EMF Research – A Day In the Life

ILRN.pngDisclaimer:  The WHO refers to EMFSensitivity (My term) as EHS.  I have an issue with the wording “hyper sensitivity.”   I have a problem with labeling someone as “sensitive” because it has a negative connotation and implies weakness, when it’s anything but.

Ever consider that it’s the sensitive who have a clue?  Just because you don’t see or feel something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  As people who pull the covers over their heads sometimes learn – ignore the scratching sound at your own peril.

I prefer to say that someone is “aware.”

They are clued in.

Aware, they are facing the truth head on.  No pulling the covers over their heads or laying their head on – not in – the sand.

To understand that last bit – read up on where the saying comes from.  Hint:  What flamingos do – not what it looks like or what people say – what they do.

That being said, though I cured my EHS in June 2016, I did not lose my awareness.

I’m glad.  To do so would be akin to taking the batteries out of a smoke detector. There’s a reason we have Fight or Flee. It’s how we got to this point in existence – by knowing when something’s wrong/off.

I was driving to a particular area this morning.  I’m not fond of this area because I don’t like how I feel when I’m in it.

In general, I feel as if someone is squeezing my chest and I can’t breathe.  Not literally can’t breathe – it feels as if I would have trouble – because my chest feels tight or as if someone is squeezing it.

I’d had my double shot this morning.  That feeds my adrenals – to a degree.  I was curious to see what, if any, effect that may have had on the feeling.

None as far as I could tell.

I did my errand and left. Even though I didn’t feel it, I knew instinctively my adrenals had taken a hit.

Perhaps that’s what the doppio did for me – masked a symptom.

Knowing this, I went by a local place to grab a bit of coffee.

I only ended up having about 3 ounces so it wasn’t much of a hit.

I went about my day which mostly involved working on an intense scene for Adjudication: Book 10 in the Metatron’s Army series.  I knew I was going to have to return to the area later in the afternoon, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and turn it into research.

All Things Equal.  I needed to do what I could to make sure no outside factors would play a role in how I felt.  To accomplish this, I elected to have lunch at a place I’d been to before and order something I’d had before without having any reactions to it.

Turkey and provolone on baguette with mustard aioli and chardonnay.

The wine was the most important because I wanted to see fi the “anti-inflammatory”** nature of it had a positive effect.

When I returned to the area, I paid particular attention to how I felt, noted any differences.

  • Whereas  earlier my chest felt squeezed – once I got past a certain point in the road – after lunch it felt pressed down (as if someone was pressing their thumb on my ribs), but not squeezed ala Bugs Bunny’s Paul Puma “…hug ‘em and squeeze ‘em…”
  • My stomach didn’t burn at the same location
  • I didn’t get a message from my adrenals – aka Fight or Flee – to panic

As I got closer to the location, the symptoms intensified, but with a big difference

  • Though my chest felt squeezed, I didn’t feel as if I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to breathe
  • I didn’t panic – I was in full control – knew and understood what was happening – that it was location based (see below).  I was calm and at peace

I consider the research a success.  It validated a lot of previous observations.  I completed my errand and went on my merry way.

So, what was the cause of all the hoopla?  An electrical substation located behind a strip mall.

scary-clipart-bed-15Here’s the thing.  Just because the other folks who work and visit the strip mall aren’t aware that the substation is having an effect on them doesn’t mean it isn’t.  Ticking time bomb?  Well, that depends on their nutritional and chemical balance.

Who knows, perhaps they were already diagnosed with something and think the symptoms are a result of that medical condition.  Not goooood…

Go the Distance.  I began to feel the effects of the substation within a very short distance of the strip mall.

About a mile.

There is a subdivision within that distance.

Filled with families.

I have always hated the way I felt in that subdivision.  It feels claustrophobic – as if I ‘m being choked. A hopeless feeling, as if there’s no escape, as if life is a dead end.

I’d always assumed it was just the nature of suburbia – identical houses, manicured lawns cut within an inch of their lives – same trendy cars/SUVs parked in the driveways.  Now, I know better.

I’m Free.  I’ll close this out by relating a bit of an EMF recovery milestone.

Shake Rattle & Roll.  At the height of my suffering from EMF Sensitivity, I was able to predict earthquakes with incredible precision.

I knew the exact location – what fault line in what city/area of city – what time of day within one minute – and the intensity on Richter scale readings within tenths of a percentage error – up to five days in advance based on how sick I felt. The source of the sickness was my “awareness” of the geologic EMFS coming from the fault lines in the days and/or hours prior to the s-wave release.  My “sensitivity” was to the p-waves.

As I continued to heal the underlying cause of the sensitivity, I was no longer sickened prior to an earthquake, though I could still detect an impending one.

My ear would ring and my head would automatically turn in the direction of the quake immediately prior to the s-wave.

The other evening I heard a number of animals

  • Dog barking
  • Owl screeching
  • Birds going crazy
  • Howling

Yes – howling.  I live near some cool (4-legged) critters.

Hey, ya never know.  Ever seen Wolfman Jack?

At first, I figured it was territorial but when it went on for several minutes I began to suspect something was wrong.  The animals were all very agitated.  Eventually, it calmed, and I was left wondering what had happened.

It didn’t sound like the usual territorial tiff.

Several hours later, while in bed, I heard one of the critters howling outside my window.

He/she sounded upset and a bit scared/sad.

Turns out there was an earthquake a short while after that.  While it explained the behavior of the animals, it underscored the measure of my recovery.  I never even heard it.

No ringing!

I have mixed feelings about this.  I’m over the moon about not being sick but I can’t help but wonder if I lost one of my smoke detectors.

Trust me, I have plenty more, as I am reminded on a daily basis. Such is the nature of EMFs. Hint:  The paranormal realm exists in the world of ultra-low and very low EMFs.

All in a day’s living in the world of EMFs.

** I will be writing about how, in addition to foods purported to strengthen and/or heal the immune system, foods purported to be anti-inflammatory – outside alcohol – are just as bad, if not worse.  These foods literally had the opposite effect and landed me in a dental emergency – not once but twice.  I finally figured out it was food caused and fixed the situation myself.

To close with a bit of fun – with an ode to how margaritas help with the whole excess calcium thing – this kitty looks like mine – who puts in an unplanned guest appearance on Lloyd’s upcoming interview.



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