Mosquito? Meet Champagne!

589094806-612x612So… if a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one to hear it – did it happen?

I was big time into a scene of passion in Adjudication: Book 10 in Metatron’s Army.

Longest passion scene I’ve written in my career.  Trust me, I was eyes on the screen, fingers on the keyboard; totally into the words.

Big crash followed by the house shaking.

Living in the land of shake, rattle, and roll, I know shaking. This wasn’t a quake.

Turns out, a tree on the neighbor’s property went down.

Sustained heat on the West Coast, apparently.  Maybe they should plant some trees from Michigan or Louisiana – or Texas.

I spoke with a different neighbor who happened to witness it.

Like I said, it happened.

mosquito-skin.ngsversion.1396530826891Here it is!  I leaned against a previously downed tree and listened to him explain what he saw – and became a buffet feast for some opportunistic skeeters.

Volcano to the rescue.  Volcanic ash makes a great treatment for wounds – and mosquito bites.  I planned on putting a bit of the mud mixture on the bites to draw out the poisons.

This stuff works wonders.

Being close to dinner time, however, I decided to do the volcanic ash thing before bed.  Instead, I poured myself a glass of champagne and returned to the novel.

I’m telling you, it was a good scene!

About twenty minutes later I realized all the swelling from the bite had gone down and there was absolutely zero itching.

Anti-histamine to the rescue!

Calamine Schmalamine.  I grew up in the days when Calamine lotion – totally useless – was put on a host of itchy things.

I was also tortured with Mecurocrhome and Methoilate, and had fluoride liquid dripping down my throat in Catholic school in third grade as a “free” treatment.  Don’t swallow – or so the dentist said.  Don’t swallow?  I’m staring up at the ceiling with my mouth open and that crappy liquid dripping down my throat!  How the heck am I supposed to avoid it?  

Here, how about this?  Let me tip your head back so you’re staring up at the ceiling – drip disgusting chemicals down your throat – and tell you not to swallow.  Sound like a deal?

Obviously, I can’t recommend champagne as a treatment for a bug bite.  It’s interesting, though, to note how quickly and effectively it took care of the problem.

It’s hours later and I have zero swelling and zero itching.  But I have the volcanic stuff if I need it.

I’m amazed at the tidbits I stumble across on my journey through hopscotch land.

One step forward – three steps back and then six steps forward – one step back. 

On a lighter note.  A few days ago I wrote about the effect of a new cat food on my cat’s neurological system. It caused her to lose a lot of weight and given how tiny she is, she couldn’t afford that.

She’s a rescue kitty.  About 7 years old.  Runt of the litter, or in a situation where she had to fight for food.

Once we went back to her old food, she turned into the starving cat.  She ate two to three times the amount of food she normally ate.

We understood totally and just continued to feed her when she cried.

As of today, she has regained the weight she lost and is a much more content kitty.

She is back to her normal feeding schedule.

If you have pets and you switch the food – please pay attention to what’s happening as a result.

They’re counting on you to understand what they cannot say.


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