Super Food – Nutritious or Poison?

Note:  This article is lengthy.

“The End is Where We Begin” – Thousand Foot Krutch

In his book Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes, author William Bridges makes an excellent point:  Transitions don’t always start with beginnings; sometimes they start with endings, or even the time between.

This is an excellent book, incidentally!

My time dealing with EMF Sensitivity has taken me through more transitions than I can count, including a turbulent one that began, ironically, with being cured.

Ostensibly, the end, right?  It was just the beginning…

Aha!  In September 2014, I determined that environmental poisoning was responsible for my health woes.

Step One, Detox.  I designed and implemented an aggressive heavy metal detox program, customized for each member of my family.

Step Two, Move.  By the time we left California, I was free of EMF Sensitivity.

Step Three, Rebuild.  Cured, I turned my focus to nutrition.

I had been juicing and eating nutritious foods throughout the detox but wanted to rebuild any nutrient stores that may have become low due to the aggressive nature of the detox.

With an emphasis on minerals since they are responsible for hormone and enzyme production in the body, I chose meals that included a number of “superfoods” purported to be nutritional powerhouses.

I also continued to juice.


To my consternation, in spite of my efforts, I began to experience severe if sporadic health issues.  What was particularly frustrating was that they were issues I’d never experienced before.

They had nothing to do with EMF Sensitivity.

I also started to develop food sensitivities.

Step Four, Tackle the Stress.  Given everything I’d been through, including moving to a new part of the country, I decided to see if I could help my adrenals.

The adrenals produce scores of hormones and play a significant role in immune function.

To that end, I ate “superfoods” purported to do the trick.

Oh, it was a trick alright.  The healthier I ate, the sicker I got!!!!!


Frustrated beyond belief, I continued to try to treat the symptoms with nutrition.

After all, it’s what did the trick not only for the EMF Sensitivity, but for Rheumatic Arthritis.

Unfortunately, all it did was make me sicker.

Step Five, Anti-Inflammatory!  I decided to try an anti-inflammatory diet.

The book was filled with nutritious foods that were packed with nutrients.

I continued to get sicker, though none of the symptoms were EMF Sensitivity or RA symptoms.  Puzzled, I combed the anti-inflammatory book, looking for clues.

I threw out the book when I read a ridiculous mischaracterization of the effect of coffee on the digestive system.  Obviously, the author was regurgitating something they’d read which was incorrect to begin with, phrasing it in a way that left me shaking my head.  Like, seriously?

About Face!  About this time, family paid a visit.  They were alarmed by my appearance.

For someone who had just overcome a debilitating condition, I looked like I was in a downward spiral.

In spite of my assurances I was fine, they continued to hover.  They also took us out to eat.

Which probably saved my life.

Eating at a number of different restaurants during their stay had an odd effect.  I began to feel good again!

I ate at Mexican restaurants, breweries, and a steakhouse. I drank beer and wine and margaritas with the various meals which were probably on a dietician’s list of no’s when it came to healthy eating.

By the time they went home a few days later, I was transformed.

I ceased following the “healthy eating” diet, though I didn’t turn to junk food either.

On the Road Again…

We moved to a new home which enabled me to discover a missing piece in the EMF Sensitivity puzzle; Calcium!

Unfortunately, in spite of doing everything right, my recovery went like a pig on stilts.

Step Six, Keep On Keeping On!  I continued to eat healthy foods and even tried juicing again.

I had to quit juicing when I started to feel really ill.

Being stubborn can pay off.

Read:  I didn’t know what the hell was wrong, but I didn’t give up searching for a solution – and an explanation

Step Seven, Stumble.  After two years of off and on sickness, I was seriously wondering if it was – gulp – environmental.

This bothered me more than you can imagine but it was starting to look like another $%#?@! Move was in my future.

Damn it, I’m hungry!!!!

In spite of eating healthy foods – vegetables, fruits, and lean meats – I was losing ground.  I was also so sensitive to foods I could eat almost nothing without feeling sick.  Frustrated, I “talked”- ahem – it over with my husband.

Aha – Part Deux!

“Could you eat a cobb salad?”

Innocent enough question.

“I don’t know!”

Step Eight, Light Bulb!  I continued driving – and thinking.  The trouble started three months after we’d moved to the state, which suggested it was environmental, but that just didn’t feel right.

I trust my gut instincts, so I was pretty certain it wasn’t environmental – in spite of strong evidence that it was.

Could I eat a cobb salad? A simple question that turned my life around.

The significance of this conversation is equal to the one recounted at the beginning of Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living With EMF Sensitivity.

Yes, I’d moved two years ago, but what else changed?  The way I ate, perhaps?

Time for More Research. 

At this point, God knows, I’m damned good at it!

I checked Amazon to see when I’d ordered the book that focused on immune healing foods.

Two weeks before I started to get sick!

While I went this route, Aaron dug into the nutritional content of a particular food I’d been eating.

It seemed to be helping my gums but was also looking like the culprit for sudden and severe lower back pain.

“It’s high in Sulphur, which plays a role in calcium absorption.”


No, wait…Sulphur?  “I have trouble with Sulphur foods.”

As I spoke, Aaron browsed.

“You need to read this.”

Don’t Faint!  I stared at the food diagrams in horror.  Every food purported to be nutrition packed and anti-inflammatory was a high Sulphur food.

imagesTalk about Chasing Your Tail!!!!

No wonder I got so sick, I ‘d been poisoning myself with “healthy” food!!!!!

For several minutes I let it sink in. All that effort to restore nutritional balance and all I’d done was make myself horribly sick.

Thankfully, I’d given up most of the superfoods months earlier.

As I continued to stare at the diagrams, I noted an interesting fact.  Throughout my life I’d avoided those foods, in spite of being pressured from time to time to eat them because “they’re so good for you.”

I think I instinctively knew I shouldn’t have them.

Detox – Again.  Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot to do.  I’d already quit eating the latest offending food – roasted red peppers.  A quick implementation of baking soda therapy and I was as good as new.

Final Step, Begin.  Now I can leave EMF Sensitivity behind me!

Rheumatic Arthritis, too!

I don’t have to live my life looking over my shoulder. 

No $%#?@! Move!!!


Take a – I mean Tie a Bow.  Everything I went through has a logical scientific explanation.  This, more than anything, gives me peace of mind.


I urge anyone with an autoimmune condition, including and especially IBS and Crohn’s to look into this.  I suspect sulphur foods – with their effect on calcium absorption – could play a significant role in a number of autoimmune conditions.


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