Nutrition: Results May Vary

background-berries-berry-blackberries-87818As I was eating raspberries this morning I considered how berries have been a hit or miss proposition in my recovery.

Blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries are okay.  Strawberries, no – at least at this point.

The reason behind it is something most people probably don’t consider.

I never did.

Yet lack of awareness of the condition could be dangerous.  To summarize, the foods you eat and beverages you drink will affect you differently depending on the water you drink.

Specifically, whether or not you have hard [high calc] water.

I learned that foods high in calcium can be problematic if your primary drinking water is hard. This is not limited to cheeses, and in fact includes many foods, including so-called superfoods, that are purportedly good for your health.

Eating foods that are a significant source of calcium when you already have too much in your body can cause great harm.

Once I moved to a location where we had water that was not hard, I was able to eat many foods that had previously caused issues.  However, others, that had not been an issue, became one.

I believe this fluctuation is due to changing chemistry as I continue to reduce excess calcium, and will eventually resolve.

Looking back, I see why I got so terribly sick for a period of weeks while following an immune recovery diet.  Most of the foods were significant sources of calcium and we had hard water.

I also felt awful after taking a vitamin D supplement, so I quit almost immediately.

It wasn’t until I moved that I began to understand the impact of hard water on my recovery efforts.

I go into great detail on the effects of calcium on health and its role in EMF Sensitivity and Rheumatic Arthritis in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

In eating healthy foods which included dark leafy green vegetables and cheese high in k2, I was exacerbating a problem.

I was making myself very ill.

Taking a vitamin D supplement made it ever worse.

The vitamin D Council advises against taking vitamin D supplements if you have high blood calcium levels. 

I had been frustrated because after years of incredible progress thanks to the nutritional approach, I was sliding back.

Though I did not get a return of the EMF Sensitivity.

It wasn’t until moving to the new water source that I fully understood.

I began to recover immediately upon moving.

I have no doubt that medications would also affect people differently depending on their diet and the type of water they drink; what nutrients are in it.  That foods can become harmful because of drinking hard water should be considered when mapping out a healing path.

Do not assume because a food is supposedly good for you that it wouldn’t cause grave harm to you personally.

The best advice here is to pay attention to how you feel after eating or drinking and make adjustments as appropriate.


A Sign from Nature.  I made an interesting observation during this time.  The gel from an aloe vera plant turned blood red in the location where we had hard water.

Online research turned up no explanation for it.

When we moved to the different water source, this phenomenon stopped.

Additionally, plants that had anemic growth with the hard water began to – and continue to – thrive with the new water source.

It’s the little things that matter.

So pay attention to them!


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