New Section Added – The Role of Alcohol

10.jpgAs part of the changes being implemented I have added a page titled The Role of Alcohol.



One thought on “New Section Added – The Role of Alcohol”

  1. Just remembered, when I lived in the Bay Area, Moffett Field – I ended up with kidney stones – never did find out what the underlying cause was. I moved there in 1983 after I married and the stones gave me issue in 1992, had not had any problem like that prior. Shortly after the stone episode, we moved to Hawaii (probably 2 mos after) and never returned to Moffett. To date I haven’t had a re occurrence. However, now I live in a hard water area near San Antonio, Texas. The info you’ve provided has got me thinking I need to take some preventative measures myself. Perhaps I should buy some tequila to have on hand – it is my bday month 😉 Guess I’d better keep drinking that lemon water, maybe that’s partly why margarita’s work? The lime juice? Lemon does have a higher potassium content than limes though.Thanks!

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