Interview with Lloyd Burrell

o-radio-microphone-facebook1.jpgTo my good fortune, Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense reached out to me for an interview regarding my work diagnosing, treating, and living with EMF Sensitivity. 

Known as EHS or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in Europe.

What an awesome opportunity to educate people on this often misunderstood condition!

Lloyd is every bit as passionate as I am about helping people live a fuller, healthier life!  It was a true delight to speak with him!

During the interview I mention one of the many remedies I discovered for reducing and/or alleviating the symptoms, a bracelet with copper, silver, and zinc.  I have since been contacted about where I bought the bracelets.  While the store I bought the bracelets at no longer carries, them, I can provide some suggestions on where you can find versions of this particular remedy.

This is a remedy for various symptoms.  It is not a cure. 

The bracelets were one of many remedies I used to alleviate symptoms while I went about curing the root cause of the condition.

To find out more, read Wipeout EMF: The Challenge of Curing Autoimmune Disease and Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

The bracelets I purchased for $8 a piece are now on the web for $40 and more.  To me this is gouging.

The quality just isn’t there to justify this.

You can easily get a less expensive and equally suitable piece elsewhere.

A bracelet that is only copper can and should suffice for many.

The best places?

  • The tourist shops in old ghost towns and mining towns in the American Southwest. **
  • Native American events such as PowWows  **
  • Native American store websites **
  • Pharmacies **
  • Amazon
  • Etsy

** means BEST PRICES! You will NOT be ripped off at the tourist shops or going through Native American vendors.

I never have.

Caveat.  If you do not suffer from EMF Sensitivity and you wear metal, you may have a different experience.

Once I was cured of my EMF Sensitivity, I discovered I can become uncomfortable wearing metals under certain conditions.  My own electromagnetic field is different since curing myself of the issue.

Not all copper is copper.  I did not have luck at all – as I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity – buying copper from the hardware store.

For more information on the remedies, see Riding the Waves.

FYI.  Lloyd is putting together a seminar that promises to be packed with information for those wanting to learn more about this condition.  The information presented is suitable for those just scratching the surface as well as those looking for a more scientific/research take on it all.

See his site for details.

Be well!


6 thoughts on “Interview with Lloyd Burrell”

  1. That was a great interview with Lloyd! I am so happy you finally got on his show. I had to chuckle when he mentioned that he has been following your work and was alarmed when you recently announced you would be shutting down I had the same reaction. I’m sure all of your followers are relieved that you have had a change of heart and will keep it going. No doubt you will have more followers as a result of this interview – yay!

    1. Hello Sherry: Thank you for taking the time to comment. It truly means a lot to me. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. It was actually a lot of fun. Lloyd’s great. He really knows how to put a person at ease. Yes, I will continue to manage and contribute to I look forward to helping people live a healthier, happier life. I am amazed at what I learn each day. It’s almost overwhelming. For instance, I recently figured out the interrelationship between sulphur, potassium, and caLcium, and how it plays into the whole EMF thing as well as health in general. I will be posting an article on that in the coming days. Thank you for reaching out to me. It helps me know I’m making a positive difference in the world, which has long been my objective. Elizabeth

  2. Kelp4Less has a Fulvic Acid powder that works very well for a supply of very pure trace minerals. We use a tiny amount in our drinking water containers. It’s used as a plant food for hydroponic farmers. Not FDA approved for humans but, the plants LOVE it and we feel better, too. Enjoyed the interview an
    d your blog. Dr. Rosanna Winter, Winter Chiropractic Services, Lakeway, TX

    1. Dr. Winter: Thank you for the post and the comment about the trace mineral powder. I have had amazing results using the Conctrace trace minerals. However, they do contain some calcium and coper and depending on how much “toxicity” of these and/or other metals is present, can cause problems. At that point, single remedy liquid ionic minerals can be wonderful and more easily absorbed than capsules. The powder sounds as if it is also more easily absorbed. Best wishes! Elizabeth

  3. Elizabeth, I heard the Interview today. Thank you for Sharing your experience and knowledge. I will be investing in your books next. Also, please don’t shut down The website. Keep putting yourself out there. I didn’t know about you untill today. Lol. And I’m happy I did. I’m Very EMF “sensitive” and I’m just beginning to research and learn what’s out there so thank you.
    Is there any way you can recommend where to begin to look to where I can buy the zinc, copper and brass bracelets?? I NEED this in my life!! Thank you again. In health, Brenda

    1. Hello Brenda: Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. I wrote a post that deals specifically with the bracelet and where to find it. I wish you well on your journey of recovery. Don’t give up! It is possible to live a normal life free of the sensitivity. It may be a windy road to find your specific way out of if but it’s there. Elizabeth
      The link to the article is here:

      Hope this helps.

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