To Heal- Remove the Impediments

roadblockstoleadership.jpgSitting here editing Diagonals:  Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series.  As I focused on the screen, I became aware of another positive change in my health.

It’s a leftover issue from the paralysis I suffered as a result of the brain hemorrhage. 

Earlier in the day, I’d become aware of it though hadn’t thought much of it at the time.

I needed to go off and do errands. 

Upon returning to the editing I again became aware of the change, and this time I paid attention to it.  After spending a few moments verifying the positive change, a thought that occurred to me previously circled back around.

I haven’t shared it before because in all honesty it makes me pretty angry when I think of it.

In spite of the fact it’s decades later, a significant amount of post-therapy healing has taken place since – and because of – detoxifying heavy metals and replenishing minerals.

Minerals that post-surgery medications depleted.

Ironically, it was my EMF research that helped me with this!

I remember when I read up on potassium and its role in muscle function, then learned that the medication I was on after the surgery for the prevention of seizures I’d never had depletes the body of potassium – which can cause seizures – I thought of all those times I was in physical and occupational therapy with people urging me – not always too gently – to “try harder” to make my muscles function again.

I truly felt I was being yelled at and I WAS accused of not trying.  AS IF!  

Making your muscles work again is kind of hard to do  when you’re missing potassium which is critical to muscle function.

There are a number of scenarios that fall into this category – post-hemhorage situations where I was being told to win a game of solitaire with only 47 cards.

The rest having been removed by medications.

I imagine the therapists were not entirely aware of the situation but it still stings to think of all the times it was implied I wasn’t trying.

Like I had a bad attitude or something.  I don’t think there was anyone in that situation more determined than me to get back to being a normal kid again.

And here I am, decades later, making significant recovery because my mineral balance has been restored.

Restoration of feeling to areas still numb, etc.

I can’t help but think of all the patients being urged to try harder – and yes, that can be good if not necessary  – and wonder how many of them are handicapped by factors totally out of their control?

I understand some medications are necessary but it sucks that a lot of those medications deplete minerals that are critical to recovery – and the patient is never told.  Worse if the patient is accused of not trying hard enough.

My hope is that this information can help others who may be facing recovery challenges.

As well as those around them.

It’s unique information and yet I think it’s important.

I don’t always know where and how to classify information like this.  It doesn’t exactly fit into a book, after all.  And I recently lost one of my research partners so I’m in a bit of a bind on how to go forward with such discoveries.

I kind of wonder if the Fates aren’t sending me a message here.

I’ll continue to update as I can but I’ll admit – there isn’t an easy way forward for these dangling participles of my research world.

The information is important – I think – because it gives people perspective and allows them to put responsibility where it belongs which is not – ironically enough – necessarily on them.

These bits and pieces that I feel are important – and relevant – are just that – bits and pieces.  Where do you stuff them?

Small as they are – they matter.


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