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Not Just for Humans Anymore – Environmental Factors

Cats-and-dogs-1“A healthy diet is a solution to many of our health-care problems. It’s the most important solution.”      – John Mackey

Americans, (and Baby Boomers in particular) spend a lot of money on their pets.

I always find it interesting when I see an older person pushing a dog in a baby stroller.

I wonder if they realize that the same environmental factors that impact their health can impact the health of their pet?

And not necessarily in a positive way.

Heavy Metal Water Anyone?  A friend who had a cat in the Bay Area told me of a diagnosis by the vet.  He said, “Well, he’s just getting up there in age.”  I  countered by explaining the cat’s symptoms were identical to early symptoms I had after moving to Silicon Valley, where he lived.

I then forwarded an article written by a vet to support that potassium deficiency can be responsible for the health woes of his pet.

Fido Too.  When we relocated to Fort Collins, we stayed in a Residence Inn.  Many of the other patrons had dogs.  It turned out that CSU was a pioneer in treating cancer for dogs.

???  Seriously?  We need that?

My immediate thought was “Since when do dogs get cancer?  Let me guess.  Since eating human created food and drinking questionable water and…”

I doubt Jack London ever knew of a canine with cancer.

Seeing these owners in stress, their sweet dogs undergoing treatment, I couldn’t help but think, “What have we done to these sweet animals?”  Obviously, it’s environmental.

I had a vet once advise me not to get a certain vaccine for our cat (she was indoor only) because it was documented that the vaccine often caused cancer in felines.

Et tu brute – I mean pet food?  We recently switched to a new dry cat food.

They were out of the brand we normally use.

Our kitty loved it!  She even quit eating any of the wet food.  We were happy and quit giving her the wet since she wasn’t eating it.  Four days later we noticed she was twitching her head repeatedly.

We’d noticed she seemed more lethargic than normal but since it had been hot, we didn’t really draw any immediate conclusions.

A few hours later I noticed she was tremoring.  Badly.

What changed?  I used the same troubleshooting I used to use while a pre-sales consultant in tech.

The same approach I used when trying to figure out what the hell had happened in my life that I was suddenly so sick?  

It didn’t take long to figure out that the only thing that had changed was the food.  Having just had my own nightmare experience with “healthy” food having negative health consequences, it wasn’t a far stretch to assume the new kitty food was the culprit.

Easy enough to test, too.

Within 10 hours of switching back to the old the food, the tremors ceased and the twitching cut by ½.  Within 24 hours her energy had bounced back almost to normal.  Within 36 hours she was back to her old kitty self, purring away.

No tremors.  No twitching.

We threw the food away.

All of this underscores what I already knew from experience.  Environmental factors –including food– have a significant impact on the health of living creatures.

Including our pets.

It’s okay to eat, right?  Prior to my own experience, I made the mistake of assuming that if it was available in a grocery store, outside allergic reactions, it was safe to eat.

This is people I’m talking about, not animals.

I assumed the FDA wouldn’t allow foods that had harmful chemicals known to cause terrible health issues to be sold to an unsuspecting public.

I know differently now.

It appears the same can be said of pet food.

Do not assume!

The cat food was Rachel Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food Chicken With Lentils and Salmon Recipe.