The Body’s Wisdom – Alcohol in Healing

Roger:  “You know the trouble I’ve had sleeping?  Well, I’ve solved it.  Just before you go to bed, you put three tranquilizers in a jigger of brandy and you drink it.  You still can’t sleep but you’re so relaxed, that you don’t worry about it.  It’s exhilarating!”   – That Touch of Mink

When in high school, I was reading an astrology article.  One paragraph read Virgos are the organizers of the zodiac.  Virgo’s parents never have to tell Virgos to clean their rooms.

After a quick look around my room, I tossed the article.  It obviously didn’t apply to me.  I’m finding that when it comes to what constitutes healthy eating, that goes for quite a few things these days.

Healthy Food – Not.  I recently discovered that many of the superfoods purported to help people get and stay healthy were making me very ill.

The healthier I ate, the sicker I got.

Now I know why.  The foods were high in Sulphur.  This had severe repercussions when it came to my health

  • Sulphur foods prevented me from being able to properly digest food
  • Sulphur foods interfered with my body’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • Sulphur foods caused me to absorb more calcium than I would or should

That last is of particular note because excess calcium in the body causes all sorts of health issues.

Interestingly, Sulphur is anecdotally associated with hell and evil. One of the “more fun” side effects of excess calcium is a sense of death and dying.  I also observed a sense of evil near geologic fault lines and sinkholes when excess calcium was present.

91833343-3d-render-of-orange-life-buoy-ring-with-alcohol-wine-bottle-and-wine-glass-signs-and-symbols-of-alco.jpgAlcohol to the Rescue!  From the beginning, alcohol has played a significant – and positive – role in my recovery.

I write about this in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, and Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

When it came to knowing what to do about that, however, I ran up against the fact that what health experts advise and what I needed were different.  Was it time to toss the article?

Short answer:  YES!!!!!!!!!

I’ll Drink To That.  From what I can determine, alcohol has helped me in unique ways

  • Improve digestion
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduce excess calcium

Note:  Not all alcohol has the same benefit!  Throughout the recovery, as my chemistry rebalanced, I had to switch the types of alcohol I drank.

Margarita-on-the-RocksSize matters.  I’ve come to see it’s played an even bigger role in helping me regain my strength.

And undoing all the damage caused by the healthy superfoods.


But how much does it take? That depends

  • What experts recommend
  • What your body tells you

Those aren’t the same, believe me.

Think of it like this. You have a headache and reach for a bottle of aspirin.  Do you take the recommended dose on the label or do you take what you know will do the trick?

Moderation Does Not Equal Therapeutic!  As with quite a few health recommendations, the amount one would take to maintain health and the amount needed to improve health are different.

Basically, you’ll probably need a lot more to achieve a therapeutic effect than a maintenance dose.

There are a number of considerations when deciding how much of anything to take, not the least of which are individual metabolism and state of health.

I decided to follow my body’s messages.

Sometimes I would crave margaritas.  Sometimes I would crave champagne.  Then, came red wine.

Red wine posed a particular challenge for me.  Beginning in mid – 2016, I developed an intolerance to it.

As well as to beer.

I now realize it was the sulfites in those alcohols.  Because I was eating a diet high in Sulphur, I was unable to tolerate the additional that was in the beverage.

In developing the intolerance, my body was trying to tell me – ENOUGH WITH THE SULPHUR ALREADY!

Champagne is a low-sulfite alcohol.

I have no idea about tequila.  I suspect it is also low in sulfites.

After I quit eating high Sulphur “health foods,” the food intolerances and allergies lessened and disappeared.  This applied to beer, and red wine.

I happily switched to red wine.

Champagne daily can be tedious.

I’ve observed that I have the best luck with imports, and malbec in particular.

I was able to tolerate both import and domestic champagne – and yes – I know I’m using the wrong vernacular applying the name to domestics – but with wine, I do better with imports.

Since switching to red wine, I’ve noticed the following health improvements

  • It’s easier to fall asleep at night
  • I sleep fewer hours and yet wake up feeling refreshed
  • I have a lot more energy

Though I have red wine most days, I don’t drink a lot in that day, and I drink it with food.  I don’t get drunk.

No point.

As I regain my strength, I want less of it.

This is consistent with my observation of the opposite effect.  Craving alcohol is a symptom of excess calcium in the body.

How much? There is no one answer for how much alcohol is appropriate during recovery.  My best suggestion is to listen to what your body is telling you.

This is exactly what I did.

I went through a tremendous amount of conflict regarding this issue.

The drinking of alcohol – just like coffee – is such a controversial issue in the West and in the US in particular.  It’s tedious and to a great degree, hypocritical.

I also considered that mankind has been drinking alcoholic beverages – and caffeinated ones – for centuries.

Mother Nature is on our side.  Post WW II “expert” recommendations, not so much.

When deciding how much to drink, I listened to my body, but I also paid attention to how I felt.  I know my metabolism and I know my health challenges.  This makes me the expert on what was – and is – best for me.

I urge people to pay attention to what their bodies are telling them.  It’s a good barometer.

waste-paper-basket-250x250When it comes to conventional wisdom, I tossed the article.


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