Bracelets, EMFs, and Psi

images-3.jpegI’m working on Adjudication, the final book in the Metatron’s Army series.  With hands on a keyboard, I’m not big into jewelry, as it is distracting and often uncomfortable.  However, this morning I happen to be wearing a thin copper bracelet.

I bought it at a Native American festival.  It’s thin and has a nice twisty shape and has a small piece of turquoise set in it.

I’m not wearing the bracelet for any reasons associated with EMF Sensitivity.  I’m wearing it because I felt like putting it on this morning.

It’s pretty.  It’s lightweight.  I can wear it while typing and forget it’s there.

Since the interview with Lloyd Burrell, I’ve received several requests asking where to purchase the bracelet I talked about.

Does/Doesn’t.  I decided to write a follow-up post to clarify what the bracelet is and isn’t.

It is not a cure.  It is a remedy.  This means it addresses certain symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity.  It does not CURE EMF Sensitivity.

It is not a magic bullet. You may or may not have the same experience I did, putting it on and feeling instant and tremendous relief.

I explain all of it in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

For me.  My condition was complex because not only was I sensitive to the electromagnetic frequencies from technology, I was sensitive to the ultra-low and very low frequencies emitted from geologic fault lines.

Living in the Bay Area near the Hayward and Calaveras faults, among others, you can imagine how much fun this was for me.

The metals in the bracelets are all good conductors of electricity.  They deflected the surrounding EMFs away from my body.  This reduced and/or eliminated many of the worst symptoms I was suffering.

The same would be accomplished by standing on top of rock made up of these minerals.  Anyone want to move to Silver City, NV?

Psi Anyone?  The bracelet also unblocked an impediment to my psi abilities.

I had been puzzled by the sudden and inexplicable loss of psychic abilities I’d had since I was a child.

Here’s the thing.  It isn’t the bracelets that make someone psychic. IF someone is psychic and their abilities are being hindered and/or blocked by EMFs then the bracelets could help restore those abilities, as they did for me.


There is an internal and external component involved with psychic abilities.

Not to mention whether or not you have the gift to begin with.

As I’ve written in other books, low magnesium will also affect psychic abilities.  So will low potassium.

High calcium basically kills them.

Do the bracelets help with high calcium?  Calcium is a metal and will draw EMFs to the body.  So, the short answer is yes.  Only chelating excess calcium will actually resolve the issue.

Copper bracelets are sold as remedies for arthritis pain. Arthritis is caused by excess calcium in the joints.  The copper will deflect the EMFs that are drawn to that metal.

If you have something else going on and put on a copper/silver/zinc bracelet you may have a less than positive response.

This is why you absolutely have to do your homework and figure out exactly what is going on.  No shortcuts. 

It’s Magnetic.  Many of the bracelets sold for arthritis are classified as magnetic bracelets.

They are still generally copper though you will find some with silver and zinc mixed in.

Magnets work on a different yet related issue.  To better understand, you have to consider that electro and magnetic are different energetic forces. Do the magnetic bracelets work?  Sure, but they may not address the symptom you’re trying to resolve.  It depends on the source of the problem.

I’ll close with a couple of anecdotes.

And an example of how EMFs negatively impacted my psi ability.

I was interviewing for a job.  I explained what I was looking for and how I worked.  The hiring manager talked about his style and explained what the job was.  He completely and totally lied 100%.

Normally, because of my abilities, I would have picked up on the fact he was lying.  I didn’t. 

I got the job and quickly came to see I’d been lied to.

I was not a happy camper.

My worst fears were realized when I spoke with a senior manager who confirmed that the job was not what I’d been promised.

She had quite the oh, &*$?# look on her face when I explained what the hiring manager told me about the job.

I left the company a short time later.  For years, it haunted me that I hadn’t been able to pick up on the lies while in the interview.

I had never missed picking up someone’s deceit before.  Not once.

While doing research into my mysterious health condition I came across the fact that the office I was sitting in during the interview sits directly on top of a major fault line. No wonder I hadn’t been able to pick up on the deceit!

Understanding brought incredible peace of mind.

And leaving the company set me on the path to fulfilling my dream of being a writer, so it worked out.

images-2Psi restored.  Yesterday, at the grocery store, I was leaning over to pick up two jars of spaghetti sauce.  A vision flashed in front of me – one of the jars slipping to the ground and smashing.  I saw the sauce on the ground and heard the call for an employee to come and clean it. I then saw the young male – dark hair, about nineteen – coming to see what happened.

Knowing I had the opportunity to stop something unpleasant from happening, I focused on the bundle of goods in my hands.

Two boxes of noodles, two jars of sauce.

Nah, It Won’t Happen!  The irony here is that in the past, such warnings have been so fleeting or so apparently unlikely that I’ve ignored them – and come to regret it.  Because of this, I had promised myself not long ago that if I got a small warning again – no matter how unlikely it seemed to be – I would pay attention.  As I saw this vision my first reaction – my immediate reaction – was “I’m not going to drop the jar! I’m not that much of a klutz!”

I quickly countered by reminding myself that I was going to make a habit of listening to the warnings, even when they were small or unlikely.

Sure enough, the jar started to slip from my hands but because I had reminded myself to pay attention, the vision never happened.

Psi signals are also frequencies.  Images, thoughts, sensations, all are detected, processed.  So when EMFs mess with our bodies they are messing with far more than many realize.

It pays to pay attention!


4 thoughts on “Bracelets, EMFs, and Psi”

  1. Just came back from one of our local health food stores and was handed a brochure regarding smart meters – they’re coming to Kerrville Texas area – left California to escape them. Found our I have MTHFR gene mutations recently which affects my body’s ability to detox. One of those in nick of time things, now at least I can help my body detox with the right diet and supplements and I already know to avoid exposure to wifi etc – but still wish I could live away from all this wireless exposure.

    1. Lynn: It may not seem like it but you are in control. You have options. I understand that you can refuse to have a smart meter at your home though you may pay a fee for that because they will need to send someone to your home. Additionally, you may have some control over where the meter is installed – not sure. And… there are remedies and steps you can take. Try not to despair. There may be other solutions out there as well. I have not kept up on the smart meter situation because cell signals have not really been an issue for me and there are cases where they are helpful. They block out other signals that can be more problematic. The bracelets I wrote about might help in this situation. The other remedies I describe and then anything else that might be available specific to smart meters. Don’t despair. Elizabeth

    1. Hello Lori: Thank you for taking the time to write. Studies are done under controlled environments that adhere to international protocols requiring the ability to repeat results before their findings are approved. Study results are a data point. My experience is a data point. Ultimately, you – anyone – needs to go with what works for them. This is no different than a doctor prescribing a medication for a condition. It may work for 9 out of 10 people and you may be that 1 it doesn’t work for. So… in my personal experience, the metals I wore reduced and/or eliminated some of the worst symptoms I was dealing with. The biggest symptom relieved by the bracelets was fog brain. Go figure but it’s the truth. As I write in my book, standing on the same minerals acheived the same effect. In my experience, as with the study findings, metals in my body increased my absorption of problematic EMFS. I want to quantify that not all EMFs are problematic for me. Actually, none of them are at this point because I cured myself of the condition by detoxifying the heavy metals from my body and restoring my nutrient balance. I no longer get a benefit from the bracelets or other metals simply because I don’t need them for the original purpose, though I will wear them for pleasure. I also have found that now that my body chemistry – which affects my electrical signature – is different – the materials I have against my skin can react in unique ways. My experience – what I write – it’s how I put my life back together. I have had enough feedback – especially with the bracelets – to know it’s a repeatable benefit – and I didn’t do a laboratory controlled environment study. I told people about it and every single one of them got instant benefit and relief. Every one. That suggests that the “outside the body” theory of the laboratory experiment is not repeatable in the outside the lab world we all live in. Additionally, the US government Stargate program used metals outside the body to enhance results. And, as far back as the late nineteenth century, metals have been used as filters for EMFs in human trials. In the end none of it will help if it doesn’t help you. So – my suggestion is to try and see how it works. There are inexpenxive copper bracelets – available at the drug stores – sold for arthritis pain. We’re talking $2 to $5. Incidentally, someone asked if a ring was enough. Not in my experience. At least, not for the EMFs associated with “EHS.” I hope this helps. Please reply if you are still confused and I will do my best to help. The study results – I’m sure – are valid but that doesn’t mean that you would have the same experience. Real life and laboratory protocol are different. If you have a New Age store near you – pay a visit and pick up various gems. If you have difficulty with red jasper, hematite, and other magnetic stones, you may well benefit from the bracelets. hth…Elizabeth

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