Free of it?

o-PHILADELPHIA-facebook.jpgAs I sit here listening to Dystopia of High-Finesse and sipping The Guide – a pinot noir from Oregon with cherry notes – as opposed to vanilla or pepper – it occurred to me that the vacation I recently returned from is the first real vacation I’ve had in twelve years.

It isn’t so much that I haven’t traveled as that it was the first time I was able to completely relax and enjoy what I was doing.

Even my trip to Philly and DC in 2015 was overshadowed by the EMF Sensitivity.  Yes, I was free of the symptoms, but I’d also moved to a new part of the country.  Was I okay? 

As I recall that wonderful trip, I can’t help but remember that I got sick after breakfast.

Oatmeal = phytic acid – and cantaloupe = high Sulphur – two detrimental components that had been making my life a living hell. – totally unknown to me at the time.  All I knew is I felt icky but NEVER tied it to the “healthy” breakfast.

My daily trip to Starbucks set my system right.

The caffeine fed my adrenals.

I remember the incredible service at the Starbucks near the Smithsonian.

I know – which one?

My husband told me today he was meeting colleagues at a Starbucks near the customer and he had to ask “Which one?” because there were literally TWO in the same damned strip mall.  How moronic is THAT?”  (Speaking as a non-franchisee).

The service in DC was amazing – all smiles – and the atmosphere incredible.  Outdoor tables with incredible energy and total chaos talking all at once.

I couldn’t help – ahem – overhearing a woman going on into the cell phone about showing up at court over some custody/court case with – I guess – the father of her child?  “Girl…”  Uh-huh.  Cool.

Reminded me of living in the Detroit Metro Area – at one point in the top 3 most stressful and fast-paced cities in the nation, behind only NY and LA. 

It was a breath of fresh air for this Midwest soul.

It was as if I’d never left…

I finished Pin but…

It’s only in the transformation I’m experiencing that what the REAL vacation did for me is coming home.

I now understand all those other trips – including my beloved PA/VA trip – were not opportunities for me to truly relax.

Because I was still sick with toxic metals, even as my technology – read WIFI and Cellular and Bluetooth – symptoms were gone.

My vacation to the East was overshadowed by the cloud hanging over my head and my heart.

Every time (since 2009) we moved – a move motivated by an effort to find a HEALTHY (read SAFE)) place to live – I had to look my family in the eye and answer the unspoken question of Can we stay?  Are we safe from chemical poisoning?

A horrible burden.  What was I supposed ot say?  I hope so?

Living with EMF Sensitivity has been a horrible burden in so many ways.  It’s only now that I am – free.

I can’t say truly free because the spectre of the poisoning of me and my family will always be a part of my psyche.  To try and dismiss it would be akin to disabling a smoke detector.  Only an f-ing idiot would do so.

On my first real vacation – TRULY away from the burdens that have haunted me since I moved to the East Bay, CA and became sick – I relaxed – and reconnected to my soul in ways I am only now beginning to understand.

And my soul sings because of it.

But I will never ever forget.

I will never ever ever let down my guard.  Fool me once…

Listening to Sam Tinnesz – Babel.  INCREDIBLE…



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