The Bigger Picture of Healing

nikon-p1000-mainI was laying in bed last night and for whatever reason, my Catholic Confirmation came to mind.

As I mention in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die, I went through it under severe duress.

The guy who rubbed oil on my head – the subject of a movie, ironically – told me to go forward as a soldier of Christ.  Though I never thought about it at the time…

As far as I know, Jesus never amassed an army.

Wasn’t he about peace?

The highest irony – to me – was that I had to interview – with a nun – to determine whether or not I was worthy of being confirmed. a Catholic.

Was I worthy?  According to who?  Her or God?

Third generation Catholic, I’d gone through 7 solid years of Catholic school plus 2/3 of a year of Catholic Catechism.

Catholic speak for lessons for public school heathens

The nun at St. Fabien decided that because I’d spent four months in the Florida public school system, followed by three months in the Birmingham [Michigan] school system, I’d been ruined by the heathens and wasn’t worthy of the sacrament.

She wanted me to have another year of Catholic instruction.  As someone who’d died and talked with God during an NDE – I wasn’t game.

I walked out on her –  told my entire family where they could stick the whole process.

It’s just one of the many ironies I observe …

I don’t think Jesus amassed an army.  Unless I’m misreading the New Testament.

What does this have to do with EMF Conductor?  It’s about holistic healing and the consideration of the whole in healing.

And the benefit of looking the ludicrous and the stupid full in the face and going forward …

To health…




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