Elizabeth Maxim

Elizabeth spent twenty years working in the Information Technology industry where her career evolved as technology did.  Her front row seat to rapid and constant change taught her the value of remaining flexible and open-minded, and the importance of continuing education.

After a successful technology career, she returned to her first passion, writing.

Elizabeth Maxim is the author of multiple fiction and nonfiction books,  and two websites.

Emfconductor.com. After realizing she suffered from EMF sensitivity, Elizabeth set out to better understand  the condition, to find the cause, and a cure.  She details her findings in books and articles available on this site.

Elizabethmaxim.com.  Elizabeth’s first passion is fiction.  Drawing from experience, education, and imagination, she creates stories about everyday people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.  Just like life.

Elizabeth can be reached at elizabeth.maxim@outlook.com