Esoteric EMFs

Untitled-design-3-4.jpgNote:  To get the most from this article, try to determine which network component you identify with.  (i.e. receiver, transmitter, repeater, antenna, etc).

Holistic living is about so much more than whether or not there’s a cell tower within sight.

EMFs are waves that radiate.  Those at the low end travel farther than those at the higher end so while proximity matters, line of sight doesn’t necessarily.

Cured of my EMF Sensitivity, I am able to turn my attention to other more esoteric but no less impactful frequencies.

Yes, I know technically that is still a type of EMF Sensitivity but given most people associate EMF Sensitivity (EHS) with technology (rightfully so), I will differentiate in order to provide clarity.

While tackling a particularly challenging issue, I came across a couple of articles that beautifully explain the overarching challenges involved.

The fundamentals.

For me, it validated actions I’ve been taking and remedies I’ve developed to deal with the more esoteric (read hard to quantify) energetic influences that have an impact on the quality of life.

To truly understand the challenges faced by an EMF Sensitive, you have to look beyond technology.  These articles apply to both and should be interpreted appropriately.

The remedies and actions required by someone facing the more esoteric frequency issues are sometimes the same as the ones used for technology EMFs, though not always.

And in fact, remedies that help with technology can actually intensify the other.

I would like to point out that there is a difference between electrical and magnetic forces and those are different than electromagnetic forces.  Each force needs to be dealt with directly and what helps one may worsen another.  This is why it is imperative to truly understand what is going on with your health and not just assume.

The symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity can apply to a number of health conditions and are all related to nutrient balance and inner health.

Paying close attention to your environment and how you are affected by it is a critical first step in understanding whether or not you are EMF Sensitive and what you may need to do about it.

For more information on determining whether or not you have EMF Sensitivity, see Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

Be well!

Article ONE

Article TWO

This is the far more insidious of the issues in my opinion.

From the Article:  Mutual coupling degrades not just the antenna efficiency, but it can alter the antenna’s radiation pattern as well. This is one of the limitations involved in antenna arrays. If the energy received by all the antennas in your array are highly correlated, then you don’t really have an antenna array; rather it will function more like one large antenna, which makes beam steering much less effective.

In other words, a hive mentality.  If no one has the chance to offer a unique perspective, efficiency goes down.


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