Quietly Fading Away

A funny thing happened on the detox excess calcium path…

In 1979 I had brain surgery to repair a hemorrhage.  I’ve had a fairly significant horseshoe shaped scar ever since.

Originally red, it turned white and got slightly smaller but was also very noticeable.

My hair generally covered it though hair stylists over the years have freaked out about it.

No, I am not happy with this type of awkward situation.

I always quickly explained I’d had brain surgery and though I was always nonchalant about it – I’ve had various responses.

Not usually too positive.  Freak out while trying not to be obvious about is common.

A good part of the reason the scar was so noticeable was because the hair didn’t grow there.  The white line of it was visible.

This was the same with a small scar on the back of my head from a bike accident.  The hair stylist’s reaction to that one was that I had alopecia.  Um, no –  just a scar from where I had three stitches.  She insisted I was going bald – likely from stress – and I’d better see a doctor before it was too late.

Fast Forward to now.

My current stylist is pretty cool and never mentioned the scar.  I may know why…

Shortly after I began incorporating baking soda therapy into my detox regimen, I noticed scars shrinking and disappearing.

The very first to go was that one on the back of my head.  I am no longer able to feel it and my husband hasn’t seen evidence of it.

Within a month of that, moles began to fall off.

And have continued to do so.  The most recent?  One I had for over twenty years.  The skin is totally fine.  Looks normal.  No mole.

Last night I was in the bathroom and I pushed a hand through my hair.  To my surprise, I was unable to find “the scar.”

I’d told my mom this past summer that I’d noticed since doing the baking soda therapy and detoxing the excess calcium, the bone from the brain surgery scar had been filling in.  I used to feel like I could put my finger through a hole and then – nope.  It was like a divot.  A smell shallow divot.

I kept pulling my hair back and looking for that white horseshoe line but – nada.  I called my family in and they didn’t see any scar either.

My husband and I have been together for over 21 years so I asked him to look for it.  After all, he’s seen it plenty as it came up in conversation early in our relationship.

Aaron couldn’t find it either.

I can feel the place in the bone that was cut though that “hole” is no longer there.

It’s also no longer sensitive and I don’t get the migraines there I used to.

As for that horseshoe line – I checked again this evening and all I could find was a white line that is approximately 3 inches long in the general area.  That’s it.

Intentions.  My intention when this whole hoopla started was to heal from what turned out to be EMF Sensitivity.  The path was through detoxification of heavy metal poisoning.

Later, I had to cope with an entirely different situation that was due to excess calcium.

The shrinking and disappearing scars and the moles that have and continue to fall off was just a side effect.

I have to admit, I’m not sorry about it.  The brain surgery scar has been a difficult if unavoidable discussion point throughout my life.  These visible, if unexpected and unplanned results help me know that what I’m doing with the detox is working even when it seems like I’ve hit a plateau – or worse – a setback.

And there have been more of those than I would like to think about.

I share this because I’ve always felt the body could rebuild itself and heal – if we let it.  Now I’m seeing evidence.

At this point I believe most moles are the body’s evidence of its efforts to detoxify medications and mineral/metals through the skin.  I never had many growing up but after taking birth control pills noticed more – many of which were flesh colored and normal.

And yes – I always had a dermatologist check them.  Now?  Not much to check.


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