Interlink – Sulphur, Calcium, and Potassium

44225-Din-5685-Air-Conditionshort-Long-Link-Chain-1.gifIt often takes hindsight to notice and fully understand interrelated nutritional components and how they can impact health.

Trying to understand what is causing what can be difficult when multiple conditions have changed.

Due to my recent discovery that foods purported to be healthiest can make us very ill, I have been able to piece together information that illustrates the complex relationship between nutrients.

I would never have guessed at the relationship between Sulphur, Calcium, and Potassium.

In my experience, Sulphur foods deplete the body of Potassium AND allow the body to accumulate Calcium.

I was previously aware of the teeter-totter relationship between calcium and potassium.

This complex situation leads to several difficulties including an inability to properly digest foods and properly absorb nutrients.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

Excess Calcium AND consumption of Sulphur foods can lead to terrible food allergies.

The first step to resolving this issue is to stop eating the “healthy” high Sulphur foods.  At the same time, cut back on dairy and grains which also allow the body to accumulate Calcium.  Finally, increase your potassium intake.

I accomplished this by taking Twin Labs Potassium supplements – 99mg. I went with my needs, not what was on the label.  I took 594 – 792 mg/day for about five days – in divided doses – then cut back as I pulled my system back into balance.

People have to see what works for them individually.

I have experienced several benefits.  Some of them came from simply eliminating the high Sulphur foods.  Others, from the addition of the Potassium, which was a shot in the arm when trying to push back the excess Calcium.  The best is that my allergy to foods is reducing and disappearing.

I’ve also come to call Potassium the happy mineral because – completely opposite to Calcium – it provides energy, clear thinking, and a GOOD MOOD!!!!!!

Calcium truly wreaks havoc with people’s moods and personalities.

What I have come to see over and over is that the most important step to take in regaining health is to stop ingesting whatever is causing the problem to begin with.

Quit eating the foods that are causing trouble.  Keep in mind that those foods may be marketed as being health-inducing and good for you when they are anything but.

On a side note – I have good reason to suspect people who have large stomachs are dealing with an intolerance to high Sulphur foods and the related excess Calcium.  Giving up the Sulphur foods, combined with cutting back on dairy and grains should go far in reducing this stomach.

The group I’m talking about falls into two categories.  One would be the men who have a beer gut.  It may not be the beer (though there are sulfites in beer) so much as the Sulphur foods that cause a domino effect resulting in the appearance.

thinking-smiling-woman-questions-marks-above-looking-up-red-sign-isolated-white-background-35385238I find it interesting that diseases that were never a part of my grandparents’ vocabulary and that are now common began to show up and increase after the release of the food pyramid and associated advice on how Americans should eat.  Coincidence?


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