Heavy Metal Music for EMF Sensitivity(Calcium) induced Allergies

cover_live_at_oakland_coliseum“You’re always wrong, Frank.  That’s what’s so right about you.”      –  Henry Blake to Frank Burns MASH – Mad Dogs & Servicemen, 1974

In 1985, rock musician Dee Snider was invited to testify before Congress regarding “offensive (i.e., profanity, obscene images, lyrics describing sexual and/or violent matters) material in regards to music albums.”

Various authorities have been claiming rock and roll music would destroy this country since Elvis gyrated on stage in the 50s.

The whole thing was ridiculous and hypocritical.

How many members of the PMRC and/or their supporters listened to Elvis, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, or other supposedly counterculture musicians in their youth?

What’s interesting is that with all the focus on the supposedly offensive lyrics and/or imagery, no one ever discussed the music itself or its effects on people.

In 2008, while searching for remedies, if not a cure, for mysterious symptoms caused by sensitivity to ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies, I discovered that certain heavy metal tunes relieved and eliminated the symptoms.

I created a play list that enabled me to be around these frequencies without suffering – enabled me to live a more normal life.

But why?   I spent a great deal of time trying to understand what it was about the specific heavy metal tunes that facilitated the relief.  To this end, I spoke to several professionals.  They listened politely and pretty much to a one, suggested that heavy metal music was not really music.

Tell that to AC/DC, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Godsmack, etc.

 One percussionist did suggest binaural beats and entrainment which was interesting but didn’t apply.  A classical guitarist turned up his nose and refused to speculate.

I shrugged and went on my way, compiling a comprehensive list of heavy metal songs that provided intense relief to debilitating symptoms.  A copy of this list is in the Fix EMF iPhone app.

Although I didn’t observe a specific health benefit from heavy metal musisc until my EMF Sensitivity research, I had noticed that, beginning shortly after my brain surgery, listening to heavy metal music – and AC/DC in particular – was very soothing for me.  So, it was no surprise when I read in 2015, researchers observed significant mental health benefits from listening to heavy metal music.  Specifically, it is good for treating anger and depression.  Both are symptoms of EMF Sensitivity and – ironically – heavy metal toxicity.

I recently released Calcium:  The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity.  In the book I discuss depression and anger as symptoms of excess calcium.

These are also symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.

While only eliminating the excess calcium will cure the situation, using a variety of remedies can relieve the symptoms.

These remedies are discussed in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

I find it fascinating that the study came to the same conclusion I did – that listening to heavy metal music has positive health benefits.

Not all heavy metal songs do the trick.

Today, I was experiencing itching due to calcium in something I ate.

As I explain in my Old Man Mineral book, I have all but eliminated the itching.  However, as I  test reintroducing foods, I am sometimes caught up.

It was calcium rich green leafy lettuce.

Iceberg lettuce does not cause an issue.

I was working on Dark Bishop: Metatron’s Army Book 7 (and itching away) when I had the thought to listen to heavy metal music.  My logic was that if the calcium is responsible for the itching – and it is happening because of EMFs – then using an EMF remedy should stop the itching.  By the beginning of the second song the itching had ceased. 

 I played two full songs and part of a third from my EMF list before declaring the initial test a success and turning off the music so I could return to the manuscript. 

I recognize that this is preliminary, but it is definitely consistent with my observation that heavy metal music eliminates certain symptoms of EMF Sensitivity and since excess calcium contributes to, if not directly causes, EMF Sensitivity, I am satisfied that the test proved my point.

 I think it the highest of irony that heavy metal music helps with heavy metal toxicity symptoms.

Here’s Why!  The reason heavy metal music works for EMF Sensitivity symptoms is pretty straight forward.  Ultra-low and very low electromagnetic frequencies are sound waves.  They were “hijacking” my brain.  My solution?  Introduce a different sound wave to cancel them out.

Simple physics.

The music is a remedy.  The cure comes from detoxifying the heavy metals, including excess calcium, and replacing depleted nutrients.

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