Ripping the Lid Off EMF Sensitivity

images-2Over the past several weeks I’ve moved to a new – rather interesting – approach to the research.  Free of the EMF Sensitivity but aware of certain dangling influences – I’ve begun ripping the lids off of the boxes in front of me as it were – pulling out the box inside and continuing.

Peeling the onion if you will – or seeing what is inside the littlest nesting doll.

I’ve pretty much narrowed down EMF Sensitivity to its fundamental component – solved that issue.

The solution is two-part.  Inside and outside.

Inside.  If our bodies have the right nutritional balance – and an absence of heavy metal toxicity – the outside issues (frequencies) do not have a negative impact

Outside.  If we are not balanced then we can use remedies to alleviate and/or eliminate the symptoms associated with the sensitivity.

Nothing I haven’t said before.

What I discovered – the root of it all – explained why I was never able to conclude whether or not  wifi and/or cellular was part of the problem.

Though Bluetooth definitely got me.

What I learned explained why wifi is not only not part of the problem, it is part of the solution.

Because it blocks other problematic frequencies.

Research Methodology.  I utilized the exact same approach as when going after EMF Sensitivity – and nailed the last of it. I am not only free of EMF Sensitivity, I am now immune to the geologic frequencies.

I drive over the fault lines without being affected at all.

I am in the process of putting this information together for release.

No, not a book.  That is more than I could take on right now.

It has not been a good time though I could say the ends justified the means.  In the process of discovery I learned how to induce a horrendous sinus migraine.

Take too much potassium in the presence of  a low pressure weather system.

The way to resolve the situation is to increase your sodium intake.

This is a repeatable experiment by the way.

Along with the repeatable misery of enduring the horrendous throbbing pain, sinur pressure, etc.

I didn’t mean to give myself the headache.  I was trying to stave off one as a matter of fact since the low-pressure system that precedes thunderstorms was making its way into my area.

The net of it is that I learned about the effect of too much potassium (too little sodium) and more about the way my body responds to changing pressure.  This led me to understand the core of the problem which led me to find a solution.

As long as storm systems roll through, pressure will change. I need to learn to live with that and I’ll be damned if I’m going to endure migraines each time.  I actually had it almost fixed.  Now that I understand more of it I will wait to see if I have resolved it or if there is still more work to do.  That I am no longer affected by geologic frequencies is promising in my opinion.

I also came to see that the longer I follow the balancing protocol the less the pressure changes impact my health and well-being.

And the external solution I discovered helps in the meantime.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Ripping the Lid Off EMF Sensitivity”

  1. There is definitely more to it than just resolving overall symptoms. Although the symptoms are disabling the absence of them do not mean we are in the safe zone in regards to persistent emf and microwave exposures.With diet and other changes we may have just resolved some of the inflammation or imbalances that trigger the symptoms caused by the current state of frequencies. With 5G rolling out it will certainly be a new ballgame, will we even be a player on the field against something of that level? Many are struggling tremendously with 4G and the blanketing effects of smart meters etc. A friend of mine recommended considering building an orgone bubble. Have you knowledge or first hand experience with orgone? I personally do not. I do know it uses a Tesla violet ray wand to activate it. Still researching and making personal health and environment changes as I am able. Definitely not a one size fits all fix at this point.

    1. Lynn: Thank you for your excellent reply. The truth is, we do not know – nor will we – the impact of 5G on society until it is implemented. The truth is that it may actually address some current issues because of increased efficiency and/or the method by which is it implemented. And, of course, it could cause other issues. This is the nature of technological advancement. You put cars on the road and there is no longer a need for those who breed horses or make carriages – and – cars generally kill pedestrians when they come in contact with them. So that necessitated rules of the road, etc. As for the 5G. I mentioned we do not know the effect it will have because it may change how people behave and that – though impactful – is not the same as health. Another consideration is that EMF Sensitivity was a problem long before cellular or wifi was on the scene. As far back as 1971 the Russians were studying the negative impact of EMFs from power lines on people. Among other things, it was causing an elevated rate of suicide. I understand the why of this because one of the symptoms of EMF Sensitivity is severe depression and hopelessness. By reducing the calcium levels in the body and increasing potassium you reduce and/or eliminate this symptom. With too much calcium the symptom is present. In the presence of an EMF it is amplified so it’s worse. Get rid of the calcium imbalance and the symptom is gone. Being in the presence of the EMF will not cause it to come back. They are independent of each other which illustrates the complexity of the situation. It is easy to point at a cell tower and say that is the problem but it isn’t the entirety of the story and as I said – EMF Sensitivity was a problem long before cell towers were put up. Another consideration is that our technology IS better in many respects. Older technology – land lines and televisions and CRTs bled a lot more radiation than what is present today. We have learned much as a society over the years. The trouble comes when variables are misinterpreted leading to addressing what may not be the problem. You may fix one issue only to unleash another or you may take action that is totally ineffective. I do not have experience with orgon but I will continue to share what I have learned – what I am learning – because it’s possible others will benefit as I have. Historically, this has been the case. I actually feel more optimistic now than ever – not less. Because the more I understand the connection between what I can control and what I can’t the more I realize I actually have a great deal of control. Of course, that puts the burden on me and it can be tiring to have to continuously watch every thing I eat and drink but that’s the way it is. And the other things I do? I have seen a cause and effect relationship. Do A get B. Don’t do A – don’t get B. It’s very motivating for me and it’s what I remind myself with when I get tired or frustrated. I remind myself of how far I’ve come – how much progress I made – how much healthier I am. Is there more work? Yes and in fixing health issues I’ve had to take a hard look at my life and how I got to that point. Where was I not honoring myself? Where was I allowing others to take advantage of me? Where was I allowing others to actually harm me? Why did I settle for less than what I deserved? Skipping meals to pray to the corporate god? Not a good lifestyle even if I got kudos. I was destroying myself and for what? It’s just more evidence that it’s a complex issue and untangling it is a long process that takes a lot of introspection and a lot of due diligence to make sure you are doing the right actions for the right problems.

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