cause-effect of symptoms and conditions.  Most recently, I stumbled on the realization that taking mineral supplements can lead to food intolerance.

At least, it did for me.

It also, as it turns out, caused a scary health symptom in a friend.

 To Supplement or Not?  Throughout the years, I have taken supplements on and off.

Maybe a multi-vitamin, or a specific supplement if I was trying to address something.

I prefer to take nothing unless necessary.

And then I take the minimum dose and quit as soon as the condition is resolved.

I do not take supplements as a preventative.

Too Much of a Good Thing?  One of the supplements I have had great success with is magnesium oxide.

I tried other forms of magnesium and had little to no success, and in some cases, a worsening of symptoms.

 Mineral Teeter-TotterA variety of minerals “cancel each other out” like two individuals on a teeter-totter.

Sodium and potassium act to control fluid balance in cells.  Too much sodium and/or not enough potassium, and you can experience symptoms associated with fluid imbalance, including water retention and high blood pressure.

Calcium and magnesium have a similar relationship.

Iodine and vitamin D (a hormone) play a critical role in regulating calcium in the body.  Interestingly, most Americans are deficient in all three nutrients.  Can we say excess calcium?  Hmm, could be…

Over the previous eight years, I took magnesium oxide more than any other supplement.  Weirdly enough, in the previous four, I’ve had mixed results with efficacy.

Turns out, if I lived in an area with hard [high calc] water, the results were different than if I didn’t.

The Teeter Totter At Work.  When I had hard water, the magnesium acted to balance the excess calcium.  When I didn’t – I was getting too much.  But I didn’t know it!

The Healing Begins.  In 2014, I began a serious detoxification regimen aimed at clearing heavy metals and reestablishing nutritional balance.  Unbknownst to me, during the process that took over two years, I moved to a place with hard water.

Unlike when we lived in Arizona, the dishes weren’t scored and our shower glass wasn’t almost beyond redemption from calcification, nor was the water cloudy.  

There were other signs.  Health symptom signs I didn’t catch until later.  Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

This significantly impacted the recovery process and my health.  I eventually moved away from the hard water but continued to take magnesium since I had come to realize just how many health problems were the result of excess calcium in the body.

Everything was going along swimmingly.  The longer I was away from the hard water, the better I felt.  All symptoms but one were clearing and I was confident that one would be a matter of time.

After about seven months, I started to experience symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Weird given I was taking magnesium supplements.

I made changes in my diet and added an additional 400 mg capsule of magnesium oxide.  The symptoms of magnesium deficiency worsened.

Around this time, I found myself talking to several individuals about magnesium supplementation.  During one of the conversations, I noticed a friend had developed tremors.  As time went by, they seemed to worsen.

The head and hands were tremoring badly.

This person otherwise felt fine and seemed fine.

We had many discussions about what was going on, what changes in diet, stress, and lifestyle might be taking place.  Research showed that tremors could be a sign of magnesium deficiency.  The thing was, this friend was also supplementing with magnesium.

More is not better.  When I passed on that it could be low magnesium, and that perhaps their body wasn’t absorbing what they were taking, they decided to up the dose.

The tremors became much worse!  

I immediately suggested they stop all magnesium supplements to see what happened.  You guessed it, the tremors stopped – almost.

A slight bit remained.

I initially figured over time, as the body cleared the magnesium, the tremors would cease.  They didn’t, though they were barely noticeable.  Careful questioning revealed that they were taking a multi-mineral supplement that contained magnesium.  I suggested they stop and the tremors disappeared.

Sometimes it’s just more.  I wasn’t entirely surprised by this. The body is incredibly efficient.  If it gets too much of something, it works to jettison the excess as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

Hard to do if you keep bombarding it by taking more.

What’s more, I’d known – and written – that a symptom can be associated with too much or too little of a nutrient.

bailing-iinNow me.  My friend’s situation made me wonder if the same might be happening to me.  Was I suffering symptoms of magnesium deficiency because I’d been taking too much when I no longer needed it, causing my body to jettison it by the boatload?

I immediately ceased taking magnesium and the deficiency symptoms began to resolve.

It took three months for some of them to resolve.

Then a Strange Thing Happened.  Mysterious food intolerances began to disappear.

I had been totally baffled when foods and beverages I’d eaten for years began to cause problems.  The irritating part was that most of the foods are considered super foods and are purported to be very healthy.

 I was cautious.  By this time, my diet had been reduced to very few foods – irritating – and tiresome.

Hopeful, I continued to test problematic foods.

I was as puzzled by the ability to suddenly eat foods that had been problematic as I was that they’d become problematic in the first place.

A Break in the Case.  I was reading an article about foods and their effects on inflammation in the body.  At the bottom of the article was a note that in recent studies, magnesium had been shown to have an inverse relationship to inflammation – and caused it.

The article stated more studies needed to be done before drawing conclusions.  After all, magnesium is a miracle mineral – right?  Or is it?

While that little tidbit was interesting, what caught my eye was the list of foods included in that segment of the article.  They were all foods I had developed an intolerance to!

detectiveFollowing a hunch, I decided to look into what foods were high in magnesium.  I found a list of 21.  Eliminating two that I don’t eat, I saw that I had developed an intolerance to all but two of the foods on the list!

Light Bulb!  In light of the fact my body had been flushing magnesium because I’d taken too much in supplemental form, it made perfect sense that any foods high in magnesium would cause an immune response!

I had become “allergic” to magnesium!

Further research illustrated that the beverages I’d become intolerant to, including red wine, were also high in magnesium.

Time Heals.  Many autoimmune recovery programs start with elimination diets.  They include all sorts of speculation about why these foods are a problem.

Big on the list?  Genetically modified wheat.

What none of them suggested was that taking too many supplements of a nutrient can lead to the body flushing the excess – leading to a deficiency of that nutrient and a sensitivity to foods rich in that same nutrient.

But they do recommend a veritable pharmacy of supplements you should take.

There is plenty of excellent information is in these books, and the elimination of foods that cause an immune response is important to healing.  Andddd, taking supplements when appropriate can certainly accelerate healing.  However…

 When Can I Eat?  There are varying theories regarding how long someone should be on an elimination diet.  A good consensus is three months.  For myself, after three months of no magnesium supplementation, I was able to eat foods and drink beverages that have significant sources of magnesium.

Including as I verified last night – red wine!

These are foods I had mysteriously become intolerant to!


I am still “recovering” from the sensitivity, so I will limit foods high in magnesium – including red wine – for several more months.



The Bottom Line. 

  •  I have observed that the health protocol I followed while living in a place with hard water will not work in a location that does not have hard water.  
  • Taking too much of a nutritional supplement can cause the body to flush the excess, leading to deficiency symptoms.
  • Taking too much of a nutritional supplement when you do not need it can result in a sensitivity to foods high in this nutrient.
  • Taking supplements when you don’t need them can cause health problems.
  • Realizing you no longer need a supplement – and that you are actually getting too much – is tricky business. It isn’t always obvious.  It is imperative to pay attention to your body and adjust your health regimen as appropriate.

 A Word of Caution.  In the mid-20th century, it became fashionable for doctors to tell their patients to treat their high blood pressure by cutting back on sodium.

If high sodium is the problem, this is wise advice. 

However, as often as not – if not more so – it was low potassium that was the root cause.

Reducing sodium will allow potassium levels to come up but it doesn’t address the root cause of low potassium.

Treating health symptoms that are ultimately caused by excess calcium and not low magnesium by taking magnesium supplements  is not necessarily the right approach.  Doing so can cause a slew of health issues, including tremors, hormonal issues, and gum issues.

It can also lead to food intolerances.

 The appropriate solution?  Deal with the excess calcium!

 Harvard and other institutions have released information suggesting calcium supplementation is excessive and should be considered with caution.

Between fortified foods, hard water, and other environmental factors, it’s probably more common than people realize to get too much calcium.  Simply increasing magnesium does not solve the problem!

A Final Note.  For those who associate low vitamin D as the reason for autoimmune problems, note that The Vitamin D council cautions against taking vitamin D if calcium serum levels are high.

Many foods, including orange juice, are enriched with calcium and vitamin D.

Given how many people pop calcium supplements like they were M & Ms and take vitamin D drops – you have to wonder – what’s really making people sick?

Even more interesting when you considered the longest lived peoples in the world do not include supplements as part of their health regimen.


The Healthier I Ate, the Sicker I Got




When it comes to telling Americans how to eat, there is no shortage of advice on what foods are the right foods.

This is not limited to the US but this is where I live.

There are hundreds of diets covering a myriad of food choices aimed at a specific outcome.

(i.e,. weight loss, weight gain, improve cardiovascular health, deal with insulin resistance, competitive sports eating, elimination diets, healing the immune system diets, and any number of diets aimed at dealing with any number of health conditions – both treating and preventing).

This doesn’t count diets dictated by religious tradition.

 After realizing that my EMF Sensitivity was caused by exposure to heavy metals and other toxins I was exposed to while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I set out to eat with the express purpose of eliminating these toxins and restoring lost nutrients so my body could heal itself.

I chronicle my experience in books and entries throughout my website

Fifteen months later, free of EMF Sensitivity, my family and I moved to the Pacific Northwest.  Shortly after, I began to experience strange health symptoms unrelated to EMF Sensitivity.

Within three months, my hair turned from blonde to black, and I began to experience serious gum issues.  Within six months, all the curl disappeared from my hair and I began to feel weird and sometimes painful sensations in my lower back.

I also began experiencing serious food intolerance issues.

Upon medical advice, I worked on my gut flora.  I ate healthy foods such as lean proteins, salads with green leafy lettuces, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats.

I also tried eating dark chocolate which shows my desperation – I don’t like chocolate – never have.

I came to realize that the healthier I ate, the worse I felt, and the sicker I got.

I first noticed it with spinach.  I tried several other salads and the more nutrient dense the lettuce, the worse I felt.

 I quit eating foods that made me feel bad even though they were purported to be super foods, packed with healthy life-giving nutrients.

It was only after moving to a new location in the area that I was able to figure out what had been going on.

The symptoms were not related to EMF Sensitivity, which made it more difficult to figure out.

The water where we were living was, like Arizona water, hard water.

It wasn’t as obvious because the dishes and shower glass weren’t as scored as in AZ.

After weeks in the new home, with very healthy drinking water, the symptoms began disappearing.

It was winter but my hair was going blonde again.  The curl returned to my hair.  My gums began to heal, and a number of other weird issues began to clear up.

 A few months ago, I began actively working to eliminate excess calcium from my tissues.

I’ve written about this on this website.

The more excess I eliminated, the healthier I got.

The younger and more energetic I felt.

With the chaos in hindsight I was able to figure out why the healthy foods were making me so sick.  They are all significant sources of calcium!

So, my advice to people in a similar situation – see what nutrients the foods have in common.

It might be another nutrient, such as copper, causing the problem.  Excess copper causes symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.

Here are my personal observations:

  • Kefir may be a source of good gut bacteria, but it’s also high in calcium. I experienced severe skin itching after drinking the stuff.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables are high in calcium.
  • Eating grains inhibits the body’s ability to absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the key nutrients needed to regulate calcium in the body.
  • Exposure to UV rays, not sunshine, is necessary for the body to make Vitamin D. Most Americans wear sunscreen to block absorption of UV rays and most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.  Go figure.
  • Vitamin D is not a vitamin. It’s a hormone.  When humans take hormone replacement therapy when they do not need to, the body cuts back on its production.  It is possible that people taking supplemental vitamin D are causing Vitamin D deficiency. in their bodies
  • Magnesium citrate made the calcium problem much worse, while magnesium oxide helped. Magnesium is another key nutrient needed to regulate calcium in the body.
  • Lugol’s iodine 5% turned the tide. Iodine is the third key ingredient necessary to regulate calcium in the body.  I only needed 2 drops a day.  I no longer take this.
  • Most Americans are deficient in magnesium, vitamin D, and iodine.
  • Baking soda therapy is helpful when eliminating excess calcium.  Care should be taken so that new imbalances are avoided.  Dr. Sircus has written extensively on this.  He is my go-to source for information on baking soda therapy.
  • Champagne plays a significant role in eliminating excess calcium from the body. Interestingly, the health benefits touted for champagne are inverse to health symptoms caused by excess calcium.  For example, champagne helps memory.  Excess calcium calcifying in the brain causes severe memory issues.  Champagne helps the heart.  Calcium crystals on artery walls are responsible for arteriosclerosis.
  • Beer and red wine, high in phytic acid (tanins in wine), worsen the symptoms of excess calcium.  Phytic acid interferes with the body’s metabolism of Vitamin D.
  • White wine appears to be neutral. No problem but no benefit when dealing with excess calcium.
  • Eliminating grains, including oats, helps because you are not ingesting a substance, phytic acid, that inhibits the body’s absorption of Vitamin D.
  • Eliminating nuts is helpful because nuts are high in calcium.  They are also a source of phytic acid.
  • Proper preparation of nuts, seeds, beans, and grains reduces and/or eliminates phytic acid.  Most Americans do not have access to foods that have been prepared properly.
  • Eliminating cheese and dairy products is helpful because these are significant sources of calcium.
  • Increase vitamin C, particularly ascorbic acid, to help the body flush excess calcium.
  • Soft cheeses are better tolerated than other cheeses; particularly Stilton blue and gouda aged to contain the crystals.
  • Avoiding anything fortified with vitamin D and/or calcium is helpful when dealing with excess calcium.
  • It’s best to get your vitamin D naturally through exposure to UV rays, which pass through clouds.  Get outside and walk!
  • Any teas high in calcium, caffeinated or not, should be avoided though black coffee is fine. Espresso is even better because the phytic acid has been eliminated through the preparation process.  Do not add dairy to your coffee or espresso beverage!  This includes dairy substitutes fortified with calcium.
  • As I eliminated the excess calcium, scar tissue in my body shrank and disappeared.  This resulted in less pain before and during thunderstorms and the cessation of migraines at the site of my brain surgery scar.
  • Eliminating excess calcium also resolved any rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
  • Eating pineapple and cantaloupe has accelerated my healing from excess calcium related symptoms.  I buy precut and eat multiple times a day.

I found a really great article on the interaction of nutrients with regards to excess calcium.

What this has taught me more than anything, aside from the devastating health effects of excess calcium, is that we need to eat in a way that is helpful, not harmful, to us.

Not what is recommended, but what works for us.

This  may be counter to what health officials and other experts recommend, but the recommendations, in certain cases, can be deadly.

NOTE:  People who take supplemental calcium may want to rethink this.  Get a hair mineral analysis to see what’s going on with you.  Compare these results with any blood work to get a comprehensive picture.

When I took supplemental calcium, I got a vibrating sensation in my foot at the location of a stress fracture.  It was awful.  I quit the supplement, problem resolved.  I took calcium via supplement over a year later with the same result.  The second was a different brand.

NOTE:  If you take or have taken birth control pills, you are especially vulnerable to excess calcium related health issues.

The reasons are too complicated to go into in this article. 

NOTE:  If you live in an area with hard water, like Arizona, you are particularly vulnerable.

Get a water softener and/or make sure you get enough magnesium, iodine, and vitamin D, along with vitamin C.

NOTE:  Some autoimmune diets call for the elimination of foods high in vitamin C and adding those high in calcium.

This is harmful for someone whose health issues, including their autoimmune condition, are caused by excess calcium in their tissues.  An example is rheumatic arthritis.

As you eliminate excess calcium, you may be able to reintroduce foods that were problematic, but be careful you don’t go overboard.  You could wind up back where you started if you get too much calcium relative to other nutrients.

The most important lesson is that you do what is right for you – not what someone else tells you you should do.

Have a hair mineral analysis and pertinent blood work!  Find out what is going on with you.

Not other people your same age and sex…you.

And on a closing note – something a little lighter.

Calcium – The Old Man Mineral

movingday.4cdd43ca-2851-4715-bbf9-41eb91019cb8Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.   – Albert Einstein

Nothing teaches like experience.  Moving is stressful.  It is disruptive.  It’s also incredibly educational.

Living in different parts of the country enabled me to understand the impact of environment on human health.

 My personal experience has shown that, by far, drinking water has the quickest and most significant impact.

 What’s in that water?  While heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and excess copper are known to wreak havoc with human health, they are not the only materials in drinking water that can cause problems.

Metal or mineral?  Classified as minerals and touted as elixirs of good health, some materials are overlooked, in spite of the fact they can have a devastating impact on human health.

Too much of a good thing.  Minerals are necessary for good health.  However, everyone’s needs are unique.  Too many people rely on the RDA or the recommendations of someone else to tell them what and how much they need.

No one knows your body like you do.

Hard water.  I have only recently come to understand the terrible impact of too much calcium on human health.  Depending where it builds up, calcification can cause serious problems:

  • Eyesight (blurred vision, poor color perception, poor light absorption)
  • Hearing (narrowing of range perceived, hearing loss – as in going deaf)
  • Memory loss/symptoms of Alzheimer’s
  • Symptoms of autism, speech delay
  • Yellowing and softening of teeth, increase in cavities
  • Yellow eye tooth
  • Arthritis in gum tissues
  • Severe gum swelling/bleeding
  • Yellow nails
  • White spots on nails (calcification)
  • Symptoms that mimic what is classified as nail fungus but are not
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Joint and muscle stiffness
  • Calcium is an EMF conductor and will result in pain at locations of scar tissue and buildup when exposed to ultra-low and very low EMFs.
  • Skin tags/moles
  • Skin problems – purple markings that resemble bruising – no itch or discomfort
  • Anger (worse in presence of ultra-low and very low EMFs)
  • Despair (worse in presence of ultra-low and very low EMFs)
  • Old person syndrome (you feel soooooo old and as if your best years are behind you)
  • Curly hair straightening, knotting
  • Hair becoming rat’s nest dry
  • Hair turning almost black when you are a natural blonde
  • Dry skin and severely chapped lips and bottom of feet
  • Pseudo-gout in bottom of feet

Thank God, I was able to reverse the damage.

Everyone in my family was affected, though in different ways.

By reducing the excess calcium:

  • Improved eyesight (need less light to read, can read smaller print, improved color perception)
  • Improved hearing (expansion in range of frequencies heard, reversal of deafness)
  • Hair lightens to natural color
  • Curly hair becomes curly again, no more knots, no more dry
  • Teeth whiten, no more cavities
  • Skin softens, no longer dry or chappted
  • Moles and skin tags shrink and disappear
  • Scar tissue shrinks and disappears
  • Nails return to normal color and texture (they don’t have to grow out normal – they revert to normal texture and color as the excess calcium is eliminated)
  • Memory issues resolve
  • Elimination of symptoms of autism, normal learning restored
  • Joint and muscle pain and stiffness eliminated
  • No more pseudo-gout pain
  • Restored optimism and calm

Plants.  It isn’t just human health that is affected.  Plants watered with high calcium water will have slower growth, failure to thrive

That isn’t blood.  We had an aloe vera plant with gel that turned red when cut.

It looked like blood – totally creepy. 

I’d never seen it before and research revealed “No one knows why some aloe vera gel turns red”.  I do.  Hard water.

When we moved to an area where the water is not hard, the gel no longer turned red.

Same plant, different water.

Our other plants, which were looking pretty sad, improved dramatically.

Going going gone.  I have taken a variety of steps to reduce the excess calcium.

  • Baking soda therapy
  • Magnesium supplementation (transdermal and oral supplement)
  • New water source
  • Eliminate dairy
  • Eliminate supplemental vitamin D
  • Drinking champagne

Supplemental vitamin D worsened the symptoms.   There is no substitute for the real thing – sunlight on skin. 

As it is winter, I installed full spectrum lighting.  It takes approximately ten days’ exposure to get things going in the right direction.

A Young Old Man/Woman/Child.  I refer to calcium as the old man mineral for a reason.  While living in AZ, symptoms had me believing a family member had early onset Alzheimer’s.  Moving to a different water source eliminated all the issues.  We moved again and didn’t realize we had high calcium water.  Symptoms began to return after 8 months.  Fortunately, we moved to an area without hard water.  Symptoms were eliminated within weeks, have stayed gone.

Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I was able to determine that AZ water was directly responsible for my rheumatoid arthritis, two times, 19 years apart.

To Eliminate or Not To Eliminate.  Detoxing from excess calcium is no picnic.  In fact, given what we have gone through I can honeslty say that in some cases, it’s probably better for people to stay sick with what they have.  Though health can be restored, the stress and trauma associated with the detoxification process is, at times, just plain horrendous.

Knowing the cause – the excess calcium being flushed into your system to be eliminated – is not enough to diminish the absolute hell you go through.

It’s a brutal process and when multiple family members are detoxing, it’s that much more difficult.

Equal Opportunity Hell.  Excess calcium affects everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, a child or an adult.

Women who have taken birth control pills will have it worse.  An explanation of why is beyond the scope of this article.

EMF Sensitivity or Not.  My issues with excess calcium are separate from those associated with EMF Sensitivity.

Copper and mercury, along with nickel, cadmium, and other heavy metals I was exposed to while living in the SF Bay Area are associated with EMF Sensitivity symptoms.

Calcium is a metal and will conduct/attract ultra-low and very low EMFs, resulting in symptoms where there is calcium build-up, such as with scar tissue.

  • headaches, including migraines
  • pain

IV Chelation therapy. IV chelation therapy has been successfully used for decades in various locations as an alternative to open heart surgery.  It reduces arterial plaque build-up (calcification) on artery walls.  This same therapy can be used to accelerate the healing process for other symptoms associated with excess calcium.  The Myers Cocktail in particular is a powerful healing tool.

Magnesium and vitamin C.

Interestingly, it is used at a Dallas Center for EMF Sensitivity to help treat that ailment.

General Recommendations for reducing excess calcium.  These are suggestions only.  This is what worked for me and my family.

Work with a health professional if you need to and be sure to adjust treatment as appropriate for age (my kids did NOT drink champagne).

  • Do not take calcium supplements
  • Eliminate any food or beverage fortified with calcium or vitamin D
  • Do not take supplemental vitamin D
  • Use full-spectrum lighting
  • Reduce intake of grains as they interfere with the body’s absorption of important nutrients that play a role in regulating calcium in the body
  • Consider iodine supplementation as the thyroid plays a crucial role in regulating calcium in the blood.  (We used one drop of Lugol’s 5% though I used two).
  • Stop supplements when you no longer need them
  • Champagne helped while beer and red wine made things worse (White wine is neutral).

FYI.  Read the work of Dr. Carolyn Dean and Dr. Mark Sircus. 

Both have numerous books and articles that provide excellent information.

That’s All Folks.  It’s scary to watch people you love suffer.

It never occurred to me that the culprit for some of the most terrifying symptoms was excess calcium resulting from drinking hard water. 

To say I am relieved to have finally cracked the case would be an understatement.

Remember!  Substances found in our drinking water have a profound effect on our health and our lives.

Even the ones that are supposed to help us.

I sincerely hope that this information will  be helpful to others.

Be well!

** Technically, it is exposure to UV rays on skin that results in vitamin D production.  UV rays pass through clouds so you just need to be outside – WITHOUT sunblock.  Sounds counterintuitive but it’s true – if you block the rays you block the ability to produce your own Vitamin D.  The full spectrum lighting appears to mimic the exposure but it takes about ten days of exposure before things start turning in the right direction.  Even then, it isn’t as good as the real thing – Mother Nature.

Skin, Snoring, and Excess Calcium

1bb5snoring-icon-269428Skin.  Another mole fell off.

I’ve had this very small mole on my leg for as long as I can remember.  Yesterday, I ran my hand over my leg and noticed it had scabbed.  It proceeded to come off leaving the skin smooth beneath.

I put a paste of baking soda and water over it for good measure.

 All of the skin tags were gone with one exception and that one is growing smaller.  Most of the moles are also gone.

I had very smooth skin until living in the Southwest US.  When we moved to San Diego I noticed I’d gotten a hell of a lot of moles and skin tags all of a sudden.  HARD WATER IN ARIZONA!!!!

I did nothing proactive to remove them!  They simply fell off and while this began after a year and a half on my healing protocol, the rate accelerated dramatically after I began drinking baking soda in water.

About three weeks ago.

I’m beginning to suspect that moles and skin tags are the body trying to rid itself of excess calcium crystals through it’s largest detoxification organ, the skin.

I also wonder if the stuff the dermatologist injects into the moles to kill them is sodium bicarbonate and water.

 My skin has also tightened up since drinking the baking soda and water.

It actually started when I rebuilt my magnesium stores, a related but separate event.

I suspect this is because the loose skin associated with wrinkles and lack of muscle definition is caused by excess calcium throwing many of the body’s functions out of whack.

That’s oversimplifying it but you get the idea.

Snoring.  I’ve spent the last 2 ½ years trying to understand my husband’s snoring pattern which had gotten really bad for some reason.

To put it into context, he never snored before we moved to the SF Bay Area.  The snoring came and went, with no obvious cause, as we moved around the Southwest US.

What was really strange was that every time we slept in a hotel the snoring stopped.

This suggested it was environmental.

We eliminated a number of potential allergens so I turned to nutritional deficiencies.

Given what we’d been exposed to, I suspected low potassium.

I read that drinking apple cider vinegar stopped snoring so we gave it a try.

ACV would support the low potassium theory.  

It worked pretty well but there was still an issue.  Through an intense process of elimination, I figured out it was milk.

Before we moved to the SF Bay Area, he rarely had coffee and when he did, he drank it black, no lattes or cappuccinos.

Unfortunately, this didn’t resolve the entire issue.

For no discernible reason, the snoring became a major issue again.  Back to the drawing board…

After publishing my work on how excess calcium affected me it occurred to me that it wasn’t the milk causing the snoring, it was what was in it.  EXCESS CALCIUM!

I put him on magnesium potassium aspartate and the snoring all but stopped.  He started drinking the baking soda and water and the snoring stopped entirely.

He drinks ¼ tsp in a glass of water 2 – 3 times a day on an empty stomach, at least thirty minutes before eating.   He still takes ACV – a shot glass full just before bed.

Interestingly, ACV and baking soda accomplish many of the same health benefits.  For instance, both help digestion and both are alkalizing.  Both are used to treat a variety of disorders, including moles and skin tags.

I believe there is a lot more to the story of excess calcium and how it negatively impacts health.

If you do decide to drink baking soda in water I suggest you stop taking any calcium supplements and cut back on all dairy.  I have also observed that drinking red wine is counterproductive.  Champagne is fine and in fact is working synergistically to accomplish the same thing.  I will be testing white wine, margaritas, and beer in the future.

So far, beer has been the most harmful to my efforts so it will be awhile before I test it.

The anti-inflammatory and other health promoting benefits of alcohol mean it should be considered an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

If you look at the longest-lived peoples on earth you will see they consume alcohol regularly.  It’s also a part of the Mediterranean Diet.

Use common sense.  If eliminating it entirely is better for your health, do so.

Too Much Calcium – Additional Information

dairy-cow1As I wrote previously, I suffered several health issues after living in an area with hard water that was excessively high in calcium and highly corrosive.  I wanted to share additional information and clarify a few things.

I wrote of the negative effect of too much calcium on my teeth and gums, my hair and nails.  This is not related to the EMF Sensitivity, nor is excess calcium responsible for EMF Sensitivity symptoms.

As such, I’m not sure drinking baking soda and water would have been beneficial for EMF Sensitivity.  I don’t know how effective it is at removing heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, excess copper, nickel, and others that was I exposed to while living in California.

I did read that US soldiers were given baking soda and water after being exposed to depleted uranium.

The protocol I designed and followed worked beautifully for the EMF Sensitivity.

And safely removed the heavy metals.

Dental Health.  Prior to moving to Scottsdale, my dental health was excellent, my teeth white.

Tooth enamel turning yellow.  Though all of my teeth were yellowed due to the hard water, the worst affected was an eyetooth.  After I moved to San Diego, over time, my teeth whitened.

It took 9 months during which time I was doing nothing other than taking the ConcenTrace Trace Minerals and a few vitamins.  I hadn’t yet started the protocol.

I visited Scottsdale for two days.  After twenty-four hours, my eyetooth had turned yellow again.

I was angry, frustrated, and disheartened.

It took until this past month, after we moved away from the area with high calcium water, to whiten it again.

 Even though I drank baking soda and water, the yellow stayed a problem  because the drinking water where we were living was high in calcium.

Tooth pitting.  I never had any pitting in my tooth enamel prior to Scottsdale.  Although I was again living in an area with high calcium water, I did experience some remineralizing after using magnesium chloride to brush my teeth.  It wasn’t until dirnking baking soda and water that the problem completely resolved, within a matter of days.

Gums. Prior to moving to Scottsdale, my gum health was excellent.  No problems.  No bleeding, swelling, or pain in my gums and the only recession I had was on a back tooth where the gum was damaged from braces. Two years in Scottsdale did severe damage to my gums and teeth.  However, after moving to San Diego, everything began healing, albeit slowly.

Then we moved to the area with hard water and within three months, my gums were in terrible shape.  It was a nightmare and though I managed to make some slight progress through my own protocol, and a little bit more when I began brushing my teeth with magnesium chloride, I still had major issues.

 Two dentists and a doctor were unable to tell me what was wrong.  I knew it was environmental.

After moving away from the hard water my gums began to heal at a moderate pace.  Within days of drinking the baking soda and water, all the swelling had gone down and the pain and bleeding stopped.

There has been slight improvement in the recession.  I would like to see more.

Hair.  When I moved to Scottsdale, my hair was in great shape.  Though I highlighted my hair,  it is naturally honey blonde/light golden brown with red throughout.  It’s also very curly.

When I took birth control pills, my curly hair went poker straight.  When I quit taking them, the curl returned.

 Within two years of living with that hard water, my hair was rat’s nest dry and the curl had come out.  We moved to San Diego and the hair recovered.

It took months.

Within 3 months of moving to the area with hard water, my hair had turned a brown so dark it was basically black.  Within 9 months the curl was gone and the hair was again dried out.

I was so frustrated.  I could not understand what had happened!

Within two months of being away from the hard water the hair began lightening, accelerating after drinking the baking soda and water.

It’s still lightening, I can again see red ,and the curl has come back.

 Skin.  Skin gets terribly dry and chaps badly when there is an excess of calcium.

The flaking is nasty.  It’s also itchy.

All the moisturizer in the world will not help when calcium crystals are the source of the problem.  After moving away from high calcium water, even without moisturizer, the skin softens and the chapping disappears entirely.

No more flaking and no more itching.

 The two toenails.  Before the more recent move to an area with hard water, only one toenail had been affected and that nail was returning to normal, albeit very slowly, after moving to San Diego where the water was not high in calcium.

After the more recent move to an area with high calcium water, two toenails were affected.

I did not understand what was going on but I was very upset.

After moving again and having the new water source, my nails began to normalize at a moderate pace.  When I began to drink the baking soda and water daily, the color went back to normal within days.  After a week, the peeling stopped and the texture normalized.

They did not start growing out normal, they literally reverted to normal over a period of days.

They began to grow fast.

As toenails typically grow slower, it was something to actually be able to notice and measure growth!  Obviously, the excess calcium had slowed their growth.

Champagne:  As I wrote, drinking champagne was removing the yellow in my toenails, though slowly.  I didn’t like drinking champagne daily and in any case, we had hard water, so I don’t think I would have been able to resolve the issue.  Here?  baking soda is much better!

Psuedo-Gout?  Within 8 months of the more recent move back to hard water, I developed a pain in the bottom of my foot.  It basically felt like a rock or something had gotten beneath the skin.

I think some people call this pseudo-gout.

The condition continued to come and go, without any obvious cause, until after I started drinking the baking soda and water.  Within 18 hours the pain and swelling was completely gone.

Paralysis?  A brain hemorrhage over thirty years ago left me paralyzed on my left side and though I recovered, I had a part of my left foot and leg that I could not feel.  Within a week of drinking the baking soda and water, I felt pain on the bottom of my left foot.

There was still numbness on the top of the foot and on the leg.

Within two weeks of the baking soda regimen almost all feeling had returned.

Last night I analyzed the pain.  It felt prickly, like a lot of needles were pressing into my skin.  I suspect is’ like when a foot is asleep and it’s waking up again.  I’m not thrilled with the pain which has since subsided but I like that I can feel again.

House Plants.  House plants are a good indicator of what’s going on with the water.

  • When we lived in San Diego, all of our houseplants died suddenly. It chilled my blood.  I knew it was the water though in that case, excess copper, mercury, and other heavy metals were the issue.
  • While living in San Diego, there was an AC rupture in the building. Water flooded several units, common areas, and balconies, including a very small section of ours.  Our plants were located there.  The staff kept assuring residents the water was not harmful or toxic, in spite of the fact it smelled strongly of chemicals – especially ammonia.  Within three hours of being doused, our plants turned brown, then black, then were dead.
  • When we lived in Scottsdale, with the hard water, it was near impossible to grow any houseplants.  Several died.

In Colorado, we had great success growing houseplants, even with the long cold winters.

  • When we lived most recently where the water was high in calcium, our houseplants’ growth was anemic. After we moved away, they began to grow like crazy.

Same plants, different water.

Here is a great article that validated my own thoughts and observations.

I didn’t dispute low vitamin D – I disputed the WHY of it.  Our bodies create vitamin D – A HORMONE – after exposure to UV rays.  Not sunlight – UV rays, which penetrate clouds.  People have lived in cloudy northern latitudes for centuries.  Low vitamin D is a fairly recent phenomenon.  There is more to the story!!!!

Calcium – Too Much of a Good Thing?

margaritas-on-the-beachWhen you’re suffering debilitating health symptoms, you’re in survival mode.  You may be gathering data but you rarely have time to analyze it.  Now that I’m no longer suffering?  I can analyze!

And what I’ve learned is heartening and disillusioning both.

Two Different Conditions.  I suffered from both EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis, two conditions, one root cause.  Well, sort of.

One Cure.  As I outline in my book Wipeout EMF Sensitivity:  The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease, I used nutritional balancing to cure both conditions.

In a nutshell, it was out with the bad, in with the depleted good.  Of the two, it’s far more important to remove the bad.

Going Going Gone – Wait a Minute!!!  After a year on my protocol I was able to say good-bye to EMF Sensitivity.  My RA was sort of going but I still had some work to do.  After twenty months on the protocol I was good to go.  Sort of.

I had some mop up issues.  These were relatively minor compared to what I’d been dealing with but still troublesome, and I was irritated and concerned the protocol didn’t seem to be addressing the issues. 

Detective Work.  I was truly puzzled by the symptoms because for all intents and purposes, prior to moving to a new location, I was well on my way to total recovery.  What happened?

The symptoms were not related to either of the autoimmune conditions I was dealing with which made it even more challenging to determine what the hell had happened! 

Long Story Short.   The hard water, high in calcium, that I drank and showered and cooked with in Scottsdale, Arizona was 100% completely responsible for a return of the RA symptoms after 19 years, along with

  • Swollen, bleeding, receding gums
  • Yellow teeth (ESPECIALLY a yellow eye tooth!)
  • Pitted teeth
  • Itchy gritty eyes
  • Itchy nose – not runny
  • Blurred vision
  • Stiffness and joint pain
  • 2 toenails that turned yellow and then flaked and could have been the poster child for a liver destroying pharmaceutical treatment
  • Fingernails that began to soften and split and slowed in growth
  • Naturally curly hair that went straight and dried out badly
  • Slow hair growth
  • Hair that turned from blonde to almost black
  • Rough, dry skin and severely chapped lips
  • Racy mind, inability to sleep

Here’s the kicker.  Before moving to AZ?  I was fine!  My dental health was EXC ELLENT!  I had NO JOINT PAIN!  My EMF Sensitivity was all but gone.  I was recovering.

Hard Water is Hell – on Everything!  I spoke to someone about the water that was destroying our cookware and glasses, not to mention the appliances.

I said “If the water is doing that to our glassware, can you imagine what it’s doing to our insides?”

The guy explained that in the interest of improving the environment, the AZ government had decided to remove phosphates from the water.  The detergent companies had done the same.  Now the water was incredibly corrosive and was actually causing the water/sewage infrastructure in the Phoenix- Scottsdale area to deteriorate at 2 and 3 times the rate it was before.

It’s pretty well known what can happen when you don’t treat water with anti-corrosion substances.

Calcium, not Lead.  The hard water, high in calcium, wreaked total havoc with my health.

In a nutshell, the excess calcium crystalized in my soft tissues, causing trouble, to put it mildly.

We moved to San Diego where most of the odd symptoms began to improve – though ever so slowly.  We moved again to an area that had hard water – unbeknownst to me – and the dental and nail symptoms returned.

I tested the water for heavy metals – never bothered to check for high calcium because it didn’t taste like hard water, didn’t look cloudy or wreak havoc with the dishes and shower glass like AZ water.

We moved yet again – different water – and all the symptoms began disappearing – rapidly.

  • The toenails went normal in color then texture then began growing normally and quickly
  • My fingernails hardened and began growing very quickly
  • My hair lightened in color and became curly again
  • My skin is no longer dry, my lips no longer chapped – without any moisturizer
  • Absolutely no joint pain or stiffness
  • My teeth are once again white and the pit filled in
  • My gums no longer bleed, nor are they swollen (they are still receded but I have high hopes for them)
  • I feel soooooo much younger than I did previously
  • My eyesight has improved dramatically (no more blurry vision)
  • No more itchy nose or gritty eyes
  • I’m sleeping peacefully

A Family Affair.  Needless to say, I was not the only one affected by the high calcium water.  My family has also recovered fully.

Lessons.  Rather than going into the specifics of how I tested this and analyzed it, I’m simply going to share what I’ve learned.  I sincerely hope that others who suffer mysterious symptoms, who have tried everything, will find this information useful.

Get a hair mineral analysis!!!!!

  • Calcium crystals make up scar tissue
  • Calcium crystals (scar tissue) are EMF conductors! You WILL have pain when exposed to EMFs – think Granny Clampett and her rheumatism!
  • Magnesium will help – but too slowly
  • Champagne will help – but too slowly
  • Red wine doesn’t help and may exacerbate the issue
  • Beer is the worst and should be avoided until you get the situation under control (IPAs were the absolute worst which is a bummer as I like IPAs)
  • Tequila is an excellent DEFENSE (see below)
  • Baking soda is a miracle and will sweep the excess calcium crystals from the body
  • Baking soda dissolves and shrinks scar tissue (my personal experience)

Pass the Tequila!  I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity that I was completely puzzled by my craving for margaritas and red wine.

I have never been a fan of foo-foo drinks!

When we moved to Fort Collins, the cravings disappeared and I began to recover, pretty rapidly.  We moved to Scottsdale, my heath took a major turn south, and I began craving margaritas!

Not red wine – just margaritas.

We moved to San Diego and I no longer craved margaritas OR red wine.  We moved to the place with hard water and – yep – I wanted margaritas.

Trust me, this got my attention – big time!

We moved away from hard water and no more margaritas.

Well, I think those margaritas saved my life.  I have seen research that showed tequila is good for bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

I believe too much calcium CAUSES osteoporosis, as well as arthritis, and hardening of the arteries in both the heart and the brain. 

It’s probably no coincidence that Hispanics have lower than average incidence of a variety of diseases, even when they live in areas where high percentages of the population suffer from them.

The Baking Soda Miracle.  I had been experimenting with drinking baking soda for an entirely different reason.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the symptoms began disappearing, very quickly.

I drink ¼ tsp of Arm & Hammer baking soda in a glass of about 7 ounces of water, 2 to 3 times a day.  I drink it on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating, and once before bed.

I suspect that excess calcium plays a SIGNIFICANT role in psoriasis arthritis.  It is worth noting that those who suffer from psoriasis often find great relief after soaking in a tub of baking soda and water.

Soaking toenails in baking soda resolves many issues associated with toenail fungus

 Which are, I believe, really caused by excess  calcium crystals wreaking havoc.

Calcium, Too Much of a Good Thing?  I have never taken calcium supplements.

Suspicious by nature, I don’t buy it when the medical industry starts peddling supplements.  Humanity got this far without them.  If we need them?  Something’s wrong.

If you consider that the longest lived peoples in the world do not rely on supplements and have none of the diseases plaguing western nations, you start to go hmmmm.

I did experiment with calcium supplements while developing my protocol.  They caused a feeling in my foot that was similar to purring.  It was awful.

Probably no coincidence, the location was where I had scar tissue.

I quit the calcium and the feeling went away.  I suspect those poor individuals in the SF Bay Area who feel like there are bugs crawling beneath their skin are dealing with an excess calcium issue.  It is NOT in their heads!

Vitamin D!  Vitamin D causes the body to absorb more calcium.  This probably explains why I got so sick every time I tried vitamin D supplements.

Which are supposed to help people with autoimmune conditions.

It’s in EVERYTHING!  It’s almost impossible to find dairy that doesn’t have additional calcium and vitamin D added

Probably why so many people can no longer tolerate dairy.

I had to give up lattes and cappuccinos, though regular coffee is totally fine.

I can tolerate organic dairy products because they don’t add extra calcium and/or vitamin D.

Stroke and Paralysis victims, take note!  My entire left side was paralyzed when I was a child due to a brain hemorrhage and though I experienced a remarkable recovery, there were parts of my left foot that had little or no feeling.  After two weeks on the baking soda therapy the feeling returned.

And a limp I’d lived with for thirty plus years all but vanished.

Would the Real Story PLEASE Stand Up!  It is disheartening to think that no dentist was able to point out that it was excess calcium that was causing my tooth and gum problems, though they did offer to give me expensive treatments that were relatively new.

I also got lectured repeatedly by hygienists about not flossing enough and having poor dental hygiene which was a crock!  My diet and dental routine were the same.  The only thing that changed was that I’d moved ot an area with high calcium water!

I also had a doctor look at my gums.  She was baffled, too.

She also told me that intestinal health had nothing to do with my gums.  Um – gut flora anyone?

 I’m left with two options – they don’t know or they are withholding the truth.

I’m not sure which is worse.

 I’m just ever so grateful I stumbled on the truth – and the baking soda miracle!

 Thank you, Dr. Sircus!!!!

Regime?  What Regime?  This is a new thing.  I recently replied to a comment on my blog that I didn’t have a regime.  Well, I do now, but as with all of the therapies I’ve followed, once the symptoms are gone, I will cease.

I have always held the philosophy that little to no medications or supplements was a good thing.  I rely on food and beverages, only adding homeopathics, herbs, and supplements when necessary, and ceasing when I’ve restored balance.

Timing.  So, what can I tell you about the timing?

  • After 9 months of high calcium hard water I had joint pain and stiffness and had to quit my workout
  • After 22 months of drinking the water my RA came back – after 19 years gone
  • Moving to an area without hard water helped and the protocol helped more but – we moved again – to an area WITH hard water anddddd…
  • After three months on hard water my hair turned black, my nails and teeth turned yellow, and my skin and hair dried out
  • After 8 months on the calcium water lower back pain returned
  • We moved and THANK GOD no more hard water. After one month, the symptoms began reversing significantly – and quickly…
  • After three weeks on baking soda water the symptoms are almost entirely gone

If you decide to try the baking soda protocol, I suggest working with your doctor going forward.

Get a hair mineral analysis!!!

I also suggest looking into the work of Dr. Sircus and his baking soda therapy, as well as Dr. Carolyn Dean and her Magnesium Miracle work.  Both publish numerous articles filled with information you and your doctor can take advantage of!

I wish you good health and a full recovery!  And think about celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Unraveling a Migraine Mystery

pouring-red-wineThough some people in my family suffered migraines, I never had an issue with headaches (or migraines) until…

When I was 10, I had brain surgery during which a titanium clip was inserted to treat a brain hemorrhage.  My recovery, though traumatic, was relatively uneventful.

I had one headache while still in the hospital.  They gave me Tylenol and the headache disappeared.

Everything Was Fine.  I continued to recover.  We moved to the Southern US then back to Michigan a couple of years later.  That spring, I suffered my first migraine.

I remember rolling around in bed, sobbing.

Here Comes the Rain.  I continued to get migraines for no obvious reason.  A break in the case came when my maternal grandmother observed that the pain started days before a thunderstorm.

Two days, every time.

No Answers Part 1.  I asked my neurosurgeon what was happening but he had no idea.  I asked him, given that the pain was exactly where my surgery had been, if it was related somehow.  He said it was but didn’t know why or how.

Several medical tests were run to no avail.  No one could tell me why this was happening.

Tylenol didn’t help.  Excedrin cut the pain but didn’t take it away.  I had to wait for the thunderstorm to break.

The Pain Intensifies.  The thunderstorm pattern continued though the pain worsened to the point where I had to go to the ER for pain relief.

The drugs, narcotics, never took the pain.  They simply made it so I could sleep until the storm passed.  I despised the way the pain medication made me feel but nothing else came close to helping.

It got so I could set my calendar by it all.  The last weekend in April and the first weekend in May – or the days between – the height of thunderstorm season in Michigan found me in the ER, often in tears from the pain. 

I came to dread the warming weather.  As far as I was concerned, we didn’t need May flowers.

Vino Part 1.  In addition to impending thunderstorms, I came to observe another odd connection to the migraines, red wine.

I would crave red wine then wake up with a horrible migraine after having it.  

This led people around me to erroneously conclude that I was allergic to either something in the red wine or to specific red wines.  I spent years trying to understand, to no avail; there was no obvious pattern.

Drinking a certain wine would not cause an issue then suddenly, for no discernable reason, result in a migraine headache.

No Answers Part 2.  After the migraines caused me to miss work I went to the Ann Arbor Headache Clinic.  I was given a complete workup and consulted with two neurosurgeons in addition to other specialists.  The conclusion was that I had a “chemical imbalance.”

They didn’t tell me what chemicals were imbalanced or how they came to be imbalanced.

I was put on Pamelor, in spite of the fact I did not have a problem with depression.

They said many migraine sufferers found relief from this medication.

I quit taking the medication after one doseI informed the doctors that the Pamelor disrupted my life far more than the migraines did.  It made me a zombie unable to function.

I saw a sign for the I75 freeway and thought, “Oh, we can go 75 miles an hour now!” When I came into work the next day I couldn’t remember a conversation I apparently had had with a colleague.  He smiled and said, “I get it, you just weren’t here yesterday.”  Scary.  Fortunately, I connected the dots before anything serious occurred.

A Better Medication.  Fortunately, Imitrex came on the market while I was in my late 20s.  They gave that to me in the ER  one time and not only did it instantly relieve the pain, I was able to drive myself home since it was not a narcotic.

It was great to have a non-narcotic option but it still didn’t answer why I got the migraines to begin with.

Over A Quarter Century Later.   It was my work regarding EMF Sensitivity that led me to unravel the mystery of my migraines, as well as the red wine connection.

Potassium Deficiency.  Through my research I came to understand that severe potassium deficiency causes intense throbbing migraines.

The Connection.  The medication I was put on after my brain surgery, Dilantin, depletes potassium.

I was on the medication for six years.  Within two, I was suffering the awful potassium deficiency caused migraines.

Since no one told us the medication depleted potassium I never took supplements which likely would have prevented the migraines to begin with.

I can only imagine what those shots of Demerol/Vistaril did in terms of depleting valuable nutrients.

No Aspirin Needed.  I also learned that taking potassium supplements relieved the pain.  No aspirin is necessary.

A Better Medication Part 2.  Potassium performed as well as Imitrex in relieving migraines in at least one scientific study.

It was reading the study’s findings that led me to try potassium for headaches.

Vino Part 2.  I craved red wine because alcohol has an anti-inflammatory effect.  This soothed my system – initially.

The Connection.  Alcohol depletes potassium.  Low potassium caused the awful throbbing debilitating pain.

EMFs.  Thunderstorms emit ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies.

These match those that are emitted by fault lines in the hours, days, and weeks before an earthquake.

The Connection.  Through my work I learned that electromagnetic frequencies, in the presence of severe potassium deficiency, will cause any site with scar tissue to become tender and painful.

Baking Soda.  I recently tried baking soda therapy.  Within days of starting the therapy I noticed that scar tissue began shrinking and disappearing altogether.

The Connection.  With no scar tissue, the electromagnetic frequencies prior to thunderstorms have no negative effect.

Interrelated.  Some may wonder if it is the absence of scar tissue and not the potassium that brought relief.  Though there is an interrelationship, they are separate.

I discovered the potassium connection years before starting the baking soda therapy.  I have also successfully treated others suffering from headaches, including throbbing headaches, with potassium for years.

Vino Part 3.  I still experience inflammation prior to a weather change.

It isn’t pain so much as feeling jumpy and overall stress.

The Connection.  I had red wine which relaxed the system.  I also took several potassium supplements to ensure I didn’t get a throbbing headache.

Cracking the Code.  I was successful!  No more red wine headaches!!!

I hope those who suffer, directly or indirectly, from migraines and throbbing headaches will find this information helpful and that they will soon be living a pain-free life.

This information would also benefit those suffering from EMF Sensitivity which includes those who feel pain in their joints before certain weather changes.  For more information on the cure, see the various resources on this website.