EMF Sensitivity: Habits of the Healed

sunrise-sky-blue-sunlight-67832I’ve had an interesting couple of days.  I was seeking answers to non-health related challenges yet found them in health related solutions.


It started Wednesday evening.  I was pretty irritated because while I knew I was missing something, that I needed to make a slight adjustment in my approach, I had no idea where to start.

I’d exhausted quite a few avenues, trust me.

That evening I was guided to a kindle book written in 1905.  Reading a new perspective of a familiar subject got me on the road to the answers I’d been seeking and though the challenge I’m looking to address is not related to health, since good health and recovery from EMF Sensitivity is always upper in my consciousness (unfortunately) I decided to use it as a test concept.

If I was successful, I could use it as a springboard for technique.

Last night, I lay in bed and wondered, “What does [good] health look like?”

Interestingly, the answer was not what I needed to do so much as what I needed to not do.

The answer that popped into my mind was “coffee wouldn’t be a part of it.”  This had me thinking, especially because it was a spontaneous answer.

The truth is, I never drank coffee before I became sick after moving to the SF Bay Area in 2000.  Upon further review, I remembered a time when I was in Maui – at the height of the EMF Sensitivity sickness – and had multiple lattes and several diet cokes each day just to stay somewhat less exhausted than otherwise.

This was two months before I figured out what was wrong and yes, I knew something was seriously off because of how much caffeine I was consuming while still feeling like a walking zombie.  That was truly a low point.

It got me thinking about other habits or behaviors that didn’t start until I was sick with EMF Sensitivity.  Specifically, red wine and margaritas.

And then champagne.

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I found myself craving margaritas and red wine only when I was in the SF Bay Area.

It was this type of sleuthing that helped me gain insight into the situation.  I was never a big margarita drinker.

I lay there thinking that if I continued to drink coffee when I no longer needed it, I was continuing a habit associated with being sick.

The same goes of the alcohol.

So I’ve decided to walk away from all of that and see what happens.

I’m not at all worried about any withdrawal symptoms.  The reasons are more than I can go into in this article.

What really stood out for me wasn’t the association of giving up coffee and alcohol in order to be healthy so much as what continuing to follow the same habits I had when I was sick would do.

I would never truly be free of the EMF Sensitivity nightmare.

A significant part of the reason I have such confidence in taking these steps is that the environmental factors that resulted in needing them are no longer a part of my life.

It’s more than simply having clean air and water.  I have removed foods and other environmental factors such as living, working, and socializing factors that left me drained or in some other way negatively impacted.

Technology to the Rescue.  I took an interesting step Wednesday night, based on a hunch and though it was before being guided to the book, it was part of the overall effort to address non-health challenges.

Interestingly, both the hunch to try this solution and the decision to purchase the book came within hours of meditating on the fact I needed help in addressing the challenges.

Awhile back I’d noticed that Wifi and cellular frequencies blocked other more harmful waves.

Negative energy from non-technology sources.

I’ve been free of EMF Sensitivity for years now and was more curious than concerned to see if pulling the modem from the mailbox and mesh covering it has been in for years would help block an unidentified source of problematic frequencies.

I theorized it would create enough EM noise to do the trick.

Almost immediately I noticed improvement.

It’s worth noting that a number of factors impact signal propagation, including hills and trees.  In the particular situation I was dealing with, technology was not the issue.

But it was the solution.

The past few days have highlighted the need to evaluate habits and behaviors before, during, and after recovery from an illness, and the need to make changes as appropriate to support and maintain the recovery.

Drinking coffee or enjoying alcohol does not suggest you aren’t healthy.  It was simply that prior to becoming ill these were not habits I had.  I did not drink coffee, only had wine or beer occasionally, and champagne only on New Year’s or for some other celebratory event.


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