Celebrating Life – Again

620951116-612x612So, 39 years ago today I died – once in the ER (floated above the doctors as they looked at my dilated pupils) and again during the brain surgery.

And again three days later when my electrolytes flatlined – likely due to all that medication they pumped into me that depleted them.

My neurosurgeon told me he had a daughter my age – and refused to let me go.

He said, “I reached in and pulled you back.” 

Good thing.

So, I’ll post a bit of this and a bit of that – but open with an observation of “apparent” bias against females.

Socks.  I bought a package of men’s ankle socks at the store.  When I got home, I grabbed the scissors and the package of socks and went to the laundry room, prepared to go through the TEDIOUS process of cutting the stupid little plastic things that bound them together.

Presumably an anti-theft device.

I opened the package, withdrew the 6 pairs of socks and immediately noted that not one of them had the stupid plastic things binding them together!  My very first thought was “Well, no &^#@#!”  Men would never put up with that crap.  What a waste of time and energy! If they had to get home and use scissors to cut the bleeping things before putting them in the wash they’d be complaining big time!

Maybe men wouldn’t even bother to wash them – just put ‘em in their sock drawer?

My next thought was “Oh, yeah, like women are more likely to actually STEAL the socks!  Men are somehow more trustworthy?  Less likely to shoplift?  Yeah, right.  Especially – SOCKS?

I decided from now on, I will simply buy men’s socks.

No problem and more importantly?  NO HASSLE!

Ahhhh – the holistic life!

Speaking of holistic…

I didn’t really have any particular tidbit to share for this article and now that I put the sock thing in, I can share other times when buying men’s makes way more sense.

Jeans.  Several years ago, I noticed that my husband’s jeans were a thousand times softer than mine.  The fabric was literally so much nicerso much softer.  Easy – I just buy men’ss jeans and get the same benefit.

The only challenge can be at the waist since female waists taper in and male waists don’t.  However, it isn’t that big a deal so it’s a viable alternative.

T-shirts.  Within the last year, I noticed that when it came to T-shirts – especially at Gap and Target – the guys’ selection was a million times better than the stuff in the women’s department.

I now regularly start at the Gap rather than Macy’s or Nordstrom and Target.com is totally awesome for selection.  I just buy a size down.

$$ PRICE NOTE:  If you would wear a size small adult male, you might try the size large in boys.  Cheaper.

Selection is more fun, too.

Kids.  I noticed during a recent shopping trip that the clothing in the junior/teen department was a lot cuter than the crap they had in the women’s department.

The stuff there might have served when my grandmother was my age in the 1950s but is totally lame right now.

I pointed this out to my daughter – and literally pointed to the other women who were around my size searching for clothes in this department as well.

Ironically, right after I said something, the other women started talking about how the girls/teen stuff was so much cuter than the women’s stuff – and trust me – they were NOT happy about that.

Store Choice is NO Choice.  I actually first observed the generational mistmatch in the fashion department years ago.  I was in my 30s and my choices were either college kid stuff or old lady stuff.

I could either buy sweats or stuff with giant floral patterns, obnoxious ugly stripes, or hideous colors:  UGLY brown, orange, and puke yellow.

Music too.  I went to lunch today – the place is a local joint – a mixed demographic.  At the end of the meal, my husband said, “Please don’t make me wait til the end of this song before we leave.

It wasn’t the Carpenters but it was close.

I told him I would meet him at the car after a trip to the rest room.  Before I went outside, however, I noted that not only had the place cleared out but ACDC Thunderstruck was playing.

They were between lunch and dinner so this was obviously for the employees.  I stopped by to tell the waitress to quit with the crappy music.  I pointed out “You have a lot of Baby Boomers who eat here.  THEY don’t want to feel old so don’t play that awful music.  It’s insulting to them and for me?

I made a gesture of putting my finger in my throat like barf!

She looked at me with a vacant  smile said “It’s the manager who makes that decision.

I explained, “Then tell your manager that if you don’t want to chase your customers out, play better music!  Once that crappy easy listening stuff went on?  The Boomers cleared out!”

Maybe that was the intent.  Who knows, maybe after I left the employees were all high-fiving it!

Today is a day to celebrate life – and that means living LIFE all the way til the end!

Maybe she isn’t aware of all the awesome musicians still rockin out in their 60s and 70s or the actors still pullin’ em in in in their late 70s!

Better to burn out than fade away!

** After writing this I read an investor article that contained information about Target’s private label efforts in men’s clothing.  It’s working, I think.


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