The Incredible Shrinking Migraine

caoc77ZaOPZ5AokMjUvhdXMfnXrNote:  Lengthy article.

So, sitting at dinner last night enjoying a bit of conversation when the roll of thunder followed by my electromagnetic friend lightning puts in an appearance.

I eyed the champagne I was drinking and thought, hmmm.

While I considered how I used to start suffering forty-eight hours before an approaching storm and now didn’t notice an increase in pressure until hours before, I became aware of another issue.  As the storm approached and the lightning got close, the area over the surgery site on my head began to ache.  I put my fingers to the spot and found it to be very tender.

It was the place where there was a drill hole.

I tried to pay attention to the conversation but my mind drifted – not to the pain though that was unpleasant enough – but to the fact that as the storm moved out – so did the pain.

It was the presence of lightning that caused the tenderness in the area over the drill hole.

What else became evident was the size of the area of discomfort – and it was merely that – discomfort.  Relatively speaking, the area of pain had reduced dramatically from what it once was.

When the migraines first began and up until about three years ago, the entire right side of my head would throb, and I would experience a nasty burning sensation in my neck and right shoulder all the way down to the bottom of the deltoid.

Starting when I was living in the East Bay, as I became aware of my EMF Sensitivity, I would also get pain in my teeth and jaw on that same side.  Fortunately, my husband pointed out the same happened to him if he got a sinus headache – that his teeth and jaw would ache – so I didn’t have too much of a “Now what?” moment.

The area of discomfort I felt last night was the size of a quarter.

As I considered the  significance of the monumental change, I found  it more difficult to listen to the conversation – for the excitement at realizing all the work I’d done – targeting the excess calcium – was paying off big time.

I began to notice the association between excess calcium, the presence of scar tissue, and the vascular headaches I experienced at the surgery site shortly after moving away from a home where we had hard water.  I write in detail about this in my book Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

It isn’t just the size of the area that becomes tender during a thunderstorm that’s reduced. The pain is no longer a level I could even classify as a migraine.

I didn’t take anything for it – not even an aspirin.

It doesn’t feel great but it’s tolerable.

And it moves on after the storm moves out.

I’m aware that the calcium thing for me is a delicate balance.  If I have yogurt or milk?  I will experience pain at the surgery site when near a geologic fault line.

It feels like someone has put a steel pipe in my head at the surgery site.

I’ve been playing the electrolyte balance game for the past several years.

After coming to see the role they play in EMF Sensitivity, as well as migraines.

I continue to learn even as I master the game.

I hope what I’ve shared here will help others.  I imagine the information will be useful to those who experience pain at sites where there have been bone breaks from any cause.

Amputations, dental work that affected the jaw, and surgeries like mine.

Dental Example.  I noticed an ache over my right eye tooth when the storms were present.  This tooth was yanked into place over a period of months if not years when I had braces.  

There is obviously scar tissue as a result. 

The other location I experience discomfort is the rear tooth where the gum was damaged from the bands of the braces I had.  My belief is that as I continue to reduce the excess calcium, these areas will reflect that.

I already noticed I no longer have pain in the eye tooth area – a very recent phenomenon.


Be well!


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