Mineral Imbalance Symptoms

Vitaminas-y-minerales-en-la-dieta-de-los-ninos_referenceThought I’d follow up that rather lengthy article with one a bit shorter.  Throughout the recovery from EMF Sensitivity, I noted a variety of symptoms that resolved once nutritional balance was restored.

They aren’t generally associated with the specific nutrients – that I’ve ever seen – so I thought I’d share them so that others can consider what might be going on.

None of this is meant to replace a physician’s advice.  The following is based on my own experience and/or direct observation.

Eyes.  Gritty feeling – too much calcium.  Blurry – not enough potassium.  Highly sensitive to sunlight – low adrenal function (not enough minerals).

For more about the eyes, I suggest reading Dr. Bates book The Bates Method for Better Eyesight.

Hair.  Curly hair that goes straight – too much calcium.  Color darkening (associated with hormonal changes – actually heavy metals, excess calcium, excess zinc).  Excess copper will deposit as various shades of red.  Magnesium and potassium deficiency related to excess calcium will cause grey.  Reblance and the grey goes away.  Rebalance further and hair will restore to its natural condition – in color and texture.

Nails.  Weak nails – low potassium.  Break in thumb nail – either thumb – halfway down nail – low potassium.  Slow growth – excess calcium.  Yellow and crumbling toenails – excess calcium/low potassium.

Skin.  Overly dry skin – excess calcium.  Loss of elasticity – excess calcium/low magnesium and low potassium.  Chapped lips – excess Sulphur.  Resolve the imbalance, the issue resolves.

Other.  All muscles in the body are affected by electrolyte balance and potassium in particular.  If you consider what body functions are controlled by muscles you begin to see where low potassium can result in problems in a number of areas.

I also observed severe lower back pain is associated with high sulphur and low potassium.  Eliminate the sulphur foods and restore potassium and the pain disappears.  Arthritis pain is associated with excess calcium.

In Summary.  Many of the symptoms associated with a variety of health conditions are the direct and sole result of a nutritional imbalance.  Resolve the imbalance and the symptoms disappear.

This includes EMF Sensitivity.  Restore mineral balance and the EMF Sensitivity disappears.

NOTE:  It can take years to restore severely depleted minerals and any medications, over-the-counter or pharmaceutical, could hinder efforts.

As can eating or drinking the wrong foods.


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