Awareness V. Sensitivity

Airblown+Inflatables+Projection+Kaleidoscope+Happy+Halloween+PumpkinJust in time for Halloween…

I find myself facing a bit of conundrum at this point in my EMF Sensitivity research.  When is something an awareness as opposed to a sensitivity?

It’s been several years since I’ve had any issues with technology EMFs.

As I detoxed heavy metals, my sensitivity to – being sickened by – technology EMFs ceased.

I realized I was no longer sensitive to the technology EMFs after discovering that the WiFi had been left on – but I wasn’t aware of it.

There were no physical symptoms.

As I continued to detoxify the metals my sensitivity to various types of technology EMFs lessoned then ceased.

WiFi, followed by Bluetooth, then RADAR.

I continued to learn from my nutrition based healing protocol and while my health has rebounded, I find myself with two interesting yet very different “sensitivities.”

Or is it awareness?

  • Fault lines
  • Ghosts

Geology EMFs.  Up until fairly recently, I was sickened by the ultra-low and very low EMFs emitted by geologic fault lines.  After detoxing the heavy metals, I noted that I no longer felt sick around the fault lines but my awareness of them seemed to remain.

My ears would ring before a quake.  The higher the pitch, the louder it was, and the longer I heard it, the larger the quake and the lengthier the shaking.  I had sensitivity at very small quake levels (i.e. 1.5 – 2 on the Richter scale).

We moved to a different geologically active part of the country and the ringing in my ears continued – but switched ears.

I also discovered my head turns in the exact direction the quake waves are traveling from.

As I continued the nutritional therapy, my sensitivity to fault lines seemed to disappear.

There was one I would periodically ride over and I noticed that over time, the symptoms I felt when near the thing would lessen.  Eventually, they disappeared altogether.

I recently discovered there is a fault line in the very location where I felt a change that was unique. The area “felt” sad.

The feeling is fleeting but is consistent in that each time I drive over the area, I feel it.

After sensing the change enough times I said, “There must be a fault line here or something.”

I honestly couldn’t tell you what made me say that.  Not sure why I  had that association given the “symptom” was an emotional feeling as opposed to the physically unpleasant symptoms I felt previously.

Turns out there is a fault line in that exact location and while I am “aware” of the change when I drive over it, I am no longer “sensitive” in that I don’t feel any physical symptoms.  I don’t get sick.

I’ll be curious to see – since I continue to follow the nutritional philosophy of naturally lowering excess calcium and significantly reducing Sulphur foods, if my awareness to geologic EMFs will lessen as well.

Paranormal EMFs.  As I wrote in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, one of the symptoms of the EMF Sensitivity was a loss of all my paranormal abilities.

It was very unsettling as I’d had them basically all of my life and the loss was relatively sudden. 

The very first remedy I discovered, the copper, zinc, and silver bracelet, appeared to restore the abilities by blocking the EMFs that were blocking the abilities.  After we moved away from the Bay Area, and I began to recover, my abilities returned fully – and strengthened.

I have realized that unlike with the geologic EMFs, as I become healthier, my sensitivity to the paranormal EMFs – my awareness of ghosts – strengthens.

Ghosts themselves are a form of EMF so it makes sense that I would be aware of them.  

The interesting thing about the spirits is that just as with other EMFs, they cause an adrenal response. However, unlike with the other EMFs, the ghosts do not cause my body to release histamines.

I’m not “allergic” to the ghosts the way I was to the other EMFs.

In the case of the ghosts, I feel a bit of a … change though even this has lessened.  It used to be I had to eat something after a ghostly encounter since my blood sugar seemed to lower.

Suggests adrenal response.

At this point, I don’t have that issue.  I’m still aware of them and different ghosts have a different feel but other than the awareness of their presence, I don’t seem to have any symptoms.

Ghosts and Geology.  It was while doing EMF research I came to see that areas with geologic fault lines seem to be havens for ghosts.

This applied to both sides of the Rockies.  Faults east of the Rockies are older and often deeper but there are several fault systems up and down the East and Midwest US.

Many of the battlefields where I’ve had encounters with ghosts are locations chosen because of a geologic feature that made them strategic.  It also means there are EMFs.  And now – ghosts.  At least, anecdotally, there seems to be a relationship.

It’s interesting to note that as my awareness of one type of EMF goes down, my awareness of a different EMF goes up.  But is this awareness a sensitivity?

For now I associate sensitivity with unpleasant physical symptoms. Awareness is simply that – being aware. What I do with that awareness is a different story altogether.

More research is needed.

For more on my interaction with ghosts, check out to see the Spooky Fun series I’ve got going (articles as well as videos).

Happy Halloween Season!



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