Research – I’m Missing Something…

images-5This article is lengthy.

One of the advantages of looking at situations holistically is that you are more likely to see patterns.

If your “holistic view” isn’t cutting it?  Take a step back or up – look at the situation from a broader view.

It was my ability to see patterns that enabled me to put pieces of the EMF Sensitivity puzzle together. Observing apparent cause and effect scenarios helped me zero in on the fact it was an environmentally induced illness.

Along with a stubborn refusal to accept all those symptoms stemmed from “stress.”

It can be frustrating when others don’t see what you do.

Years ago, while working in a particularly toxic environment, I used to tell a buddy I felt I was the only one who saw two and two is not five.

Even after explaining what it was I thought I was seeing, most people didn’t see what I saw.

Again, being stubborn helped.  I refused to be talked into the stress angle because I knew better.

It only takes one.  Eventually, I spoke with someone who said, “I can see that and it’d be easy enough to test.”

An engineer, he designed the test that illustrated I am able to detect fault lines.

While his counsel was helpful it was his support that turned an ungodly situation into something manageable.

He was the first person who didn’t try to talk me out of what I was experiencing and observing.

He saved my life.

I was so beaten down from being sick I was ready to give up. I know where that would have ended.  He saved my life.

It Only Takes Once.  Once again I’m in a situation where I am observing apparent cause and effect scenarios I can’t – yet – explain.

I don’t have all the pieces yet.

I am frustrated because I don’t have a solid explanation for what I’m experiencing and what it might mean but unlike when I was living in the East Bay California, thinking I was losing my mind even as I was losing my health, I am not close to giving up.

It helps that I am nowhere near as sick as I was though I am negatively impacted to the degree I end up not feeling so well. 

I also have people around me who believe me and are trying to help me figure it out.

It helps having a solid track record.  The EMF Sensitivity was just the tip of the iceberg.

Esoteric EMFs.  What I’m dealing with is something that sneaks up on me.  Ironically, it’s because I fixed a different EMF problem that I’m in the situation I’m in.

Starting two years after my brain surgery, I experienced terrible migraines that began forty-eight hours prior to a thunderstorm.  These headaches got worse as time went on and eventually necessitated trips to the ER where I was given narcotics that did nothing to take away the pain but did allow me to sleep until the storm system passed, after which I woke free of pain.

I now realize that the medication I was on – Dilantin – for the “prevention” of seizures after the brain surgery drained me – badly – of potassium.  The longer I was on the damned stuff the more my potassium stores were depleted, the worse the migraines got.

There is a calcium component to the pain because calcium, which makes up scar tissue, is a metal and an EMF conductor.

The pain was at the surgery site.

Once I set about reducing excess calcium, the area of pain experienced prior to the thunderstorms shrank.  After I realized that my potassium stores were still depleted?  I began a regimen of supplemental potassium.  The result?  No more headaches before storms.  The problem? There’s still something…

Silent and Stealthy.  It’s taken me almost a year to see the current pattern associated with the problem and though I have most of the pieces, there is an all too elusive component.

Something is causing extreme stress (though not pain) and it appears to be tied to the EMFs associated weather. I say appears because there are many times when the weather will change and I’m totally fine.

The toughest part is that I am not even aware that I’m stressed!

I’m just going about my life and the next thing I know – I’ve eaten foods or had beverages that leave me feeling bad.

Unaware of the stressor, I will unconsciously eat something that would be considered comfort food, though not necessarily empty calories.

Trail mix is one of the go-to foods and while considered healthy, it’s pretty disastrous for me due to the high Sulphur content in the foods.

Why would I eat something that wasn’t good for me?  Here’s the challenge – I’m on autopilot and take action before I realize what I’ve done.  The food causes stress in my system which has me reaching for other foods and beverages to address it and the next thing I know I’m in a bit of trouble.  The most frustrating thing is that I am unaware of what the initial stressor is.

My thought is that if I knew what that was I could go after it and take it out of the equation, heading off trouble before it starts.

Appearances are deceiving.  It appears to be weather related.  I say this because within forty-eight hours of the “comfort zone” act, it will change.

It generally rains though thunder is not always a part of the equation.

I suspect it has something to do with barometric pressure changes – when the pressure goes down and the temperature rises it is the worst – but even this has enough exceptions that I cannot conclude it’s weather related.

X Files.  I’ve been aware of this unknown component for years, long before I knew what was responsible for the EMF Sensitivity.  I just had no idea how to quantify it.  My husband came up with the X Factor which I later renamed Factor P because I thought I had an idea what it was.  Unfortunately, recent data has me realizing it isn’t that simple.

Working Vacation.  On my vacation I was able to compare and analyze a number of components.

The time of year meant it was a shoo-in to be around a storm related weather change. 

I was able to eliminate a number of factors.

  • Latitude
  • A number of geologic components
  • A number of demographic components

And while I cannot eliminate weather as a factor, I cannot confirm it is the only one because there are times when I’m totally immune to the weather change.

A lot of times.

There are also times when I am very stressed but there is no weather change.

Thus, Factor X, a total unknown.

I’ve talked this situation over with my family until I’m blue in the face and while we’ve come up with a number of anecdotes, none of us has a theory for what – exactly – Factor X is.

But I’m not giving up.

The Good News.  I am optimistic that eventually I’m going to get to a point that  I won’t be sucked under by the X Factor.  I have this optimism because of how far I’ve come.  I no longer get the migraines before the storms. Hell, I’m not even aware there’s a problem until I have had foods and beverages that are high in Sulphur.

Apparently, the go-to food for stressed adrenals.  Too bad it is a short-term gain long-term pain nutrient.

I also continue to see incredible improvements in other areas of my life – what I called mop-up symptoms – as I continue the protocol of reducing excess calcium and rebalancing nutrients.

This is beyond what I did to cure the EMF Sensitivity.

My gum health has improved dramatically and the moles on my body continue to just drop off.

Three very small ones that I’d had for years all just came off – almost all at the same time. 

The pattern is always the same.  The mole burns and feels uncomfortable.  It kind of scabs up and drops off.  I cover the spot with a paste of baking soda and water for 10 – 14 days (or longer if I feel it appropriate).  That’s it.

My nails are incredibly strong and healthy, normal in color.

My hair is reverting to its natural color as the excess calcium comes out.  It’s healthy.

I feel more energy than I’ve had in years.

I’m every bit as stubborn, determined to figure out what the hell the X Factor is and make it a nonissue.


2 thoughts on “Research – I’m Missing Something…”

  1. Sulfur is essential. So is Magnesium chloride. I’d suggest you look up geo-engineering and weather modification. That explains a lot. Also detrimental scaler waves.Hopefully G5 won’t be coming in your area. Do you dowse? That helps with discernment on what to ingest.

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