Eliminating Food Intolerance/Allergy

I have managed over the past three weeks to eliminate most of the food allergies and intolerances I developed while curing my EMF Sensitivity.

I need to retest one last item in the dairy family but given all other items in the dairy family are no longer a problem, I’m optimistic this will also resolve.

I was able to make significant progress in a short time by doing two things

  • Significantly reduce intake of high Sulphur foods (aka “super foods”)
  • Increase my intake of supplemental potassium

This combination appears to have restored my ability to tolerate the foods.  I no longer have any negative reactions.

I am looking into relevant associated nutrient impact and will share those findings in the future.

Ironically, the foods I became allergic to were not high in Sulphur.  They are also foods I never had an issue eating before.

The allergies and intolerance came only after incorporating “superfoods” in an attempt to restore nutritional balance after detoxing heavy metals.

Incredibly ironic.




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