Frequency Impact: The Subtlest of Subtleties

500_F_129853403_uumbqqyoi40YDqDkKEaObM2fbwmfL006Imagine you are in a crowded room with everyone talking at once.  It’s so loud it’s difficult to hear the person right next to you.  In response, you either lean closer or raise your voice, or both.  Because there’s a good chance everyone else in the room has the same idea the noise volume is likely to increase as people raise their voices to be heard.

Now imagine that you reduce the talking to zero 1/3 at a time.

The relief would be immediate, even if only 1/3 of the volume dropped. 

Now imagine all the people are silent.

The relief is significant.

Even as you may find your body relaxing due to the overall noise reduction, you could find other problems revealed.  For instance, what if, with everyone silent, you hear what caused everyone to be speaking so loudly to begin with?

Ambient noise that was horrific in its own right but not noticeable because of all the loud talking.

Let’s say it was a jet engine or a construction compressor, or a jack hammer, etc.

It may come to be that the ambient noise becomes just as problematic as all that talking.

Such is the nature of EMF Sensitivity.  Once a person is free of sensitivity to technology EMFs, they may find that other magnetic or electrical forces are negatively impacting them.

Ultra-low and/or very low frequencies from fault lines or atmospheric changes, for example.

Now imagine that that next layer of noise is eliminated.  No surprise, there is yet another layer of ambient noise.

The same is true of the frequencies that can negatively impact health and well-being.

Even as I reduce my sensitivities, I find awareness to subtler ones persist.

Dealing with this has been like peeling the layers of an onion.

Interestingly, these subtler frequencies are more of a nuisance in some respects.

Like a sliver that keeps making itself known because it’s in a tough to get yet exposed part of the body, like a toe or finger you keep hitting or putting pressure on.

The most difficult part of dealing with the subtler frequencies is understanding their nature in order to determine the best way to deal with them.

Just figuring out whether they are electrical or magnetic frequencies can be a challenge.

Identifying the source can be even trickier.

My awareness of these subtlest of subtle frequencies requires full-time monitoring as I seek to understand them so as to reduce and eliminate the negative impact on my life.

Progress through Elimination.  I was able to get a handle on one of the sources, and in the process, resolve the mystery of whether or not certain weather patterns negatively impact my life.

Outside of the migraines that “appeared” to be tied to certain weather patterns.

I was baffled because there were days I felt great in spite of apparent inclement weather and days that I felt drained even if the weather was fine.  Now I know why.

It has to do with marine layer which may or may not be accompanied by fog and/or specific cloud formations and which can cycle multiple times in a day which explained the illusion of a front moving through.

It’s a little more complicated than that but that’s the overall high-level explanation.

Further investigation into temperature inversion illustrated a correlation between my biggest “well-being” challenges and locations most likely impacted by this phenomenon.

Places I’ve lived where I suffered the most migraines, etc.

I was also able to confirm my current approach to addressing the problem has merit backed by science.

It has to do with fluid balance, which is regulated by sodium and potassium.

While researching for Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity in Colorado, I learned that fluid balance in the ear affected sensitivity.

This led to the discovery of two remedies.

Later research led to the discovery of the role excess calcium plays in EMF Sensitivity.

As I reestablished fluid balance disrupted by the excess calcium, I noticed a reduced sensitivity to the apparent weather phenomenon.

Excess calcium causes potassium depletion. 

Still Work To Do.  I continue to research these subtlest of subtle frequencies and while I will continue to share what I’ve learned, I suspect a lot of the information will be drowned out by the noise of technology-related sensitivity.

Noise generated by those who would spread fear rather than solutions.

It also drowns out the reality of heavy metal toxicity as the cause for EMF Sensitivity.

In other words, inside, not outside.

You can cure yourself of EMF Sensitivity.

antenna-broadcast-tower-icon-with-lightning-vector-5520287Note:  This research into the subtler frequencies is how I learned that Wifi and Cellular can be helpful by blocking other more troublesome/problematic frequencies.  They clobber them/cancel them out.  Since I’m no longer sensitive to the Wifi/cellular frequencies, I’ve found it to be a solution for this particular challenge.


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